Duecentosessanta MQ art pavillion / Simone Bossi

The Italian architect won this year’s 260MQ International Competition, which encourages artists and designers to transform a certain space into something beautiful and useful. Bossi’s Duecentosessanta MQ (Italian for 260 square meters) is a scenic and serene man-made forest and lake in Trento, Italy…

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Duecentosessanta MQ art pavillion By Simone Bossi - 01

Beauty Female Photography / Iain Crawford

London based beauty photographer Iain Crawford’s portfolio is made of beautifully composed images of vibrant colors in movement paired with flawless complexions. He loves to capture images that have a strong graphic and textural quality, often searching out the graphical symmetry in chaos, while still maintaining the personality and emotion of the subject…

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Beauty Female Photography By Iain Crawford - 01

Fine Art Paintings / Andre Kohn

Andre Kohn is a preeminent leader of Figurative Impressionism today. His mature, fresh figurative painting style, portrays the subject through its movements, in a poetic interpretation of the human figure, finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. With his unmistakable pallet, style and interpretation of form, Andre Kohn is one of the most collected figurative painters on the American art scene today…

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Fine Art Paintings By Andre Kohn - 01

Paper Art Sculpture / Matthew Shlian

Matthew Shlian’s artwork is sculptural and highly technical. Shlian uses a variety of techniques to cut, folded and reconstruct the paper into geometric shapes which are then painstakingly assembled into intricate lattices or sweeping planes. The finished work combines micro-level complexity and macro-level simplicity, balancing the two in a pleasing, minimal aesthetic…

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Paper Art Sculpture By Matthew Shlian - 01

On The Roof ‘Cloud City’ / Tomas Saraceno

The installation by Saraceno on the rooftop of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York explores the possibility of a utopian city free from the physical constraints of the ground below. Visitors may enter and walk through the cluster of habitat-like, modular structures…

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On The Roof 'Cloud City' By Tomas Saraceno - 24

Explosive Colorful Portraits Paintings / Francoise Nielly

Françoise Nielly’s painting is expressive, exhibiting a brute force, a fascinating vital energy. Oil and knife combine tsculpt her images from a material that is, at the same time, biting and incisive, charnel and sensual. Whether she paints the human body or portraits, the artist takes a risk : her painting is sexual, her colors free, exuberant, surprising, even explosive, the cut of her knife incisive, her color pallet dazzling…

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Explosive Colorful Portraits Paintings By Francoise Nielly - 32

Digital art & Photo-illustration / Marcela Bolívar

Colombian artist Marcela Bolívar is an illustrator and digital artist based in Cali, Colombia. Marcela has focused in digital art and photo manipulation since 2004. Her artworks all based on photographs go through a heavy process of transformation, assemblage and detail that puts them closer to a pictorial expression…

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Digital art & Photo-illustration By Marcela Bolívar - Mercury I 01

‘FANTASMAGORIK’ Fantastic Digital Art / Nicolas Obery

FANTASMAGORIK is an ongoing digital art series by Nicolas Obery, He is a French Art Director, Digital Artist and Graphic Designer living in Paris, France. His digital paintings contain unique characters and portraits created from brush strokes. The flowery appendages and superfluous eyeballs is a common pattern used in his artwork…

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'FANTASMAGORIK' Fantastic Digital Art By Nicolas Obery - ADIDAS® EYEWEAR 01

Metro Card Collages / Nina Boesch

Metro Card Collages is the project name of Nina Boesch, German artist, Boesch’s MetroCard Collages series makes use of countless expired and used MetroCards by cutting, composing, and upcycling them into remarkable mosaics of landmarks and iconic figures that are central to the city that never sleeps…

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Metro Card Collages By Nina Boesch - Approaching Train, 2011
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