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Behive Light

Behive light is a decorative table lamp with a round base in matt plastic (ABS), whose volume derives from overlapping rings of varying diameters. The upper part is screened off by a diffuser made of polycarbonate. Thus, the light is reflected onto the surface upon which the lamp stands and radiates upwards. When the lamp is switched off, it resembles an elegant sculpture. When on, it creates emotionally appealing light effects.

Behive-Light-by-Werner-Aisslinger-for-Foscarini-02-759x380 Behive Light / Werner Aisslinger for Foscarini

© Werner Aisslinger

A table lamp or an elegant contemporary sculpture? Behive changes its nature each time it is switched on or off. Rings are placed one on top of the other to create an elegant volume that gives a gentle, inimitable lighting effect. Behive produces a unique emotion and this is why it is perfect for characterising an important space, in many positions: on a piece of furniture, a table or on the floor.

The light is decorative: it defines the body, traces its graphics and brings it alive. When switched off Behive resembles a modern, elegant sculpture and when on it produces a magical luminous atmosphere. Nature is one of Behive’s inspirations. The name plays with the word beehive, a form that is recalled by the round, sensual volume of the diffuser.

Behive-Light-by-Werner-Aisslinger-for-Foscarini-03 Behive Light / Werner Aisslinger for Foscarini

© Werner Aisslinger

Launched successfully last year in the table lamp version, Behive, created for Foscarini by designer Werner Aisslinger, is now also available in the suspension lamp version, retaining a warm and soft luminosity with the addition of a direct down-light. In the suspension version, Behive retains all its original character: a poetic and beguiling lamp – both when it is on and off – featuring a pure, iconic and technically perfect shape. A particular light focus, which lights up any setting.

Behive-Light-by-Werner-Aisslinger-for-Foscarini-06-759x759 Behive Light / Werner Aisslinger for Foscarini

© Foscarini

  • A perfect combination of poetry, formal purity and high tech research, the Behive lamp, designed by Werner Aisslinger, is a winner of the Red Dot Award, one of the most prestigious international design competitions. This year’s edition saw 4500 companies and independent designers from 58 different countries.
  • “The distinctive shape of this table lamp underlines the contrasting shift between light and shade” – jury’s statement / reddot design award
Behive-Light-by-Werner-Aisslinger-for-Foscarini-08-759x569 Behive Light / Werner Aisslinger for Foscarini

© Foscarini

Nature is one of the sources of inspiration for Behive, a table lamp which, as the name suggests, recalls the shape of a beehive. Its portly, sensual and at the same time stylish shape was created by an overlapping sequence of rings, starting at the small base, from which the lamp appears to take off. Owing to the particular shape and tilt of the rings, the light source is not directly visible from any perspective, thereby enhancing the appeal of the lamp. Its soft and inimitable lighting effect turns it into a decorative ornament, that makes it very attractive.

Behive-Light-by-Werner-Aisslinger-for-Foscarini-09-759x569 Behive Light / Werner Aisslinger for Foscarini

© Foscarini

Charming and magical when it is on, Behive turns into a poetic, domestic sculpture when it is turned off, revealing its dual, reversible nature: white turns black, light becomes shadow. This product stirs a unique emotion, perfect to distinguish an important, intimate setting, or to top a cabinet, a table or even the floor.

Foscarini’s Beehive lamp is shaped like an abstract beehive, with a small base and the volume on top, giving it a floaty and gentle feel that brings a soft but present character to any room.

Behive-Light-by-Werner-Aisslinger-for-Foscarini-10-759x569 Behive Light / Werner Aisslinger for Foscarini

© Foscarini

Werner Aisslinger

The perfect blend of formal purity and technological research, Behive is a new table lamp designed by Werner Aisslinger in his first collaboration with Foscarini. In Behive, light is the decorative element defining the body with an animating graphic outline that brings it to life. When it is switched off, Behive resembles a stylish modern sculpture, but when it is switched on, it produces a magical luminosity.

Behive-Light-by-Werner-Aisslinger-for-Foscarini-11 Behive Light / Werner Aisslinger for Foscarini

© Werner Aisslinger

The name “Behive” (a shortening of “beehive”) describes the shape and horizontal striped pattern of the diffuser and its emanating warm, soft light.. The appealing volume of Behive is the result of the overlapping of a sequence of rings in successively larger sizes. Deceptively simple and regular in appearance, the rings of Behive are the result of a highly complex collaborative engineering process and materials research for which Foscarini is so well known. Behive is a truly luminous sculpture, a perfect architecture of horizontal slits with a charming, poetic effect.

Beguiling, formally pure and technically perfect, Behive denotes a winning and recognisable personality, destined to become a classic.

Behive-Light-by-Werner-Aisslinger-for-Foscarini-12 Behive Light / Werner Aisslinger for Foscarini

© Werner Aisslinger


Name: Behive
Type: Lighting Collection
Usage: Table Lamp, Pendant light
Materials: Polycarbonate and ABS
Materials Combination: Polyethylene / Plastic / Fiberglass + Color, Eco / Recycled / Green
Lamp Type:

  • halogen – 1x150W E27 with dimmer
  • halogen – 1x150W E26 medium type T10 shielded frosted with dimmer
  • fluorescent – 1x20W E27 with dimmer
  • fluorescent – 1x23W E26 medium with dimmer

Colour: White
Year: 2011


  • 2012 reddot design award – Category: Lighting and Light design – Winner

The people:

Lighting Designer: Werner Aisslinger – Studio Aisslinger – Heidestraße 46-52, 10557 Berlin, Germany
Manufacturer: Foscarini – Via delle Industrie 27, Marcon, VE 30020, Italy
Text Description: © Courtesy of Werner Aisslinger, Foscarini, reddot design award
Images: © Werner Aisslinger, Foscarini

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Behive Light / Werner Aisslinger for Foscarini
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