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Colourful Graphic Design ArtWorks / Craig & Karl

This dynamic duo specialises in illustration, typography and installation, as well as character, editorial and pattern design. They have exhibited across the world, most notably at the Musée de la Publicité, Louvre. Their impressive client list is a clear indication of the caliber of their work and includes LVMH, Nike, Apple, Vogue, Microsoft, Converse, MTV and The New York Times...
what a carve up penguin books - © Street Art DAIN

Collage and Graffiti old Portraits Street Art / DAIN

Collage and Graffiti old Portraits Street Art by Brooklyn-based graffiti artist Dain, The artist’s style is deeply cross-genre: he mixes street art references and graffiti with drawing, collage and varnish. Some pieces are pasted and finished in the street, others are destined to canvases. His trademark is arguably the circled, dripping eye, like a graffitied monocle, a poke at classical chic...
Alien Siege Machine by Dan Fox 01

Art Installations Highlights / Burning Man 2014

Burning Man is renowned for its fantastical, massive and ambitious artworks — and yet, this seems to fly in the face of logic, given the challenges inherent in creating art for one of the most remote, forbidding and inhospitable environments on Earth. So how has it come to be that in Burning Man’s history on the Black Rock Desert...
2014-Fantasy_detail - © Nick Gentry

Floppy Disk Paintings and Film Negative Artworks / Nick Gentry

British artist Nick Gentry grew up with floppy disks, stored computer games on them, and swapped them with his friends. Now he uses the plastic diskettes as canvases for his creations - with spectacular success. Nick Gentry integrates obsolete technology into his artwork, primarily floppy disks and film negatives, placing an emphasis on recycling outdated media and reusing objects...
© David Downton

Fashion Illustrations / David Downton

British artist David Downton is a renowned fashion illustrator. In 1984, he worked on a wide variety of projects ranging from advertising and packaging to illustrating fiction, cook books and, occasionally, fashion...
male film icons – James Dean - © Cliff Matthews

POP Iconic Art Paintings / Cliff Matthews

Cliff Matthews, 39, of Jerounds, has been painting seriously for a year and a half and describes his work as contemporary. His highly stylised portraits of the famous and infamous use limited colour, and are all brush applied, despite having the appearance of prints...
Rocks 02 - © Johannes Stötter

Fine Art BodyPainting Nature-Inspired / Johannes Stötter

Artist Johannes Stötter is a fine-art-bodypainter who uses his artistry to blend his subjects into their surroundings so well that they all but disappear. His models appear to take on both the colours and textures of their surroundings and sometimes even transform into other creatures or objects, including fruit and vegetables, trees, rocks, and even wildlife. He puts people at the heart of nature into fascinating compositions at the edge of surrealism...
© Eric Lacombe

Monster Surrealism – Visionary Art Paintings / Eric Lacombe

Monster paintings by french artist Eric Lacombe, His paintings often show distorted ghastly faces, which convey a very creepy mood. Eric Lacombe works mostly with acrylics or ink on paper or canvas. Eric Lacombe, better known in the art world as Monstror, is an astounding artist from Lyons, France that was born in 1968...
© Zachary Tyler Newton

YAP Winners 2013 – Party Wall at MoMA PS1 / CODA

Party Wall, by CODA, is the 2013 winner of the Young Architects’ Program at The Museum of Modern Art and MoMA PS1 in New York City, is a pavilion and flexible experimental space that provides shade for the Warm Up crowds, along with other functions. The porous façade is affixed to a tall self-supporting steel frame that is balanced in place with large fabric containers filled with water, and clad with a screen of interlocking wooden elements donated by Comet...
Triple Point (Planetarium), 2013 - © Tom Powel Imaging

Triple Point – U.S. Pavilion 55th Venice Biennale 2013 / Sarah Sze

Internationally acclaimed artist Sarah Sze transformed the U.S. Pavilion at the 2013 Venice Biennale with her signature site-specific installations. Engaging architecture and space in new ways, Sze's works feature the accumulation of everyday materials to create gravity-defying sculptural environments...