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MushLume Lighting Collection / Danielle Trofe Design

The Mush-Lume lighting collection is GROWN, not manufactured, from mushrooms! Danielle Trofe teamed up with Ecovative Design to harness their patented growing process and bring this innovative material science to the lighting industry. Combining mushroom mycelium with agricultural waste to create an organic, sustainable and biodegradable lamp shade...

Bolt Sconce / hollis+morris

Taking inspiration from one of nature’s most awe-inspiring displays of light. This striking statement piece makes for a bold solution to lighting. The Bolt Sconce is part of the hollis+morris Shapes Collection. Handmade in North America. Solid wood, LED, & nickel plated hardware...

Kubis Collection / Levantin Design

Kubis is a collection of lamps designed by Ukrainian designer "Sergey Lvov" of Levantin Design studio. The collection still chic concept by using lines that turned into a cross-shaped three-dimensional as ever. whose philosophy is to try to modern forms of education from the perspective of the new reality...

Fan Lamps / Mema Designs

Johannesburg-based studio Mema Designs has been hard at work in producing its latest range of high-quality lighting products. The standout design of the Ukhamba collection is the delicate yet robust Fan Lamp. The material has dynamic reflective characteristics which give the piece a weightless, veil like quality...

Oda Lamp / Sebastian Herkner for Pulpo

Oda for Pulpo. The studio Sebastian Herkner showcased the whole Oda collection with German manufacturer Pulpo, Each glass is unique. Small bubbles and streaks, as well as minor variations in color and size, are characteristic of handmade glass and are not flaws of design or manufacture.

Wings lamps / Haim Evgi Design Studio

Israeli designer Haim Evgi has created a series of lighting fixtures called ‘Wings’, made of oak with a single bulb within. As the name suggests, the lights are inspired by the different bird wings. The collection includes table lamp, floor lamp and ceiling lamp. Shade made of solid oak; can illuminate up and down or left and right. Body is made of iron pipe powder paint finish...

Organic Pendent light / NEO design studios

The marriage between cork and ceramic. ORGANIC is the fusion between two organic materials in a unique composition. The dramatic draped cork leather over a glazed ceramic shell gives this lighting an extraordinary expression and movement...

25Lamp / Kovac Family

25Lamp, A lovely wooden lantern that packs flat and fans out. Camilla Kovac is the force behind Sweden-based, eco-friendly design institution The Kovac Family. On a mission to create a completely natural light source, Camilla and her team create sustainable lamps that are inspired by their natural surrounds in Sweden...

Superloon Floor Light / Jasper Morrison for Flos

Superloon by Jasper Morrison. It gives a broad and diffused glow, but can also change colour temperature from warm to cold depending on one’s mood. Ideal as ambient light or a reading lamp, the intensity and colour temperature of the Superloon can be controlled using the optical sensor located on one of the legs of the tripod base. The change in colour temperature through the dimming range is achieved through the 'Warm Tone Dimming'...

Petite Collection / Seppo Koho for Secto Design

The Petite family are designed by award-winning architect Seppo Koho, shares the same feeling as the traditional Secto collection, only in a smaller size. Both the table and wall versions are adjustable and they turn gently pointing light where you need it. The Secto Petite collection consists of pendant, table and wall lights. Both the wall and table lights are adjustable as their shades turn gently pointing light where you need it the most...

Loop lighting collection / Keren Shiker

Loop lighting collection by Keren Shiker - The lighting fixture comes as a long flexible tube that can be twisted to a wide variety of loops and therefore direct the light to the desired area. The lighting fixture made of a flexible sponge tube in a 2 meters length, covered with colorful fabric...

Mountain View / Dima Loginoff for Axo Light

Mountain View, designed by Russian designer Dima Loginoff for Axo Light, is not just a light but rather a true work of art: inspired by nature, Mountain View is a captivating interior design item. Intended as a suspension lamp, Mountain View is a single piece of blown glass...