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Beccafico Bar & Trattoria

Conceptualised by Matt Woods Design, Beccafico Bar & Trattoria is Sydney’s newest and most relaxing new hotspot and a modern Italian restaurant that draws influence from beach side architecture and classic Scandinavian design. With a name inspired by the fig-eating songbird, the Beccafico Bar & Trattoria is more than just an Italian restaurant – it’s a place.

Beccafico-Bar-Trattoria-By-Matt-Woods-Design-02-Dave-Wheeler-759x514 Beccafico Bar & Trattoria / Matt Woods Design

© Dave Wheeler

“At Beccafico, it’s about atmosphere as well as the affordable meals. With a variety of relaxed seating arrangements, we aim to keep every type of person as comfortable as possible and especially while they enjoy and share our authentic Italian meals across the table. The restaurant is modern in design, and is sure to impress – not that anyone will notice the design – the food is sure to take the attention away from the walls and onto the plate.” – Beccafico

Beccafico-Bar-Trattoria-By-Matt-Woods-Design-03-Dave-Wheeler-759x483 Beccafico Bar & Trattoria / Matt Woods Design

© Dave Wheeler

Design Features:

A stripped-back aesthetic is the consistent theme through all three approaches in a space where timbers sit alongside dark woods and bare bricks, and low tables and rattan-back seating take on an unexpectedly sultry ambience.

A timber boardwalk leading diners into the space and joinery components made from recycled and fire charred hardwoods, which reflect the textures and colours of the country’s famous shores. The result is a space that seamlessly joins all three concepts together to work as one cohesive entity for a relaxed vibe that often spills out into the restaurant’s courtyard.

Beccafico-Bar-Trattoria-By-Matt-Woods-Design-08-Dave-Wheeler-759x483 Beccafico Bar & Trattoria / Matt Woods Design

© Dave Wheeler

“I worked hard to find a harmony within the brief. The response was guided by the exploitation of the site’s raw and unfinished architecture, which has all been put on show to reinforce the idea of a minimally treated environment. This is very much reflective of Scandinavian and beachside architecture and fits in with my constant approach to dematerialisation, which in effect reduces all elements to their bare essentials.” – Matt Woods / designer

Beccafico-Bar-Trattoria-By-Matt-Woods-Design-11-Dave-Wheeler-759x911 Beccafico Bar & Trattoria / Matt Woods Design

© Dave Wheeler

“The aesthetics and ambience of the space were made possible by Matt’s use of soft furnishings, against the hard polished flooring and exposed ceiling services. The vignettes within the wine racks and other key areas added to the relaxed atmosphere we were trying to create, making it feel very homely and inviting. We felt this conjunction to a classic Scandinavian approach to furnishings would add a timeless sense to the design. Matt’s eye for detail meant that subtle suggestions of coastal influences – from the recycled timber walkway to the canvas sails along the bar and selection of furniture – resolved the brief perfectly. We’ve only just opened, but we believe that it will definitely help to draw crowds to Beccafico during the warm spring, summer and autumn months.” – Les Huynh / owner

Beccafico-Bar-Trattoria-By-Matt-Woods-Design-13-Beccafico-800x1200 Beccafico Bar & Trattoria / Matt Woods Design

© Beccafico

The Beccafico restaurant opens up into a courtyard overlooking a tranquil pond and an assortment of decorative plants. A bar is also available to serve guests with drinks and with a selection of suitable wines for both their meals and their occasions.

Beccafico-Bar-Trattoria-By-Matt-Woods-Design-15-Beccafico-858x1200 Beccafico Bar & Trattoria / Matt Woods Design

© Beccafico

Matt Woods Design:

The Beccafico project brief called for a modern Italian restaurant that drew influence from beach side architecture & classic Scandinavian design. While not obvious bedfellows, the final result is a raw & minimalist interior that ignores the whims of trend & the potential clichés.

Beccafico-Bar-Trattoria-By-Matt-Woods-Design-20-Dave-Wheeler-759x995 Beccafico Bar & Trattoria / Matt Woods Design

© Dave Wheeler

With strictly budgeted outcomes, it would have been a simple process to emulate any of the well-articulated examples from within the scope of the brief, however great lengths were taken to ensure the discovery of harmonious relationships were discovered. As such the contradiction in these styles is fully explored and unearthing complimentary relationships is at the concepts core.

Beccafico-Bar-Trattoria-By-Matt-Woods-Design-21-Dave-Wheeler-759x480 Beccafico Bar & Trattoria / Matt Woods Design

© Dave Wheeler

“Designer Matt Woods has responded with accomplished clarity to a complex brief, melding modern Italian food, casual beachside architecture and a classic Scandinavian aesthetic. Aided perhaps by the relative neutrality of the new Casba complex in Waterloo by Billard Leece Partnership & SJB Architects in which it is located, the interior was built up layer upon layer and the result is one of confidence and ease. There’s an approachability to the unfinished joinery of recycled and fire-charred hardwoods, a sculptural beauty to the circular neon tubes that line the walls, a resort-like feel to the slatted boardwalk that bisects the space with wire-brushed timber banquets to the side, and even the selection of plants in ceramic pots is just the right side of quirky. In many ways, Beccafico is the perfect embodiment of a relaxed but refined dining environment and an interior in which one could imagine spending many fine hours.” – Jury Citation / Eat-Drink-Design Awards

Beccafico-Bar-Trattoria-By-Matt-Woods-Design-23-Beccafico-759x506 Beccafico Bar & Trattoria / Matt Woods Design

© Beccafico

Project Data:

Project name: Beccafico Bar & Trattoria
Location: 8/18 Danks St, Waterloo NSW 2017, Australia
Coordinates: -33.897614, 151.210884
Type: Lounge / Bar / Restaurant / Night Clubs
Project Area: approx 160 sqm
Status: Completed
Completion Year: 2015
Visit Beccafico’s website: here


  • 2015 – Eat-Drink-Design Awards – Category: Best Restaurant Design – Winner

The people:

Client / Owner / Developer: Les Huynh
Interior Designer: Matt Woods Design – 1/160 Rochford St, Erskineville NSW 2043, Australia
Styling: Lucia Braham
Text Description: © Courtesy of Matt Woods Design, Eat-Drink-Design Awards, Beccafico, wallpaper
Images: © Dave Wheeler, Beccafico

Location Map:

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Beccafico Bar & Trattoria / Matt Woods Design
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