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AnalogFolk HQ London

AnalogFolk Bridge is a 198 sqm. office extension by DH Liberty to the existing AnalogFolk HQ. Located in one of the most creative hubs in East London, Clerkenwell provides the perfect location for this expanding company. The AnalogFolk extension consisted of a new reception, open bar zone, large meeting room, and open work space.

AnalogFolk-HQ-London-By-Design-Haus-Liberty-01-Quintin-Lake-BrandReception-759x506 AnalogFolk HQ London / Design Haus Liberty

Brand Reception – © Quintin Lake

The main concept for the extension was to architecturally connect the space to its immediate environment through the element of light. A logo on a frosted glass partition in the rear of the new zone glows day and night to create a retail effect that draws the attention of a passerby.

AnalogFolk-HQ-London-By-Design-Haus-Liberty-04-Quintin-Lake-759x507 AnalogFolk HQ London / Design Haus Liberty

© Quintin Lake

The furniture on the other hand speaks to the ethos of the company already accentuated in the original HQ conversion. The reclaimed furniture from OSB is modeled into unique forms and a new light installation uses simple wires and lights to create a feature light The space becomes an experiment in how to use traditional materials from the past to transform the future of the advertisement agency’s work environment.

AnalogFolk-HQ-London-By-Design-Haus-Liberty-05-Quintin-Lake-759x507 AnalogFolk HQ London / Design Haus Liberty

© Quintin Lake

DH Liberty is based in London with a satellite office in Shanghai and Hong Kong. The team is headed by lead Designer Dara Huang who graduated with her Master’s degree at Harvard University and previously worked for Herzog De Meuron and Fosters + Partners.

AnalogFolk-HQ-London-By-Design-Haus-Liberty-07-Quintin-Lake-800x1200 AnalogFolk HQ London / Design Haus Liberty

© Quintin Lake

Design Haus Liberty:

Converting a 10,000sq. ft advertising agency called Analog Folk in Shoreditch was one of DH Liberty’s first projects. Design Haus Liberty took on the task of injecting sculptural modernism into a traditional London Building. The design at DH Liberty opened up the building into a large, industrial loft-like working space. Adding in a Mezzanine floor to enhance the space in the building, a new staircase and adding a new glazed façade.

AnalogFolk-HQ-London-By-Design-Haus-Liberty-08-Quintin-Lake-ScaffoldingLibrary-759x506 AnalogFolk HQ London / Design Haus Liberty

Scaffolding Library – © Quintin Lake

  • This developer space includes a boutique hotel above and a partially new build extension below, including a completely new glazed facade, extension to the existing building and three mezzanine floors which we were able to design with Supercity before the Category B fit-out of Analog Folk.
AnalogFolk-HQ-London-By-Design-Haus-Liberty-09-Quintin-Lake-759x506 AnalogFolk HQ London / Design Haus Liberty

© Quintin Lake

  • Analog Folk is advertisement agency in East London. Our aim was to use the company ethos to drive our stylistic approach and design. The name Analog Folk symbolizes traditional values of societal desire for information and how modern technologies have given us new portals through which to receive this information.
AnalogFolk-HQ-London-By-Design-Haus-Liberty-14-Quintin-Lake-ConferenceRoomOneReveal-759x488 AnalogFolk HQ London / Design Haus Liberty

Conference Room One Reveal – © Quintin Lake

The Analog Folk advertising agency hoped to incorporate their company ethos throughout DH Liberty’s designs. Analog Folk’s goal was to build an advertising agency that captures traditional methods people receive information but also taps in to new digital information technologies.

AnalogFolk-HQ-London-By-Design-Haus-Liberty-15-Quintin-Lake-FlyingNemo-759x506 AnalogFolk HQ London / Design Haus Liberty

Flying Nemo – © Quintin Lake

Design Haus Liberty defined the goal architecturally by using reclaimed “found” objects and giving them a new life in the Analog Folk office. Bespoke items included a scaffolding library with telephone booths concealed inside and reclaimed doors digitally water-jet cut. Using recycled bottles and digital applications such as scripting and 3d computer programs, DH Liberty injected old bottles into a tremendous work of chandelier lighting.

AnalogFolk-HQ-London-By-Design-Haus-Liberty-21-Quintin-Lake-LightsAboveBar-800x1200 AnalogFolk HQ London / Design Haus Liberty

Lights Above Bar – © Quintin Lake

AnalogFolk-HQ-London-By-Design-Haus-Liberty-26-Quintin-Lake-759x506 AnalogFolk HQ London / Design Haus Liberty

© Quintin Lake

  • An example of this is the “Finding Nemo” Installation, which resembles a school of fish and is symbolic of the teamwork at Analog Folk. Using recycled bottles and digital applications such as scripting and 3d computer programs, we were able to give these traditional bottles another point of view in a whole new light.
AnalogFolk-HQ-London-By-Design-Haus-Liberty-31-Quintin-Lake-759x506 AnalogFolk HQ London / Design Haus Liberty

© Quintin Lake

Project Data:

Project name: AnalogFolk HQ
Location: 20 Rosebery Avenue, London, Shoreditch EC1R 4SX, United Kingdom
Coordinates: 51.523601, -0.111043
Type: Office Interior
Program: Interior Fit Out FFE, Extension, Loft conversion, Furnishing, Installation, Turn Key, Planning
Project Area: 198 sqm
Status: Completed
Completion Year: Spring 2013

The people:

Client / Owner / Developer: AnalogFolk
Interior Designer: Design Haus Liberty – 14 Bedford Square, Fitzrovia, London WC1B 3JA, United Kingdom
Project Team: Dara Huang, Remo de Angelis, Lisa Hinderdael, Ryan Day
Text Description: © Courtesy of Design Haus Liberty
Images: © Design Haus Liberty, Quintin Lake

Location Map:

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AnalogFolk HQ London / Design Haus Liberty
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