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Bestseller Office complex

The new office facility is part of the major modernisation of the Aarhus Docklands, transforming the old habour into a modern waterfront neighbourhood with apartments, business and educational institutions. The new BESTSELLER building will house a number of corporate functions along with office facilities and showrooms for the fashion brands VERO MODA, PIECES and Y.A.S. These colleagues are gathered from minor locations in and around the greater Aarhus area.

Bestseller-Office-complex-By-C.F.-Moller-Architects-02-flickr-Julian-Weyer-759x531 Bestseller Office complex / C.F. Møller Architects

© flickr-Julian Weyer

“We are looking very much forward to welcoming our colleagues and also guests from other offices and countries on Aarhus Harbour. We are very proud of our new building and we are sure that our colleagues will love working in these new, beautiful surroundings,” – says Anders Vogdrup Hansen, Project Manager for the construction of the new Aarhus office.

Bestseller-Office-complex-By-C.F.-Moller-Architects-03-Adam-Mork-759x509 Bestseller Office complex / C.F. Møller Architects

© Adam Mørk

The office complex comprises a varied flotilla of buildings at different levels connected by a series of outdoor spaces, e.g. courtyards, terraces and roof gardens. The mixture of office buildings and outdoor spaces creates the impression that this is a town within a town. The complex, surrounded by canals and lakes on all four sides, forms the entrance to the new, urban district on the waterfront in Aarhus, Denmark.

Bestseller-Office-complex-By-C.F.-Moller-Architects-05-Adam-Mork-894x1200 Bestseller Office complex / C.F. Møller Architects

© Adam Mørk

“A city in the city – Indicating that the layout of the building itself creates a lot of spaces and “houses” just like a real city. The building consists of 6 buildings – one for the corporate functions, four for the brands and the last building will be housing reception, canteen, auditorium and meeting facilities and will be a through-going structure connecting the other five buildings. In between and on top of these building structures 10 green garden terraces and patios have been created, supplementing the amazing view of the city and water, but also functioning as small oases within the city.” – C.F. Moller

Bestseller-Office-complex-By-C.F.-Moller-Architects-06-Adam-Mork-759x969 Bestseller Office complex / C.F. Møller Architects

© Adam Mørk

The complex houses about 800 workplaces, plus showrooms, an auditorium, video and film studios, a large canteen and shared facilities for fashion shows and conferences. There is a three-storey underground car park with space for 450 cars and about 400 bicycle racks.

Bestseller-Office-complex-By-C.F.-Moller-Architects-09-Adam-Mork-759x496 Bestseller Office complex / C.F. Møller Architects

© Adam Mørk

The façades are designed on two design principles: Reliefs in light natural stone frame deep window niches in the parallel north and south façades. By way of contrast, the east and west façades are simple, transparent glass façades framed with natural stone.

Bestseller-Office-complex-By-C.F.-Moller-Architects-14-Adam-Mork-759x510 Bestseller Office complex / C.F. Møller Architects

© Adam Mørk

The office complex will use sea-water cooling and solar heating and is planned as a low energy class 2015 building, i.e. energy consumption will be 50% lower than the minimum requirements stated in the building regulations.

Bestseller-Office-complex-By-C.F.-Moller-Architects-21-Adam-Mork-759x841 Bestseller Office complex / C.F. Møller Architects

© Adam Mørk

C.F. Moller Architects:

A total of 760 Bestseller employees turn up for work today at the giant fashion company’s new offices, designed by C.F. Møller as a “town within the town” with lots of rooftop gardens and terraces, communal areas and specially designed solutions.

The employees have moved into a complex which closely resembles a flotilla of buildings at different levels, which are connected by a variety of outdoor areas, including atria, terraces and roof-top gardens. The effect of the mix of offices with outdoor areas is to create a sense of this being “a town with the town”. The complex, which has canals and water on all four sides, marks the entrance to a new, urban waterfront district – Aarhus Ø.

Bestseller-Office-complex-By-C.F.-Moller-Architects-36-Adam-Mork-759x480 Bestseller Office complex / C.F. Møller Architects

© Adam Mørk

Simple and elegant:

The individual buildings vary from one to twelve storeys. The complex covers a total area of 22,000 m². There is office space, showrooms, photo and film studios and a generous canteen-restaurant area, plus 24,000 m² of parking space and a goods reception zone below street level. These are low-energy buildings, which use both seawater cooling and solar panel heating.

The latitudinal south and north façades have distinctive reliefs, created in natural stone from Sicily, which frame deep window niches. These façades contrast sharply with the simple transparent glass façades framed by natural stone to the east and west. Natural stone is also featured indoors – on stairs and floors, and even as wall covering and furniture. It is combined with dark oak and light metal surfaces to create a refined interplay of colours and textures.

Bestseller-Office-complex-By-C.F.-Moller-Architects-48-Adam-Mork-880x1200 Bestseller Office complex / C.F. Møller Architects

© Adam Mørk

A diversity of spaces:

The focal point of the complex is an internal network of pathways with a central indoor plaza laid over a pattern of paths which splits the building’s ground floor into two halves. From the plaza there is access to a communal auditorium, meeting facilities and experimental store environments. Somewhere between 500 and 1000 people can gather on the plateau, stairs and balconies to attend large fashion shows and meetings.

The entrance is shaped like a bridge, from which there are views of the building’s three underground levels. From the street there are varying glimpses into the outer green terraces and rooftop gardens – 10 green outdoor spaces in all.
The streets lead to the restaurant area, which is sub-divided into many sections with different ambiances, sizes and degrees of privacy, from which there is direct access to terraces and a brand-new canal across the erstwhile Pier 2.

Bestseller-Office-complex-By-C.F.-Moller-Architects-55-Adam-Mork-900x1200 Bestseller Office complex / C.F. Møller Architects

© Adam Mørk

Bestseller brands move in:

The building will house several Bestseller fashion brands, primarily Vero Moda, which moves in with about 350 employees. The brand includes the sub-brands Noisy May, Junarose, Mamalicious and Minimize. Accessories brand Pieces will take up about 100 office chairs and clothing brand Y.A.S will have space for its employees (about 30), while the remaining 280 people are employed in staff functions, such as finance, communication, training and IT. Bestseller’s headquarters will remain in Brande (in Central Jutland), where about 1500 people are employed.

Bestseller-Office-complex-By-C.F.-Moller-Architects-71-Adam-Mork-759x509 Bestseller Office complex / C.F. Møller Architects

© Adam Mørk

Project Data:

Project name: Bestseller Office complex
Location: Inge Lehmanns Gade 10, 8000 Aarhus, Denmark
Coordinates: 56.159648, 10.216350
Type: Office Building
Project Area:

  • Commercial office – 22,000 sqm
  • Delivery, parking and plant – 24,000 sqm

Project Year: 2009-2015
Status: Completed
Completion Year: 2015


  • 2015 – WAN Awards – Category: Commercial – Winner
  • 2015 – Aarhus Municipality Architecture Award

The people:

Client / Owner / Developer: Bestseller A/S
Architects: C.F. Moller Architects – Europaplads 2, 11., 8000 Aarhus, Danmark
Engineers: COWI
Text Description: © Courtesy of C.F. Moller Architects, Bestseller Office complex
Images: © C.F. Moller Architects, Adam Mørk, flickr-Julian Weyer

Location Map:

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Bestseller Office complex / C.F. Møller Architects
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