Serpentine Sackler Gallery Magazine Restaurant / Zaha Hadid Architects

Serpentine Sackler Gallery Magazine Restaurant By Zaha Hadid Architects-01-Luke Hayes

Zaha Hadid’s striking design for this gallery restaurant combines futuristic and organic elements, including stiletto-like columns and glass walls that look out onto Kensington Gardens. Creating a fully enclosed structure that achieves lightness through its materials and dynamic geometries…

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Åkrafjorden / Snøhetta

Akrafjorden By Snohetta-01-James Silverman

This mountain hunting lodge is situated on the edge of the Åkrafjorden fjord in western Norway and was a unique undertaking for Oslo-based firm Snøhetta. A tiny cabin dissolves into the rocky, heather-shrouded terrain. The shelter, built for prominent businessman Osvald Bjelland to use during hunting excursions…

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The Screen / Li Xiaodong Atelier

The Screen By Li Xiaodong Atelier-02-Martijn de Geus

The Screen is a building designed by Li Xiaodong Atelier, a study of the relationship between landscape and building, of architecture as a bridge for sharing spaces with nature and reducing our footprint on the land. In The Screen, the architecture is at the centre of a natural area which has no boundaries and blends in with the landscape to permit full enjoyment of it…

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Philarmonic Hall Szczecin / Estudio Barozzi Veiga

Philarmonic Hall Szczecin By Estudio Barozzi Veiga-01-flickr-Piotr Krajewski

The Szczecin Philharmonic (Poland), designed by Barozzi Veiga, is presented as the new icon of the city and a landmark in and outside Poland. It consists of two concert halls with capacity for 951 and 192 spectators. Built in the city centre of Szczecin, this music hall is shaped like the city landscape. Its takes influence from the surrounding dropping roofs, and church towers. At the same time however, the building contrasts the industrial architecture of Szeczecin’s ship yard and harbour…

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Amanoi Resorts Vietnam / Denniston International Architects

Amanoi Resorts Vietnam By Denniston International Architects-01

Embraced by a national park on Vietnam’s spectacular coastline, Amanoi is a contemporary beachside resort. Named for the Sanskrit-derived word for ‘peace’ and noi meaning ‘place’, Amanoi is a tranquil retreat situated on a beautiful whitesand beach overlooking spectacular Vinh Hy Bay. This project consists of an Aman Resort of 30 guest pavilions, public facilities, beach club, spa and 27 four and five bedroom villas…

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Everyman Theatre / Haworth Tompkins Architects

Everyman Theatre By Haworth Tompkins Architects-01-Philip Vile

After 10 years of design led by Haworth Tompkins and Charcoalblue and two years of construction by Gilbert-Ash the new Everyman opened in March 2014. The building is the production base for both the Everyman and Playhouse theatres as well as the company’s extensive youth, education and outreach activity. Designed from the outset to meet high environmental and accessibility standards,…

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The Bicycle Snake (Cykelslangen) / DISSING+WEITLING architecture

The Bicycle Snake (Cykelslangen) By Dissing&Weitling-01-Ole Malling

Cycle bridge Cykelslangen (The Bicycle Snake) of Dissing + Weitling architects guarantee cyclists a fun ride along the harbor. It meanders 6-7 m. above the water with 4 m. width and a 30-metre ramp providing an improved accessibility to the city from the Dybbolsbro Bridge to the Bryggebro Bridge…

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Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa / Cazu Zegers Arquitectura

Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa By Cazu Zegers Arquitectura-01-Hotel exterior-Cazu Zegers Arquitectura

Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa was designed by Chilean architects-Cazu Zegers Arquitectura, is boutique hotels which feature architecture and design inspired by their surroundings, offer a warm atmosphere, personalized service and an “Adventure Spa” experience, where you can combine extraordinary adventures with ultimate relaxation and well-being. Inside, wood clad walls emanate warmth, safety and protection – a cozy hideaway after a day spent discovering the amazing Patagonian outdoors…

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MUSE – Museo delle Scienze / Renzo Piano Building Workshop

MUSE - Museo delle Scienze By Renzo Piano Building Workshop-01-Hufton_Crow

The new science museum opened in July 2013 forms the heart of the new Trento quarter designed by Renzo Piano. MUSE tells fascinating stories about mountain environments, from the beautiful local Dolomites through to the tropical setting of the Tanzanian Eastern Arc. MUSE – The Science Museum of Trento is one of the most innovative museums in Italy. Mixing scientific information and practical experimentation, it launched a new way of interacting with the public…

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