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Love and Pop Collection – Beso_1 - © Toni Sanchez

Pop Art Collections / Toni Sanchez

Toni Sanchez is living proof that an art degree is worth its salt. After three years of law school, a quick decision to pursue graphic art set this Valencia native into a Pop art frenzy. From immortalizing icons, to comic (book) relief, these his pop art collections will have you dying your hair grey in no time...
© Miran Kambič

Podčetrtek Traffic Circle / enota

Podčetrtek Traffic Circle was designed by Ljubljana-based architectural firm Enota and completed in 2012. The Traffic Circle marks the entrance to dark monolithic volume of municipal sport hall on one and the thermal spa complex on the other side of the regional road. Its design suggests a tectonic shift have caused the road surface to bloat and belched out the massive blocks. In combination with the water...
Django Unchained - © Yana Moskaluk

Inspiring Illustrations Artworks / Yana Moskaluk

A young Russian illustrator currently based in Moscow and working for Art Lebedev studio.. The style of Yana Moskaluk’s illustrations is inspired by fairy tales, fashion, and traditional Japanese prints. Yana has made numerous graphic works for magazines, books, advertising, sites and design projects...
Ben - © Anthony Freda

Mix media Illustration Artworks / Anthony Freda

Anthony Freda is an award-winning illustrator. His work has appeared in such publications as Rolling Stone, New Yorker, Esquire, New York Times, The Voice, Entertainment Weekly, Playboy, and many others...
astronaut - © Jeremy Forson

Illustrations & Paintings / Jeremy Forson

The rock n’ roll illustrations by San Francisco-base artist Jeremy Forson. With a rather unconventional process, he starts his pieces by hand-drawing 2×3 inch thumbnails, he crafts eye-catching colorful pieces on wood. And they’ve got spunk. Jeremy Forson has been garnering major street cred for incorporating tattoos as a prominant element in some of his female portraits...
fashion fiction BLACK-STRIBES - © Naja Conrad-Hansen

Women Gallery Artwork / Naja Conrad-Hansen

Naja Conrad-Hansen, aka “Meannorth”, Her works have been included in a wide variety of fashion/graphic magazines and books. She also designs prints and pattern designs for different clothing labels including limited edition prints for her own brand Meannorth...
2012 Wingtip Voyage  - © Bovey Lee

Crafted Paper Cut Artwork / Bovey Lee

Bovey Lee’s meticulously crafted paper-cut drawings explore the struggle between nature, urbanization, and the ownership of natural resources. Lee’s drawings are rooted in her study of Chinese calligraphy and pencil drawing, mediums in which she was immersed while growing up in Hong Kong...
Freckles - © Callie Fink

Watercolors & Pencils Artwork / Callie Fink

Young girl Callie Fink is an amazingly skilled and talented artist who can do just about anything and everything. From the more traditional style of drawing accurate portraits to painting vast landscapes. Callie completes each with absolute perfection and detail...
2010 CANDY RAINBOW - © Roberto Bernardi

Hyperrealism Photorealistic Oil Paintings / Roberto Bernardi

Roberto Bernardi is an artist based in Todi. He is represented by Bernarducci Meisel Gallery in New York City. Recently, he has had a solo exhibition at the Hermitage Museum. Bernardi is a Photorealist painter who explores reflections in still lifes of plates and kitchens, glass, and candy...
acrylic on canvas - madonnasomoking - © Montse Martin

A Woman’s World Beautiful Acrylic Paintings / Montse Martin

Montse Martin's paintings, called "A Woman's World" has been exhibited in various places around the world, drawing attention to the issues facing clearly fetishistic, parallel to privacy, femininity and personality of her fanciful paintings...
Sacred Spaces - © Michael Grab

‘Gravity Glue’ Rock Balanced Sculptures / Michael Grab

Gravity Glue is an ongoing satellite project designed to record and share Michael Grab‘s experience and journey through the art of Stone Balance. Gravity is the only “glue” that holds these structures in equilibrium...
© UAP - Urban Art Projects

KAUST Breakwater Beacon / UAP – Urban Art Projects

Designed by Urban Arts Projects (UAP), A 60m high ‘Breakwater Beacon’ centrepiece of a $7bn research institution for the King Abdullah University for Science & Technology (KAUST), overlooking the Red Sea in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The Australia based designers have drawn inspiration from Arabic maritime traditions...