Vivid Sydney festival 2013 – Transforms the Harbour City with Light, Music and Ideas

The lighting of the Sydney Opera House sails heralded the start of Vivid Sydney 2013, the annual festival of light, music and ideas, making the city a canvas of creativity, from 6pm to midnight every night, 24 May – 10 June…

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Vivid Sydney festival 2013 - Transforms the Harbour City with Light, Music and Ideas - 01 - lights up the city

Triple Point – U.S. Pavilion 55th Venice Biennale 2013 / Sarah Sze

Internationally acclaimed artist Sarah Sze transformed the U.S. Pavilion at the 2013 Venice Biennale with her signature site-specific installations. Engaging architecture and space in new ways, Sze’s works feature the accumulation of everyday materials to create gravity-defying sculptural environments…

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Triple Point - U.S. Pavilion 55th Venice Biennale 2013 By Sarah Sze - 01 Triple Point (Planetarium), 2013

Barcaldine Tree of Knowledge Memorial / Brian Hooper Architect and M3 architecture

Brisbane based architecture practice m3architecture, in association with Brian Hooper Architect, have completed a £3 million memorial project for the Tree of Knowledge. A 10-metre, 150-year-old Ghost Gum, opposite the hotel in the centre of Barcaldine in Central West Queensland, symbolised an important time in Australia’s political development as the meeting place for shearers during their unsuccessful strike of 1891…

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Barcaldine Tree of Knowledge Memorial By Brian Hooper Architect and M3 architecture - 01 Scott Burrows

Nelson Mandela Capture Monument / Marco Cianfanelli

The Nelson Mandela Sculpture in Howick KwaZulu-Natal South Africa. The artist of the sculpture is Marco Cianfanelli. The sculpture is made up of 50 poles that symbolize the 50th Anniversary of his arrest in Howick KwaZulu-Natal…

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Nelson Mandela Capture Monument By Marco Cianfanelli - 01 Jonathan Burton

Neo-Expressionism Figurative Painting / Jean-Michel Basquiat

Jean-Michel Basquiat was an American artist. He began as an obscure graffiti artist in New York City in the late 1970s and evolved into an acclaimed Neo-expressionist and Primitivist painter by the 1980s. Jean-Michel Basquiat used a mix of text and image in his work, creating paintings that are based in the language of grafitti art…

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Neo-Expressionism Figurative Painting By Jean-Michel Basquiat - Jean-Michel Basquiat

Kinetic Solar-powered Chandeliers / Luke Jerram

Kinetic Solar-powered Chandeliers Artwork by Luke Jerram, This 5m tall chandelier containing 665 radiometers was designed and created for the Bristol and Bath Science Park, UK…

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Kinetic Solar-powered Chandeliers By Luke Jerram - 01

Extra Moenia – Bronze Sculptures Embedded In Gallery Walls / Matteo Pugliese

The collection of sculptures Extra Moenia was created by the Italian sculptor Matteo Pugliese, who lives and works in Milan. The collection depicts men who give the feeling of being trapped in the wall. Their construction is primarily made of bronze…

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Extra Moenia - Bronze Sculptures Embedded In Gallery Walls By Matteo Pugliese - 2009-2012 Zenith

‘Nests and Cocoon-Like Forms’ Installations / Laura Ellen Bacon

The work of Laura Ellen Bacon has been described as, ‘monumental’, ‘uncanny’, ‘compelling’ and ‘beautifully strange’. Laura’s contemporary sculptures were initially inspired by nests and cocoon-like forms and she has since developed her own unique language with materials – a language that communicates the properties of the materials she uses and her strong desire to turn chaotic amounts of raw materials into ‘spaces’ of some kind…

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'Nests and Cocoon-Like Forms' Installations By Laura Ellen Bacon - 01Laura Ellen Bacon

Bad Dog – Labrador sculpture at OCMA / Richard Jackson

Artist Richard Jackson recently installed a 28-foot-tall sculpture of a black Labrador taking a pie int he Orange County Museum of Art (OCMA) in Newport Beach, California. The installation, known simply as Bad Dog,claiming its temporary territory throughout the run of the 74-year-old artist’s first retrospective exhibit titled Richard Jackson: Ain’t Painting a Pain…

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Bad Dog - Labrador sculpture at OCMA By Richard Jackson - Bad Dog activation 01
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