Gridlock 1 & 2 Collection / Philippe Malouin

Gridlock 1 By Philippe Malouin - gridlock 1 collection

Designer Philippe Malouin presented a collection of furniture inspired by architectural cross-braces. Called Gridlock 1 & 2, The collection of prototypes includes lighting and a low table…

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Pally stool for kids / Laura Vainola

Pally stool for kids By Laura Vainola - 02

Designer Laura Vainola has created colorful and creative chair that bring back us to childhood. Called Pally Chair it’s made of pegs and a holder…

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ULL Knit Mobile Cabinets / Beril Cicek

Knit Mobile Cabinets By Beril Cicek - 01

Turkish designer Beril Cicek went to Iceland and became fascinated by those big bulky Icelandic sweaters. In response, she created this set of moveable furniture and showed it at the Stockholm Furniture Fair to great acclaim…

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Skin Collection / Studio Pepe Heykoop

Skin Collection By Studio Pepe Heykoop - 05

The (up to) 30 percent waste of leather in the furniture industry triggered Pepe Heykoop to make something beautiful out of it. The project is composed of leather scraps turned into random skin patterns…

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KERAMOS Cabinet / Coprodotto

KERAMOS Cabinet By Coprodotto - 02

The Keramos cabinets by Adriano Design and La Castellamonte (Coprodotto) are sure to shake up the atmosphere in any living space…

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Reborn Cardboard Sofa / Monocomplex

Reborn Cardboard Sofa By Monocomplex - 01

Korean based monocomplex design studio has produced a’ reborn cardboard sofa’ out of 127 recycled pieces of card…

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Chair 23D / Gustav Düsing

Chair 23D By Gustav Düsing - 01

Led by the idea of flat packaging and easy assemblage, the single elements of this chair are planar and designed to be slotted into each other, without the necessity of any glue or screws…

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Living Sails / DVELAS

TRIMMER chair By DVELAS - 01

They are designed so as to reflect upon the original function of the sail and they are inspired by sailing techniques, the way the boats are constructed and the poetry of the sea itself…

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KONOHA / Toyo Ito for Sancal

KONOHA By Toyo Ito for Sancal - 01

Part of the new collection from Sancal, Konoha by Japanese architect Toyo Ito is a unique bench designed to encourage interaction…

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