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9 ¾ Bookstore + Café

Beautiful and very cosy 9 3/4 Bookstore + Café, located in Plaza Pakita. The combined bookstore and café is designed by Plasma Nodo and they have created a relaxed and colorful environment, for coffee, design and book lovers, that is filled with unlimited levels of inspiration for everybody to enjoy.

9-3-4-Bookstore-Cafe-By-Plasma-Nodo-03-Daniel-Mejia-759x506 9 ¾ Bookstore + Café / Plasma Nodo

© Daniel Mejia

Design Features:

Offered warmth and cosiness through the use of materials and furnishings: wood is the predominant element, present in a great variety of colours and forms. From the hanging lamps to the seats, no two of which are the same, and from the bookshelves to the paintings hanging on the walls.

9-3-4-Bookstore-Cafe-By-Plasma-Nodo-04-Daniel-Mejia-759x506 9 ¾ Bookstore + Café / Plasma Nodo

© Daniel Mejia

At 9 3/4 is their hexagon shaped hideaway spaces where one can cosy up and enjoy a good book or one can also make themselves comfortable in one of the patterned quilt chairs and enjoy a nice cup of coffee.

9-3-4-Bookstore-Cafe-By-Plasma-Nodo-06-Daniel-Mejia-759x506 9 ¾ Bookstore + Café / Plasma Nodo

© Daniel Mejia

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© Daniel Mejia

9 3/4 adds to the highly varied, playful, relaxing atmosphere. The varying patterns, wood painted white and left in its natural colour, and the green wall entirely covered with plants clearly express Plasma Nodo’s ideas about sharing, the printed word and human relationships.

9-3-4-Bookstore-Cafe-By-Plasma-Nodo-09-Daniel-Mejia-759x506 9 ¾ Bookstore + Café / Plasma Nodo

© Daniel Mejia

“We believe that cities need warm and nice meeting places that welcome us and invite us to learn having fun with our families and friends, sites where people not only buy but go and have a good time.” – Plasma Nodo

9-3-4-Bookstore-Cafe-By-Plasma-Nodo-10-Daniel-Mejia-759x506 9 ¾ Bookstore + Café / Plasma Nodo

© Daniel Mejia

9-3-4-Bookstore-Cafe-By-Plasma-Nodo-12-Daniel-Mejia-800x1200 9 ¾ Bookstore + Café / Plasma Nodo

© Daniel Mejia

Plasma Nodo:

The areas for children in 9 3/4 are small hiding spots or places where they can draw, rest and play while learning and enjoying a good book. For grown-ups there are private reading rooms and also tables for sharing, all surrounded by warm materials, furniture and decoration objects that speak of the joy that gives us a good story, a good book.

9-3-4-Bookstore-Cafe-By-Plasma-Nodo-14-Daniel-Mejia-759x506 9 ¾ Bookstore + Café / Plasma Nodo

© Daniel Mejia

“Our coffee is one of the best in town, prepared by experts and broght from the best Colombian origins.”

9-3-4-Bookstore-Cafe-By-Plasma-Nodo-17-Daniel-Mejia-759x506 9 ¾ Bookstore + Café / Plasma Nodo

© Daniel Mejia

9-3-4-Bookstore-Cafe-By-Plasma-Nodo-18-Daniel-Mejia-759x506 9 ¾ Bookstore + Café / Plasma Nodo

© Daniel Mejia

We believe in imagination, in magic, in dreams, in memories. We believe that the best ideas and conversations come easily with a good cup of coffee. We know that technology can be the magic wand to enter unimaginable worlds but it will never dethrone the King: the book.

9-3-4-Bookstore-Cafe-By-Plasma-Nodo-23-Daniel-Mejia-759x540 9 ¾ Bookstore + Café / Plasma Nodo

© Daniel Mejia

Project Data:

Project name: 9 ¾ Bookstore + Café
Location: Plaza Pakita, Vda. El Penasco, Envigado, Antioquia, Colombia
Coordinates: 6.152194, -75.531718
Type: Cafe / Coffee Shop, Store / Shop / Showroom / Retail
Project Area: 120 sqm
Status: Completed
Completion Date/Year: 2015
Visit 9 ¾ Bookstore + Café’s website: here


  • 2016 – Restaurant and Bar Design Awards – Shortlist

The people:

Client / Owner / Developer: 9 trescuartos
Interior Designer: Plasma Nodo – Calle 31 # 43A-126, Medellín, Colombia
Design Team:

  • Daniel Mejía, Sara Ramírez, Carlos García, Felipe López, Maria F. Hormaza, Juan S. Tabares


  • Alfa, Concrestone, Corona, Decorcerámica, Dmension Studio, Facolcreto, Ferrasa, Locker, Vida Útil, Visa

Production and set-up team: Plasma Nodo + Laura Palacio (www.vidautil.co)

Text Description: © Courtesy of Plasma Nodo
Images: © Plasma Nodo, Daniel Mejía

Location Map:

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9 ¾ Bookstore + Café / Plasma Nodo
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