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Broken 1000 Faces

This is the personal project Kimura started in 1999, in which he’d make 1000 pieces of work “faces” by his original way of collage in the same sized paper (21cm×29.7cm). Each face contains each facial expression at the moment which can never seen again.

Broken-Faces-By-Takahiro-Kimura-03 Broken 1000 Faces / Takahiro Kimura

© Takahiro Kimura

“Broken 1000 faces” project started in 1999 and unfinished to this day, deconstructed shapes and slice a thousand faces. These artistic ugliness with asymmetrical shapes and colors are always amazing 210mm × 297mm format. Working from photographs, these paintings can be found modified, reinterpreted, so that the first identity is transformed to become a collage evocative of a different person. Takahiro Kimura assembles pieces of faces surgically creating monsters emotions, expressive beings: anger, skepticism, fear or joy can be read through the eyes of the split still images. The bursting facies brings curiosity spectator, won by works, lets break the ugliness and the emotion of these kaleidoscopic creatures.

Broken-Faces-By-Takahiro-Kimura-07 Broken 1000 Faces / Takahiro Kimura

© Takahiro Kimura

The number of faces of this series (currently 391) helps illustrate the multiplicity of individuals as if one form of representation could impoverish the beauty of human nature. The man is constantly metamorphosing, works of Takahiro Kimura seem to capture the moments of a constant evolution, that of being in motion. Through these paintings the viewer can see his own face and his own soul in its construction through time.

Broken-Faces-By-Takahiro-Kimura-10 Broken 1000 Faces / Takahiro Kimura

© Takahiro Kimura

The artist seems to have a taste for polygons disregarding a unique perspective for the benefit of the many to represent the subject in a broader context. Surfaces intersect at random, removing the whole coherent sense of depth. The context and purpose enter into each other to create an ambiguous space, an unreal reality.

Broken-Faces-By-Takahiro-Kimura-16 Broken 1000 Faces / Takahiro Kimura

© Takahiro Kimura

“The main motif of my artworks is Human Faces. Though I am quite interested in various aspects and contradictions which people have inside, I attempt not to think about them in the stage of creation. I’d rather devote my attention to force of line and exquisite balance of form, mass, composition and color so that sense of existence of my works, which are inclusive of said factors, can stand out.

Broken-Faces-By-Takahiro-Kimura-18 Broken 1000 Faces / Takahiro Kimura

© Takahiro Kimura

If I hold up the emotion of human being, which is so complicated and elusive, as theme of my work, the work will be unable to catch up with the emotion and the work will be undistinguished. Therefore, in a state of selfless, I command not feeling but solely my aesthetic sense and attempt to create my work. And then if you feel some complicated emotions of human beings are expressed out of my work [faces], it might be projections of what you have inside. The broken faces might be mirrors to reflect your emotions.” – Takahiro Kimura’s Statement

Broken-Faces-By-Takahiro-Kimura-23 Broken 1000 Faces / Takahiro Kimura

© Takahiro Kimura

About: Takahiro Kimura

Takahiro Kimura was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1965.

He studied technology of painting and graphic design at Salesian Polytechnic, and then studied skill of drawing, landscape painting and fashion drawing at Setsu Mode Seminar.

Broken-Faces-By-Takahiro-Kimura-25 Broken 1000 Faces / Takahiro Kimura

© Takahiro Kimura

Since 1991, Takahiro Kimura has been creating own unique style of collages that strives to show the complicated nature of the human spirit through peculiar physical distortions.

His collages are made by cutting up photos and rearranging them into a collage to which color is then applied, thereby creating a whole new visage with an unforgettable impact.

Broken-Faces-By-Takahiro-Kimura-27 Broken 1000 Faces / Takahiro Kimura

© Takahiro Kimura

[The faces] that Takahiro Kimura draws formidably conspicuously depict karmic suffering and ugliness of human being, which make them feel somewhere – lonely even though they are drawn with dazzlingly brilliant colors. Therefore, his paintings burn unforgettable intense impressions to consciousness of people who have seen them.

Broken-Faces-By-Takahiro-Kimura-29 Broken 1000 Faces / Takahiro Kimura

© Takahiro Kimura

He has created a broad spectrum of works including illustrations for advertisements, books, exhibitions of his original works, and even a live painting demonstration in which he illustrated a gigantic face on canvas.

Since 2003, Kimura has evolved his interest in faces, producing a collaged animation series, which breathed new life into the hallucinatory, constantly mutating movements that emerge out of a single drawing.

  • Takahito Kimura is an amazing artist from Tokyo in Japon who handle lot of various domain as collage, painting, illustration and animation.
  • see more image of “Broken 1000 Faces” >> http://broken1000faces.com/
Broken-Faces-By-Takahiro-Kimura-30 Broken 1000 Faces / Takahiro Kimura

© Takahiro Kimura


Name: Broken 1000 Faces
Type: Painting
Dimensions: 210mm × 297mm
Theme Colour: bright colours
Year: Varies
Technique: deconstructed shapes and slice portraits

The people:

Artist: Takahiro Kimura, Tokyo, Japan
Text Description: © Courtesy of Takahiro Kimura
Images: © Takahiro Kimura

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Broken 1000 Faces / Takahiro Kimura
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