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[highlight1]  Banqiao MRT footbridge  [/highlight1]

Designed by Taiwanese Architects – AMBi studio,This is Public infrastructure’s undulating steel body is dictated by the user’s experience, accentuating views towards points of interest in the encompassing urban landscape while helping pedestrians safely traverse xian-min road.

AMBi studio

“Single point of landscape in Taiwan has done a good job, we need to link the multiple meanings of an attempt to break the traditional pedestrian bridge concept, thinking “bridge”. The Itabashi early only Kan Tsai feet in one place and the creek leading to the new Chong, for the convenience of walking. Ancestors so shelves in the river a Itabashi hence the name. A bridge had cut off both ends of the town after another up, began to exchange, learn, receive new messages, to promote more rapid urban development.

New footbridge bridge in addition to link both ends of the function, but also shoulder the vision of the performance of local characteristics and the city’s self-evidence. Itabashi old districts as a whole, such as a Museum, Bridge and City Museum tour guide for positioning the framework for a more complete cultural network.


Urban activities such as water whirlpool, the speed of the water with the particle size of the stone, undulating low-lying and steep slopes produce stays irresolute back, viewing and appreciation, and space interesting.

2.tour covered bridges Garden bridge

Will the interpretation of the concept of the tour covered bridges – imagine the tour the corridor in the garden, the scenery outside the bridge, garden, plaza, city streets, all incorporated into the bridge, has the largest and most beautiful garden. Access to free, you can choose to stay, to the bridge lookout can also walk the ramp to the city museum to visit the exhibition, and then across the county Avenue, stroll the most popular shopping centers. Creating both a culture, poetry, art, creative footbridge. Attempt rendered the concept of the veranda deck of a sense of space, the approach of box King by King, King Square, activities, the county’s Road and cars, a very hot area of ​​the landscape into the bridge.

3.transforming Binglie latticed windows image

Grilles number and content of the Lin Family Garden is one of the best for the country is very classic. Including several books, butterflies, double peach, bamboo type, bat-shaped, etc. 80th. Which Binglie latticed windows in addition to the implicature Peace for all of Italy, through the lattice window lighting is more varied.
The face of the interpretation of the new bridge, to the texture of the cell windows as a framework to cover the transparent network, the performance of the bridge cultural, lightweight, transparent effect.

4.tubular structure modeling

The overall appearance of the tubular structure shaping the flow line of the bridge, trying to departure from the texture of the cell windows, the structure of the bridge to stop rotation of the hexagonal tubular structures, with spiral architecture series. The main beam structure, such as sculpture from the ground extending from the second architecture for linear steel tube shuttle winding bridge, light and shade of mesh scaffolds wind, showing the effect of changing space. Tubular structures to the ground as structural columns, bridge integration shade cover grille and the cortex, the pedestrian experience through lighting changes and richer.

The structure will be 3.3m wide bridge, slightly enlarge the turning point, to avoid large deflection. The bridge structure of the tube diameter 25cm. The bridge from the road surface of the clear height of 4.9m, the surface hot-dip galvanized fluorocarbon paint to ensure the durability of the effect of rust and materials, handrails stainless steel tubes form the side, compared with 12mm tempered glass to create a transparent effect. Top of the bridge is set to cover local, constitute 1.5mm paint punching steel plate and tempered glass.

“Land bridge” is the one for pedestrians, disabled, wheelchair, bicycle traffic, pedestrian land bridge from the MRT Bannan Line Fuchu Station Exit 2, across the county road, connected to the “very hot”. Tubular structures and linear outline of tube shuttle winding bridge, while in the shade blocks out the sun, to absorb all around the scenery and greenery. Fish stay in the concept of aggregation through the water vortex, not only through the bridge line, and can stay and chat, leisure, information exchange, and the bridge is not just a bridge, and become one of the city’s special “container” is not only building landscape, sculpture, installations, and invite domestic first-class team of lighting and design “earthquake museum” of Japan’s leading structural engineers to join, make sure that the “land bridge” and Itabashi an important addition to solve pedestrian problems of attractions, and the formation of a good urban place with the new municipal building and the nearby Plaza, Park Road.

[highlight1]  Project Data  [/highlight1]

Project name: Banqiao MRT footbridge
Location: Xian-Min Road, Banqiao District, Taiwan
Type: Bridge, Infrastructure, Public Facilities, Pedestrian / Street, Footbridge
Project Year: 2010
Completion Year: 2011

[highlight1]  The people  [/highlight1]

Client / Owner / Developer: Banqiao District
Architects: AMBi studio
Text Description: © Courtesy of AMBi studio
Images: © AMBi studio

[highlight1]  Location Map  [/highlight1]

[map:https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=208513009578745261626.0004c5239ae004864fa8e&msa=0&ll=25.042915,121.467547&spn=0.012286,0.022724_map 450 325]

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