Nishinoyama House / SANAA – Kazuyo Sejima & Associates

Nishinoyama House By SANAA-Kazuyo Sejima & Associates-01-Iwan Baan

The housing latest project from the Tokyo architect Kazuyo Sejima, the building contains 10 unique apartments unified by a gridded ground plan and a sequence of overlapping, pitched roofs…

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Kamppi Chapel of Silence – Helsinki, Finland / K2S Architects

Kamppi Chapel of Silence - Helsinki, Finland By K2S Architects-01-flickr-Jon Reid

In central Helsinki, the 3,789 square-foot Kamppi Chapel offers a quiet place of contemplation amidst its urban surroundings. The chapel’s walls and all the furniture are made of solid wood. Despite the immense size of the building, the only actual chapel is located in the wooden bowl. The glass walls of the rest of the building serve as exhibition space…

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Bombay Sapphire Distillery / Heatherwick Studio

Bombay Sapphire Distillery By Heatherwick Studio-01-Hufton & Crow

The Bombay Sapphire Distillery and Process Buildings, at Laverstoke Mill in Hampshire, are linked and closely related existing buildings that have been subject to major refurbishment. This has transformed a former Victorian Paper Mill into the new home of Bombay Sapphire Gin, which includes a visitors’ centre and bar…

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Biomuseo – Panama Bridge of Life Museum / Frank Gehry

Biomuseo - Panama Bridge of Life Museum By Frank Gehry-01

The BioMuseo de Panama was designed to tell the story of how the Isthmus of Panama emerged from the sea, uniting two continents and separating a large ocean in two, forever changing the planet’s biodiversity…

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U.S. Land Port of Entry in Calais, Maine / Robert Siegel Architects

U.S. Land Port of Entry in Calais, Maine By Robert Siegel Architects-01-Paul Warchol

The Calais Land Port of Entry creates a memorable, environmentally friendly national symbol for travellers crossing the US – Canada border. The 26-acre facility comprises a main administration building, a firearms certification range, office and storage space, and several smaller facilities (e.g., kennels). It also incorporates the first new bridge built between the two nations in decades…

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Washington Canal Park / OLIN Studio & STUDIOS Architecture

Washington Canal Park By OLIN Studio & STUDIOS Architecture-02-OLIN Studio

Designed by Philadelphia-based Olin, the three-acre park features a skating loop, interactive fountains, seating areas, and open spaces that will be programmed with public events such as movie screenings and farmers markets. A linear rain garden along the edge of the park is the most visible indication of a site-wide rainwater collection system that collects water runoff, held in cisterns under the site, which is then treated and used for the fountains, rink ice, and irrigation…

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W Singapore – Sentosa Cove / WATG

W Singapore - Sentosa Cove By WATG-01-W Sign at Entrance

Designed & Conceptualized by renowned architectural firm Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo (WATG), Inspired by a dynamic cosmopolitan lifestyle, mixed with Sentosa’s vibrant natural surroundings, W Singapore-Sentosa Cove adopts this narrative, blurring the line between cosmopolitan city-state and the beauty of untamed nature…

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Hotel CAEaCLAVELES / longo+roldán arquitectos

Hotel CAEaCLAVELES By longo-roldán arquitectos-01-Marcos Morrilla

CAEaCLAVELES, a small and singular four stars hotel designed by the local architects longo+roldán. Set in a 8000 m2 lush gardens in “La Pereda”, 4 km away from the seaside, is the most suitable place to rest by the shadow of the redolent forests and quiet meadows, or to rediscover the North shore of Spain. The project arises from the search to preserve the permanence of landscape features on which to act through a symbiotic architecture with the environment and linked to the characteristic features of the area…

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Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama / BFLS

Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama By BFLS-01

The Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama is one of the UK’s leading music and drama colleges, designed by BFLS, the drama building forms a new facade and the recital hall sits amongst the woods adjacent to the existing building. These elements are unified by a single floating roof. The new entrance to the college opens out on to stunning views over Bute Park and an arcade forms a new spine linking the whole functioning as exhibition space for the Design & Costume Department, whilst doubling as the ‘lungs’ for the scheme as its natural stack effect ventilates the public spaces…

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