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Bodrum Houses

Bodrum Houses, designed by the world renowned architect Richard Meier is located in Yalıkavak, one of the premium residental areas of the Bodrum Peninsula. Land size is 155.000 sqm. Project consists of 23 houses, each set within a 5.000 sqm plot overlooking the Yalıkavak Bay and Marina. Construction permits for the Project have been secured and show house has been completed. Richard Meier has designed 5 different house types for the Project. Each house has 3 levels in addition to the pool area, a canopied 3 car garrage and detached guesthouse. Houses have a total living area approximately 1.100 sqm and each house has a seperate pool.

Bodrum-Houses-By-Richard-Meier-Partners-house-1-01 Bodrum Houses / Richard Meier & Partners

house 1 – © Richard Meier & Partners, Berggruen

Each house was designed to provide maximum visual pleasure while minimizing the impact to the natural environment. Five home designs are at the offering with each consisting of 1 acre.

Bodrum-Houses-By-Richard-Meier-Partners-house-1-02 Bodrum Houses / Richard Meier & Partners

house 1 – © Richard Meier & Partners, Berggruen

Each residency have a garden of 5000 square meters. Constructions of the project have been started on 2010 and was completed during the summer of 2011. Basic plan of each prototype was same but changes were done to podiums based on geographical characteristic of the location of the parcel. Each residency was designed to maximize the view regardless of the location it was at the hill. A clear walking area is a key part of each design. After the entry of the suite, an exterior stair leads to the foyer area and also to the deliberately double heighted living room. While the fireplace chimney is available at each parcel, lining room, dining room, kitchen and powder room is available at the ground floor. Upper floor consists of three bedrooms.

Bodrum-Houses-By-Richard-Meier-Partners-house-2-01 Bodrum Houses / Richard Meier & Partners

house 2 – © Richard Meier & Partners, Berggruen

Media room, laundry room and staff bedrooms are on the basement. According to ‘Richard Meier’, the architect of the project, The Bodrum Residence is their first completed project in Turkey. It is also a milestone for them. All residencies has been designed to look as a single object on the land. By giving those a ‘cubic appearance’.

Bodrum-Houses-By-Richard-Meier-Partners-house-2-02 Bodrum Houses / Richard Meier & Partners

house 2 – © Richard Meier & Partners, Berggruen

Exterior parts was ‘carved out’ by structures while they were placed under an overarching roof, which gives each house a sculptural quality. Large balconies is a highlight of the project. Those are ideal places to relax while enjoying the sunset and the breeze of the ‘Aegean Sea’. Stairs continues the wooden floor which is also laid on the entry area and on living areas.

Bodrum-Houses-By-Richard-Meier-Partners-house-4-01 Bodrum Houses / Richard Meier & Partners

house 4 – © Richard Meier & Partners, Berggruen

In the living area, the extended glass windows allows an uninterrupted view while enhancing the outside appearance. Another fascinating feature of ‘Bodrum Houses’ is the ‘Rooftop Swimming Pool’. It provides a fabulous view of the sea from the swimming pool. It gives the feeling of ‘Swimming on the sky’. Also, it’s an ideal location of the house for social gatherings. The formation of houses has ensured enough privacy since all twenty-one residencies are dispersed by a fair amount of distance. Pure white coloring gives the simplicity and eye friendly look from the outside. It’s a not-to-miss opportunity to own a luxurious suite which have a pictorial view of the mountain surrounded Yalikavak bay of the Aegean Sea. Constructors has paid a remarkable attention to detail in innovative construction solutions to form the best living environment in Yalikavak. A clear evidence for that is, all houses are formed while making a minimum impact to the natural beauty of the hill they reside.

Bodrum-Houses-By-Richard-Meier-Partners-house-4-02 Bodrum Houses / Richard Meier & Partners

house 4 – 02 – © Richard Meier & Partners, Berggruen

“The Bodrum Residence is our first completed building in Turkey and a milestone of the Bodrum Houses development. We have designed all the houses to read as a single object on the landscape, giving them a cubic appearance and connection to the site. The exterior spaces have been “carved out” of the structures’ volumes while remaining under an overarching roof, giving each house a subtractive sculptural quality. Each element of the master plan’s organization reflects an ambitious attention to detail and innovative use of construction solutions. We hope this new development is not only in direct dialogue to its place, but also that it becomes the best living environment in Yalikavak.” – Richard Meier comments

Bodrum-Houses-By-Richard-Meier-Partners-house-5-01 Bodrum Houses / Richard Meier & Partners

house 5 – © Richard Meier & Partners, Berggruen

Richard Meier & Partners

Composed of twenty-one houses located just outside the village of Yalikavak on Turkey’s Bodrum Peninsula, the residential project occupies a dramatically steep hillside site featuring views to Yalikavak Bay. The site’s dramatic topography makes each 1-acre parcel unique and will provide privacy from neighboring parcels. Five prototype houses will be offered, with each house approximately 330 square meters plus an additional 40-square-meter guest house.

Bodrum-Houses-By-Richard-Meier-Partners-showhouse-07-759x498 Bodrum Houses / Richard Meier & Partners

showhouse – © Richard Meier & Partners, Berggruen

Bodrum-Houses-By-Richard-Meier-Partners-showhouse-09-759x542 Bodrum Houses / Richard Meier & Partners

showhouse – © Richard Meier & Partners, Berggruen

While the plan of each prototype remains fixed regardless of its location on the site, the organization of the podiums varies depending on the siting of the individual parcels. All houses will be sited to maximize views and to establish an entry sequence that further exploits the views regardless of the siting of the individual parcels. A clear promenade sequence will characterize each prototype, with an entry drive leading to an exterior entry stair then into the house’s foyer and on to a double-height living room.

Bodrum-Houses-By-Richard-Meier-Partners-showhouse-13-759x571 Bodrum Houses / Richard Meier & Partners

showhouse – © Richard Meier & Partners, Berggruen

In each residence the fireplace chimney will be the central organizing element. Each house will contain a living room, dining room, kitchen, and powder room on the ground floor; three bedrooms on the upper floor; and media room, laundry room, and staff bedrooms on the basement level.

Bodrum-Houses-By-Richard-Meier-Partners-master-plan-759x537 Bodrum Houses / Richard Meier & Partners

master plan – © Richard Meier & Partners, Berggruen

Project Data:

Project name: Bodrum Houses
Location: Yalikavak, Turkey
Coordinates: 37.091098,27.31523

  • Type By Characteristic: Modern House, Luxury House, Holiday House
  • Type By Site: Hill House
  • Type By Size: Large House – (more than 650 sqm)
  • Type By Structural: Plaster / Mortar / Masonry House

Site Area: 155.000 sqm
Land Lot Area: approx 1 acre
Total floor area: each house – approx 1.100 sqm
Project Year: 2007 –
Status: in progress
Completion Year:
Visit Bodrum Houses’s website: here

The people:

Client / Owner / Developer: Berggruen Construction & Project Development – Hakkı Yeten Street 12 /19, Şişli 34365 İstanbul, Turkey
Architects: Richard Meier & Partners – 475 Tenth Avenue, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10018, United States
Text Description: © Courtesy of Richard Meier & Partners, Berggruen Construction & Project Development
Images: © Richard Meier & Partners, Berggruen Construction & Project

Location Map:

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Bodrum Houses / Richard Meier & Partners
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