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[highlight1]  Booming Vases  [/highlight1]

Booming Vases are the result by Milan-based designer Andrea Mancuso and architect Emilia Serra have collaborated with noted ceramicist Alessio Sarri to create vases by detonating gunpowder-filled wet-clay forms before firing. The aim of the design was to experiment with two opposing elements; air and matter, power and fragility.

Booming-Vases-By-Analogia-Project-02-Giulio-Boem-450x675 Booming Vases / Analogia Project© Giulio Boem

The collection gets its name from the process used to create the striking vases. Gunpowder is exploded within the object whilst the ceramic clay is still wet and malleable. This explosion not only opens the top of the vase, but also gives a distinct shape to the piece and texture to the coloured exterior. In this way, the moment of explosion is caught within the design giving the Vases a dramatic presence within a space but also a fragile beauty.

Booming-Vases-By-Analogia-Project-04-Giulio-Boem-450x675 Booming Vases / Analogia Project© Giulio Boem

These vases are described by the designer as an example of ‘wrong ceramics’. The vases deliberately go against the regular conventions of a ceramicist; they are painted whilst still fresh, they mix ceramic and porcelain and have abnormal thicknesses to the clay. This experimental approach has led to an object of beauty that evokes surprise in the viewer and subverts the traditions of the world of ceramics.

Booming-Vases-By-Analogia-Project-08-Giulio-Boem-450x675 Booming Vases / Analogia Project© Giulio Boem

Analogia Project:

The vases are the result of a collaboration with master ceramist Alessio Sarri. The aim of these objects is to explore two opposite essential elements that make our existence: air and matter, power and fragility.

Pure geometrical shapes of white refractory ceramic have been exploded when still fresh. The process of making them followed an experimental methodology. Afterwards, they have been left drying and then cooked, following a traditional ceramic process.

Booming-Vases-By-Analogia-Project-19-Giulio-Boem-450x342 Booming Vases / Analogia Project© Giulio Boem

The moment of explosion is therefore fixed in the matter. The result is a block of coloured ceramic exploded showing its intimate white texture.

Ettore Sottsass defined ‘wrong ceramic’ some ceramic pieces that he did by using unconventional materials and processes. These vases could be also defined ‘ wrong ceramic’: contrary to the standard process, they have used very relevant thickness, they put together ceramic and porcelain, they have been coloured when still fresh.

Booming-Vases-By-Analogia-Project-26-Giulio-Boem-450x231 Booming Vases / Analogia Project© Giulio Boem

As Sarri explained, they have been making without thinking about the material’s limits but with an experimental approach, by trying, testing and establishing new cause and effect relationships.

The result shows at the same time both the matter’s heaviness and fragility. The vases are produced by Alessio Sarri Ceramiche.

Booming-Vases-By-Analogia-Project-27-Giulio-Boem-450x231 Booming Vases / Analogia Project© Giulio Boem

[highlight1]  Data  [/highlight1]

Name: Booming Vases
Type: Vase
Materials Combination: Clay + Color, Eco / Recycled / Green
Dimensions: Varies
Colour: Mix / Multi Color
Year: 2014

[highlight1]  The people  [/highlight1]

Product Designer: Analogia Project – Via M. Fusetti 7, 20143 Milan, Italy
Design: Adrea Mancuso, Emilia Serra
Collaboration: Alessio Sarri – Viale Pratese, 101, 50019 Sesto Fiorentino FI, Italy
Manufacturer: Self-production
Text Description: © Courtesy of Analogia Project
Images: © Giulio Boem

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