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BAN Stools

Héctor Esrawe of ESRAWE Studio, a Mexican based designed created BAN Stools. These stools are inspired from African and American culture and that too, from the early part of Hispanic era when chairs were given the status of kinship or community leadership. In those times, they were symbols of different religious identity, status and tradition.

BAN-Stools-By-Hector-Esrawe-02-759x505 BAN Stools / Héctor Esrawe

© Jaime Navarro

BAN-Stools-By-Hector-Esrawe-04-759x505 BAN Stools / Héctor Esrawe

© Jaime Navarro

BAN-Stools-By-Hector-Esrawe-05-759x506 BAN Stools / Héctor Esrawe

© Jaime Navarro

The BAN stools are developed from select, certified, solid walnut, tzalam, and beech wood, produced through a complex process of cutting, assembling and lathing by craftsmen, finished with natural oils and combined with complex cutting method, lathing, and assembling a new type or breed of stools are born. Natural oils are also applied to highlight the furniture’s characteristic wood design on the stool’s surface..

BAN-Stools-By-Hector-Esrawe-07-759x505 BAN Stools / Héctor Esrawe

© Jaime Navarro


Name: BAN
Type: Stool
Materials: solid walnut, tzalam, beech wood
Materials Combination: Wood, Eco/Recycled/Green
Dimensions: Varies
Colour: Natural Color
Year: 2012


  • 2012 – WAN Awards – Category: Furniture & Interior Accessories – Entry

The people:

Furniture Designer: Héctor Esrawe – ESRAWE Studio – Alejandro Dumas 161, Polanco, México, DF 11560
Text Description: © Courtesy of Héctor Esrawe
Images: © Jaime Navarro

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BAN Stools / Héctor Esrawe
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