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Horst Gläsker lives and works in Düsseldorf, Germany. He has an artist family. He works organizationally and artistically together with his wife Margret Masuch-Gläsker. Their two common children are Louis Gläsker (artist, musician, writer, and filmmaker) and Cecilia Gläsker (filmmaker, camerawoman and photographer).


Art scientists have linked Horst Gläsker with the category “Individual Mythology” coined by Harald Szeemann or grouped him with the “Junge Wilde” (“wild youth”). The closest definition of his art is perhaps the idea of the “Gesamtkunstwerk”. Harald Falckenberg, the Hamburger art collector, businessman, lawyer and art theorist, described him as ”bird of paradise and holy fool” and saw him in a reference to the newer development of the “pictorial turn” and the ancient tradition of the grotesque. Besides the relation of his art to music, there is the connection with architecture. This began in the 80s with space filling painting on wallpapers, self built and repainted architectural pieces, and space frame works like columns, candelabra, cupolas, and pavilions etc. Following on from that there were numerous “art in architecture” applications and projects, for example murals, mosaics, fountains and floor designs. The art theorist and curator Manfred Schneckenburger named Gläsker, in relation to his carpet and wallpaper paintings, the European founder of the Pattern Art and wrote that he developed his own particular new, idea of the ornament, “as if the hard verdict of Adolf Loos “ornament is a crime” had never existed”.

Public commissions – Art in Architecture

  • 1988 Wall and fountain mosaic, Landeszentralbank, Frankfurt/ M.
  • 1988 Mural, AID Building, Bonn
  • 1990 Tower and murals, Posttechnisches Zentralamt, Darmstadt
  • 1991 Mobile, McDonald’s Training Centre, Munich
  • 1992 Oil painting, Federal Ministry of Defence Information Pavilion
  • 1995 Granite inlay floor, Königsgalerie Kassel
  • 1996 Two columns, CentrO Oberhausen
  • 1998 Two church rooms, Gelsenkirchen Prison
  • 1999 Mural and column painting, Paracelsus-Klinik, Marl
  • 2000 Fountain mosaic, Am Anger, Erfurt
  • 2001 Wall relief in stainless steel, Kulturhaus Langenfeld, Mural painting in Magdeburg Employment Office
  • 2006/8 Scala, Holsteiner steps, Wuppertal
  • 2007 Campo Santo, Market church square, Paderborn
  • 2008 Cross and world mirror, St. Martins church, Langenfeld
[highlight1] Data [/highlight1]

Name: Art in Architecture
Type: Street Art, Art in Architecture
Dimensions: Varies
Year: Varies
Technique: Pattern Art, wallpaper paintings, Acrylic paint, Oil painting

[highlight1] The people [/highlight1]

Artist: Horst Gläsker, Germany
Text Description: © Courtesy of Horst Gläsker
Images: © Horst Gläsker

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