Metro Card Collages / Nina Boesch

Metro Card Collages is the project name of Nina Boesch, German artist, Boesch’s MetroCard Collages series makes use of countless expired and used MetroCards by cutting, composing, and upcycling them into remarkable mosaics of landmarks and iconic figures that are central to the city that never sleeps…

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Metro Card Collages By Nina Boesch - Approaching Train, 2011

Savage Chair & Jute Side Table / JAY Saejung Oh

Korean artist and designer Jay Sae Jung Oh wrapped a collection of everyday plastic objects in jute to create the Savage Chair & Jute Side Table, which aims to make onlookers “reconsider the ordinary”. Her designs and sculptural pieces are often wrapped up in natural materials…

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Savage Chair By JAY Saejung Oh - 04

Carve The Faces Out of Phone Books / Alex Queral

Alex Queral transforms the ordinary phone book into a creative piece of art, carving into its pages funny caricatures of famous people. Any artist with the skill and dexterity, in the production of their art to leave you breathless with admiration, has to be worthy of note The devastating knowledge that one simple slip could ruin countless hours of painstaking effort might put most people off so one has to be lost in admiration of such dedication and talent…

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Carve The Faces Out of Phone Books By Alex Queral - 24

HAND DRAWN Illustrations / Minjae Lee

The incredibly talented artist, Minjae Lee, has kept busy during this year, continuing to amaze us with his incredible colorful illustrations. Lee uses markers, pens, crayons and acrylic to create the drawings, featuring women and characterized by an atmosphere of mystery and drama…

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HAND DRAWN Illustrations By Minjae Lee - 2012, janus

Green Void Installation / LAVA

The Green Void, a temporary sculptural installation in Sydney by LAVA, is the realisation of an organic digital formation. A three dimensional lightweight synthetic structure, based on surface tension, is stretched to fill the atrium’s void, connecting the walls, floor and ceiling. Floating in the void, the installation’s green fabric is mechanically attached to suspended aluminium track profiles…

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Green Void Installation By LAVA - 01

Fluxus lighting Sculpture / Karim Rashid & Michela Vianello for Andromeda

Fluxus, a wavering Murano glass sculpture, is the result of the cooperation between designer Karim Rashid who designed the Knit – individual hand-made glass element – and Artist Michela Vianello. The new artwork made for Italian lightning designers Andromeda is a swinging – illusory – sculpture with an expression of motion…

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Fluxus lighting Sculpture By Karim Rashid & Michela Vianello for Andromeda - 01

‘Water’ Realistic Paintings / Eric Zener

‘Water’ Realistic paintings’s American photorealist artist Eric Zener, underwater painting series is particularly impressive. Not only are his subjects incredibly detailed and life-like, their surroundings are just as impeccable…

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'Water' Realistic Paintings By Eric Zener - floating by

WinterGarden Facade / Studio 505

Melbourne design practice studio 505 has recently seen their highly textured façade for a Brisbane shopping centre come to life. The 4,000 sq m Wintergarden Façade is a complex new steel screening system on the front of a thriving retail hub and looks to engage visitors with its constantly shifting appearance…

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WinterGarden Facade By Studio 505 - 01

Yahoo! 2012 Olympic Games Coverage – Themed Illustrations / Charis Tsevis

Graphics for Yahoo advertising campaign for the coverage of London 2012 Olympiad by Athens, Greece-based visual designer Charis Tsevis, The work created is just drool-worthy, full of colors and positive energy. Tsevis made three images for three different sports (diving, gymnastics and running) with an extra image for running to represent celebration and victory…

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Yahoo! 2012 Olympic Games Coverage - Themed Illustrations by Charis Tsevis - 09
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