Glamping in Korea / ArchiWorkshop

Glamping in Korea By ArchiWorkshop-01-June Young Lim

The project is cleverly called Glamping Architecture and it’s the brainchild of Seoul-based ArchiWorkshop studio, whose aim was to show how comfort, design and sustainability, combined comfort and tradition to make “tents” that give a camper a sense of home…

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Sokol Blosser Winery Tasting Room / Allied Works Architecture

Sokol Blosser Winery Tasting Room By Allied Works Architecture-01-Jeremy Bitterman

Sokol Blosser’s tasting room. Designed by Allied Works Architecture, the building will feature 4,870 s.f. of indoor and outdoor hospitality areas and aims to be a highly sustainable project. Featuring 5,000 square feet of space, including eight uniquely designed tasting areas, the new tasting room offers a level of hospitality and service that is outstandingly Oregon…

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Court Of Justice in Hasselt Belgium / J. Mayer H. Architects

Court Of Justice in Hasselt Belgium By J. Mayer H. Architects-01-Hufton&Crow

The new fourteen- storey court of justice building alongside the railway line, designed by the temporary twins organisation (consisting of jurgen mayer H. architects, a2o architects and lens°ass), is the new home for all the judicial services formerly spread throughout the city. the Hasselaar is a feel-good building with colours reminiscent of the 1970s and a façade pattern that evokes the veins of a leaf and the structure of a tree…

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Blue Planet – National Aquarium Denmark / 3XN

Blue Planet - National Aquarium Denmark By 3XN-01-Hufton&Crow

Blue Planet was conceived and designed by architectural design firm 3XN. The aquarium is shaped like a whirlpool and is 10,000 square meters in size. 3XN creative director Kim Herforth Nielsen told Architects Journal that the design is to bring people to the fish in a way that is unique. More than 3,000 fish and other animals from the old aquarium were transferred to the new aquarium to join the more than 17,000 animals that were purchased from around the world to stock the new aquarium…

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Cidade Das Artes / Christian de Portzamparc

Cidade Das Artes By Christian de Portzamparc-01-Hufton&Crow

Cidade Das Artes was designed by the French architect Christian de Portzamparc, The Cidade das Artes is the largest modern concert hall in South America, with 1,780 seats. The complex spans approximately 90 thousand square metres and also features a chamber music hall, three theatres, and 12 rehearsal rooms…

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72 Screens / Sanjay Puri Architects

72 Screens By Sanjay Puri Architects-01

Designed by mumbi-based firm – Sanjay Puri Architects, 72 Screens designed in response to the climate of the city with extreme summers of 45⁰C average temperatures, this 6 level office building is sheathed in folded triangular GRC screens creating an energy efficient building while forming a sculptural presence…

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Mulini Beach / Studio 3LHD

Mulini Beach By Studio 3LHD-01-Joao Morgado

The reconstruction of Mulini Beach which started in October 2013. The 450m long stretch located in the attractive area of Rovinj, on the exit from the central part of the city and in the continuation of the promenade, was designed by 3LHD. The entire area of the beach is divided into two zones – a stretch from the ACI marina to the Mulini Beach bar/pavilion, and the calmer bay area with a pebble beach…

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Al Bahar Towers – Abu Dhabi Investment Council Headquarters / Aedas Architects

Al Bahar Towers - Abu Dhabi Investment Council Headquarters By Aedas Architects-01-Christian Richters

Al Bahr Towers, the headquarters of the Abu Dhabi Investment Council designed by Aedas Architects, it has designed one of the first dynamic facades in the world. Based visually on the concept of a mashrabiya screen, this secondary facade has elements that open and close in response to the position and strength of the sun, to form a vital part of the solarshading strategy of the building…

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FRAC Centre – Les Turbulences / Jakob + Macfarlane Architects

FRAC Centre - Les Turbulences By Jakob & Macfarlane Architects-01-Roland Halbe

The Regional Fund for Contemporary Art in the Centre region (FRAC Centre) opened its doors in Orleans, France in September, with a striking public reception piece designed by progressive architects Jakob + MacFarlane. The Turbulences, the public entrance area, features a cafeteria, book shop and auditorium…

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