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© AVA 55 Ninth

AVA 55 Ninth / Solomon Cordwell Buenz

This 17-floor apartment tower, by developer Avalon Bay, now dubbed AVA. Located on 55 9th Street in the Mid-Market neighbourhood of San Francisco, California, this new high-rise residential building is a mix of studio, one-, and two-bedroom rentals open for occupancy as of March 2014. The design is a sleek tower of glass that appeals to a hip, urban crowd...
© Johan Fowelin

Ferry Terminal Buildings Strömkajen / Marge Arkitekter

The new terminal buildings at Strömkajen in Stockholm, designed by Marge Arkitekter AB, was completed in 2013. Marge Arkitekter AB has created architecture with its own identity that simultaneously subordinates itself to the surrounding buildings. The idea was to create buildings with no back side, in a scale and with a design, more like a piece of furniture or a sculpture, than a traditional building...
© João Soares

White Wolf Hotel / AND-RÉ

White Wolf Hotel by AND-RÉ is a series of buildings intimately related with the surrounding rich natural environment. The built architecture objects, profoundly integrated in the natural context, provide holistic and spiritual experiences of calm, intimacy, meditation and retreat...
© João Morgado

Óbidos Technological Park Central Building / Jorge Mealha Arquitecto

Óbidos Technological Park Central Building by Carcavelos-based architect Jorge Mealha, creating offices and a central plaza for a business incubator unit in a rural Portuguese technology park. It was designed in response to a brief of the competition held in 2010 that requested a central piazza providing a communal space for the centre's inhabitants. Some parts of the topographic constructions are placed underground...
© Mohammad Hassan Ettefagh

Tabiat Pedestrian Bridge / Diba Tensile Architecture

The Tabiat pedestrian bridge by Iranian architecture firm Diba Tensile Architecture , located in north of Tehran, is the largest pedestrian bridge of Iran. This bridge is 270 meters long spanning over a major highway connecting two popular parks to each other. It is a 3 dimensional complex truss sitting on 3 tree shaped columns and includes of 3 levels...
© De Leon & Primmer Architecture Workshop

Wild Turkey Bourbon Visitor Center / De Leon & Primmer Architecture Workshop

This 9,140-square-foot structure welcomes visitors to the 400-acre Wild Turkey Distillery. Designed by Louisville-based De Leon & Primmer Architecture Workshop, the building riffs on the iconic peaked-roof building form. Sited to minimize heat gain through the stained cedar rainscreen cladding, as well as to preserve the natural habitat of a population of, appropriately, wild turkeys, the building sits on a bluff overlooking the Kentucky River...
© Robert Lemermeyer

Glacier Skywalk / Sturgess Architecture

Designed by Sturgess Architecture with Read Jones Christofferson Engineering, Golder Associates, SMP Engineering and PCL Construction, the Glacier Skywalk is part of an immersive experience which enables visitors to the Jasper National Park to learn about glaciology, geology and the ecosystem of the Columbia Icefield area. Glacier Skywalk is one of those engineering feats that takes your breath away—mostly because it places you 280 m (919 ft) above Jasper National Park’s (Canada) Sunwapta Valley...
© Kyungsub Shin

Knot House / Atelier Chang

London-based Atelier Chang took inspiration from knots to design five residential structures on Geoje Island, which feature walls that fold up from the ground and across into the living rooms. The resort, called Knot House, was built for South Korean hospitality group House of Mind, and its five buildings have been staggered diagonally down the slope. Knot House gives each space its own prime views of the water and the hilly landscape on the horizon while also maintaining privacy for the owners and their guests...
© Alex de Rijke

Rundeskogen-The Tre Taarn / Helen & Hard and dRMM

Helen & Hard together with London based office DRMM is behind this project with Kruse Smith as the developer. The project is located at a major traffic intersection linking three bigger cities of the region. The three towers contain 113 units, with the highest tower reaching 16 stories. The flats range between 60m2 and 140 m2...
© Fernando Alda

Contemporary Art Centre Córdoba / Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos

The Contemporary Arts Center "Córdoba/Espacio Andaluz de Creación Contemporánea de Córdoba’n" in southern Spain was built in 2008 – 2013. The architectural designer in the project was Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos S.L.P. The project is conceived as a self-similar geometric pattern, originating in a hexagonal shape. Like a combinatorial game, the permutations of three types of polygonal rooms generate sequences of different spaces that define a non-centralised organism for the production, research and exhibition of new media in contemporary arts...
© Andy Lee

Acoustic Shells / Flanagan Lawrence Architects

These Acoustic Shells were designed by London studio Flanagan Lawrence to facilitate community events and provide residents of the West Sussex town with a scenic resting spot on the edge of a sunken garden. Flanagan Lawrence developed the design after winning an architectural competition organised by Littlehampton Town Council in 2012. It called for a "Stage by the Sea" that would "provide a high quality landmark structure forming the focal point of Littlehampton's Greensward"...
© Schneider + Schumacher

Autobahn Church Siegerland / Schneider + Schumacher

Autobahn Church Siegerland by Schneider + Schumacher, The bright white, polygonal façade of the Siegerland Motorway Church catches the eye even from afar. A pictorial wooden structure, it defies the noisy surroundings of hotel, fast food restaurant and petrol station. Its interior welcomes visitors with a quiet room combining artificial light with daylight to create a warm and contemplative atmosphere...