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51º Spa Residences

New York-base architects Michael Graves & Associates has designed 51 Degrees residences,This is comprised of luxury residences and a 6-star boutique hotel in the town of Leukerbad, Switzerland. Because of its favorable climate and abundant sunlight, along with its extraordinary mineral waters, Leukerbad has been the site of thermal baths since Roman times.

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© 51degrees Spa Residences

“The architectural concept of 51° Spa Residences combines traditional Swiss craftsmanship with the clean, streamlined freedom of modern design. Inspired by the extraordinary landscape of the valley and its thermal waters, internationally-renowned architects Michael Graves & Associates sought to create a design that merges luxury with nature.” – 51º Spa Residences

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The resort buildings of 51 Degrees are designed as a series of inter-connected 5-story wings: two housing 53 condominiums and the others housing a 72-key boutique hotel and a 20,000-square-foot luxury spa on the lower level. In addition to the hotel restaurant, the resort includes a semi-detached pavilion for a restaurant to be operated by a signature chef.

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The guest quarters are organized along a single-loaded corridor facing the back of the site, allowing views toward the central court and swimming pools within the resort and the Alps beyond. The buildings are clad in local stone with timber detailing characteristic of the region, creating a destination that uniquely suits its stunning natural and built context.

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Located in Leukerbad, Switzerland, an Alpine town famous for its natural beauty and the Loèche les Bains thermal spring area, 51° Spa Residences will be a newly constructed residential and hospitality destination with 70 hotel apartments operated by a 5-star international hotel brand and 10 private luxury residences. It will be the only development to benefit from private in-home access to the thermal waters of the local springs.

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Designed in a contemporary yet traditional style, all residences will offer private spas supplied with water directly from the thermal springs and private balconies with outdoor fireplaces and individual pools. The property will feature a ski valet, fitness center, outdoor pools, a children’s playground, spa and wellness facilities, international restaurants and bars, luxury boutiques, and a wine cellar. SDG’s partners on 51° Spa Residences include Michael Graves and Associates (architecture), and Marc Michaels (interior design) as well as water features on the plaza designed by WET Design.

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30 Private Home:

Surrounded by some of the most picturesquely iced peaks in Switzerland’s famed Valais region, 51 Degrees stands at the northern head of the Leukerbad valley, on the crest of a gentle grade overlooking the small, historic village.

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Spacious, slate-roofed structures of stone and timber designed by the renowned architect Michael Graves, 51 Degrees is a stately and beautiful homage to the iconic chalets of Switzerland which have given life to great mountain hotels and hunting and ski lodges the world over. From a roughly massed base of boulders, the architecture rises into staggered, private, six-story volumes of wood beams and glass, encircled with private terraces and balconies which open onto the three great surrounding mountains, the Daubenhorn, the Balmhorn, and the Torrenthorn.

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In-Home Thermal Spas:

Ultimately, what makes the residences at 51 Degrees so extraordinary is what makes Leukerbad itself extraordinary: the water. Each residence at 51 Degrees has its own dedicated, unlimited supply of Leukerbad’s thermal waters, with their ideal profile of minerals designed to help restore aching muscles and organs, and revivify the careworn spirit.

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Each master suite in the 51 Degrees residences has been envisioned and designed as a personal master spa suite with a full range of amenities. The most heavenly of them all, front and center in the suite, is the vehicle for what we humbly believe to be the best bath in the world. Made of heavy, dark wood and sited next to both the suite’s fireplace and the folding glass wall with its majestic view of the Alps, the massive freestanding soaking tub is the ultimate indulgence, the most perfect spot imaginable for a long, private immersion in Leukerbad’s fabled thermal water and mineral salts. Best of all, you can soak in it as long or as often as you like.

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51° Spa Residences:

51° plaza, located in the centre of the resort, will feature a contemporary light and water installation that symbolizes the rejuvenation of Leukerbad. Acting as a living canvas and breathing new life into the historic setting, the ever-changing artistic installation will echo both the fluidity of Leukerbad’s waters and the magnificence of surrounding mountains. Every evening the show – which combines light, video and sound – will bring together both visitors and residents of Leukerbad. It will enhance the natural features and history of the area while adding a joie de vivre to the setting. With nearby boutiques, fine dining restaurants, a wine bar and activities for children, the plaza promises to be a spirited gathering place for the entire family – a unique and magical destination for both 51° residents and visitors alike.

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At 51°, endless wellness opportunities are integrated into daily living, allowing residents to lead lifestyles of vitality, rejuvenation and longevity. The authenticity of the alpine world is matched inside 51° Spa Residences, which are equipped with personal spa facilities. Indoor-outdoor soaking pools, steam rooms, and indoor master bathtubs are all fed by dedicated supply of Leukerbad’s thermal water; a glorious mineral bath awaits at any time of day. The result brings the healing power of nature directly into the homes; it is a pioneering concept in Europe and one that leads the world for its innovative approach to a healthy lifestyle. It is more than just a wellness trend – it is a promise for a better life.

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Project Data:

Project name: 51º Spa Residences
Location: Alpenthermestrasse, 3954 Leukerbad, Switzerland
Coordinates: 46.377487, 7.629035
Type: Apartment, Hotel

  • 21 residential apts. Average size 125sqm.
  • 5-story wings
  • two housing 53 condominiums
  • 72-key boutique hotel
  • 900 Sqm spa

Project Year: 2011
Construction Year: ongoing
Completion Year: residential apts Release early 2012, Hotel completion 2015
Visit 51º Spa Residences’s Website: here


  • 2011 – International Property Awards – Best International Apartment

The people:

Client / Owner / Developer: Swiss Development Group
Architects: Michael Graves & Associates – 18 West 21st Street, Suite 902, New York, NY 10010 United States
Interior Designer: Marc-Michaels Interior Design Inc. – 720 West Morse Boulevard
Winter Park, Florida 32789 United States
Text Description: © Courtesy of Michael Graves & Associates, 51º Spa Residences
Images: © Michael Graves & Associates, 51º Spa Residences

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