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Boxes is a storage system by Danish designers Komplott, modular stackable storage system based on simple wooden boxes. Working on a borderline of the Old and the New, we were tempted to reinterpret the most elementary object for storing – a wooden box..

Boxes-By-kompott-03 Boxes / kompott

© kompott

Boxes-By-kompott-04 Boxes / kompott

© kompott

Basing on its construction – using the slots in between the planks – we have developed a simple storage system based on the traditional way of connecting wood.

Boxes-By-kompott-02 Boxes / kompott

© kompott


Name: Boxes
Type: Cabinet
Materials Combination: Wood + Color, Eco/Recycled/Green
Dimensions: n/a
Colour: White, Natural Color
Year: 2011

The people:

Furniture Designer: kompott – M.Ganszyniec, K.Kowalski, P.Jasiewicz.
Text Description: © Courtesy of kompott
Images: © kompott

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Boxes / kompott
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