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Carbon22, a limited-edition line of experimental furniture by Dario Antonioni, founder of the design lab Orange22.

Carbon22-By-Orange22-Design-Lab-02 Carbon22  / Orange22 Design Lab

© Orange22 Design Lab


In many ways, the collection is the most recent manifestation of the designer’s love affair with aerospace engineering, a field in which he’s formally trained. Borrowing from aeronautical concepts, he has utilized the most advanced technologies to craft the collection of blacker-than-black furniture thats super strong and light-weight —including a desk, stool, end table and cocktail table—made entirely of carbon fiber. In a wind tunnel, the aerodynamic lines of each art object creates sensual, un-agitated flows of air—precisely the kind NASA engineers strive to achieve in their own work.

Carbon22-By-Orange22-Design-Lab-05 Carbon22  / Orange22 Design Lab

© Orange22 Design Lab


And yet, the aesthetic presence of each piece differs dramatically from that of machine-age aircraft or supersonic jets. “My fascination with flight and technology definitely influenced my material selection, fabrication techniques and, to a certain extent, the formal qualities of these pieces,” says Antonioni, “but when I applied those technologies and materials to the process of designing a table whose legs morph fluidly into the rest of the structure, the results were totally unpredictable.”

Carbon22-By-Orange22-Design-Lab-06 Carbon22  / Orange22 Design Lab

© Orange22 Design Lab


“I am an artist first and a designer second,” says Antonioni. “This collection is a way for me to satisfy my inclination to advance my field – to experiment. Carbon22 isn’t driven by the demands of the marketplace.

Carbon22-By-Orange22-Design-Lab-08 Carbon22  / Orange22 Design Lab

© Orange22 Design Lab

It’s driven by passion.” Each Carbon22 object within the collection, produced in limited numbers, will be signed and sold to collectors with the original molds. Prices for each limited edition piece will range from $20,000 up to $120,000.

Carbon22-By-Orange22-Design-Lab-03 Carbon22  / Orange22 Design Lab

© Orange22 Design Lab


Name: Carbon22
Type: Stool, Furniture Collection
Materials Combination: Carbon Fiber, Resin
Creation year: Art Basel Miami, Dec 2008

The people:

Furniture Designer: Orange22 Design Lab, Culver City, CA, USA
Text Description: © Courtesy of Orange22 Design Lab
Images: © Orange22 Design Lab

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Carbon22 / Orange22 Design Lab
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