Prahran Hotel / Techné Architects

Prahran Hotel By Techné Architects - 01 - Peter Clarke Photography

The Sand Hill Road bought the Prahran Hotel in early 2011, and will reopen it after eight months of hefty reconstruction. At the Prahran Hotel, they had city-based architects Techne design the space, utilising concrete irrigation pipes, each about 2.5 metres in diameter, sitting four pipes high…

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Reflections at Keppel Bay / Studio Daniel Libeskind

Reflections at Keppel Bay By Studio Daniel Libeskind - 01 - Keppel Bay Pte Ltd

Designed by world-renowned architect Daniel Libeskind, Reflections at Keppel Bay comprises a total of 1,129 luxurious waterfront condominium units housed in six glass towers of 24 storeys and 41 storeys as well as 11 blocks of 6- to 8-storey villa blocks. It offers choice units of 1- to 4-bedroom apartments and penthouses with sizes ranging from 700 sf to a super penthouse of 13,300 sf. This iconic waterfront property is master architect Daniel Libeskind’s first residential showcase in Singapore…

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Serpentine Gallery Art Pavilion 2013 / Sou Fujimoto

Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2013 By Sou Fujimoto - 01 - Iwan Baan

Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2013 – The latest pavilion, designed by Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto, opened on 8 June and runs until 20 October. Fujimoto, the youngest of the 13 architects tapped for the annual pavilion in London’s Kensington Gardens, envisioned the structure as an assemblage of white grids that is organic, almost cloudlike…

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Aurland Lookout (Stegastein Viewpoint) / Saunders Architecture & Wilhelmsen Arkitektur

Aurland Lookout (Stegastein Viewpoint) By Saunders Architecture & Wilhelmsen Arkitektur - 01 - Nils Vik

Aurland Lookout (Stegastein Viewpoint) stands at 2000 feet height above the sea level, is built by Todd Saunders and Tommie Wihelmsen. It’s one of the most popular attractions in Norway. This project is part of a national program on tourist routes commissioned by the Norwegian Highway Department. A popular sightseeing bus roundtrip from Flåm and Aurland to the spectacular viewpoint Stegastein. Here, approx. 650 meters above the village Aurland and the fjord, you get a fantastic view of the fjord scenery. It’s a perfect place to take your holiday photos. The pictures actually say more than a thousand words…

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Fogo Island Inn / Saunders Architecture

Fogo Island Inn By Saunders Architecture - 01

Canadian-born, Norway-based architect Todd Saunders returned to Newfoundland to design a 29-room inn on tiny Fogo Island. His client, the nonprofit Shorefast Foundation, employs local craftspeople and workers to establish a new economic base for an “outport” community once dependent on fishing and shipbuilding. The inn combines green-design strategies and vernacular forms to create a dramatic retreat that makes a profound connection to a rugged place…

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La Tallera Siqueiros / Frida Escobedo

La Tallera Siqueiros By Frida Escobedo - 01 Rafael Gamo

Frida Escobedo’s intervention in the Tallera Siqueiros creates a relationship which combines a museum-workshop surrounding areas from a simple gesture: open the museum courtyard adjacent to a square turning a series of murals from its original position. It is a space built in 1965 that became the home and studio of muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros in the last years of his life…

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Dedon Island Resort / Jean-Marie Massaud & Daniel Pouzet

Dedon Island Resort By Jean-Marie Massaud & Daniel Pouzet - 11 - The Surroundings

Created in collaboration with celebrated designers Jean-Marie Massaud and Daniel Pouzet, the villas, pavilions, pagodas and lounges of DEDON ISLAND are the perfect expression of our ideal of barefoot luxury. Utilizing only local materials and local craftsmanship, integrating seamlessly with the surroundings, dissolving the boundaries between indoors and out, embracing traditional architectural style while thoughtfully incorporating the finest modern amenities…

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Gran Museo del Mundo Maya / 4A Arquitectos

Gran Museo del Mundo Maya By 4A Arquitectos - 01 David Cervera

The Gran Museo del Mundo Maya (Great Mayan Culture Museum) is a museum located in the city of Merida , Yucatan in Mexico . It has four permanent exhibition rooms, multimedia rooms and a screening room for documentaries, all related to the Mayan culture. The museum is located at the beginning of the road from Mérida to the port of Progreso , next to the Convention Center Yucatan Siglo XXI where industrial complex was Cordemex…

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La Luciole Concert Hall / Jacques Moussafir Architectes

La Luciole Concert Hall By Jacques Moussafir Architectes - 01 Luc Boegly

The La Luciole Concert Hall in Alençon, France designed by Jacques Moussafir Architectes, Despite the fact that it could only host an audience of 250, the unique Luciole has carved itself a powerful regional identity thanks to good quality programming and the way this concert venue brought audiences closer to artists…

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