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Misha Barton for Bebe - 03 - © David Adey

Pinned Skin Collages / David Adey

American artist David Adey creates these intricate collages by cutting fragments of printed skin from magazine photographs. The original photos are this way reconstructed from thousands of tiny scraps, cut into various geometric shapes and arranged in such a way that they stick on the canvas in only a single pin...
Scent of a woman - 11 - © Annick Bouvattier

Woman Art Painting / Annick Bouvattier

French painter - Annick Bouvattier comes from Nevers. Originally she was a stylist and costume designer until she started her career in the '90s as a painter. She specializes in painting women. In empty apartments they play with light and shadow, and focuses on the authentic representation of the female body...
© Derek Gores

Recycled Magazines Collage Art / Derek Gores

The New York-born, but now Melbourne-based commercial designer takes old magazines, labels and other materials and recycles them into impressive collage artworks. He hand rips the magazines, maps or schematics and puts them together randomly to create impressive collages focused mostly on women and female fashion...
© Rice University

“Twilight Epiphany” Skyspace Light Art Installation / James Turrell

A work by celebrated American artist James Turrell. This installation consists of a 28' square viewing area, , enclosed by a grass berm and covered by an elevated, The interior space provides a rich, varied experience of the changing light conditions through the oculus. The installation serves as a music performance space for a limited number of people...
© flickr - ugardener

‘Restless Rainbow’ for The Art Institute of Chicago / Pae White

This is a site-specific work on display on the Art Institute's Bluhm Family Terrace.It is called "Restless Rainbow" by the 48 year old California artist Pae White. White uses her graphic design, animation and textiles experience in this colorful abstract piece that wraps around the terrace. The "disorganized rainbow" covers the terrace from the floor to the top of the glass walls...

THE WATER TANK PROJECT / New York City public school students

The Water Tank Project is a landmark public art initiative that will the transform New York skyline in the summer of 2013 by wrapping water tanks across the City with original water-themed art by renowned and emerging artists. Grounded in the inspirational power of public art, the project aims to galvanize a global community to dream big...
A slight accident in a Railway Station - © Julian Beever

3D Street Art / Julian Beever

Julian Beever is an English chalk artist who has been creating trompe-l'œil chalk drawings on pavement surfaces since the mid-1990s. He uses a projection technique called anamorphosis to create the illusion of three dimensions when viewed from the correct angle...
Two Koi 2 - 01 - © Lisa Rodden

Hand Cut Paper Art / Lisa Rodden

Focus on the work of Australian artist Lisa Rodden , specializes in works made ​​of paper and several series in "Paper Art". Cutting and folding a precise and very impressive to make feathers and bones in relief and color. It will be exhibited at the gallery in Sydney Art2Muse from August 8...
© Rolf Dellenbusch

LEGO Bridge / MEGX – Martin Heuwold

German artist, Martin Heuwold, aka Megx, used colored panels to transform this bridge into a vibrant Lego brick overpass. The bridge is part of debunk train line that was converted in to bicycle and pedestrian path located in Wuppertal, Germany...
Campo Santo - 01 - © Horst Gläsker

Art in Architecture / Horst Gläsker

Horst Gläsker lives and works in Düsseldorf, Germany. He has an artist family. He works organizationally and artistically together with his wife Margret Masuch-Gläsker. Their two common children are Louis Gläsker..
© Julien Palast

SkinDeep Photography / Julien Palast

French photographer Julien Palast presents his series of photographs called "Skindeep". A study on the body-object, ephemeral sculptures of the human form. Instant bas reliefs recalling of the classic imagery...