Tall Furniture / Robert Douglas Turek

TALL FURNITURE By Robert Douglas Turek - 02

Robert Douglas Turek created a new system for live performance. These sculpture-furniture-objects are condensed stages for each performer. By spreading the stage into multiple focal points, the audience is deeply immersed in the performance…

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Felt & Gravity Collection / Amy Hunting Studio

Felt & Gravity Collection By Amy Hunting Studio - 01

London-based Norwegian rising design star Amy Hunting uses an unusual combination of Douglas fir, 100% wool, solid brass and gravity for her collection of made-to-order Felt & Gravity Collection…

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Full Moon Chairs & Spun Series / Justin and Glenn Lamont for matilda

Full Moon Chairs & Spun Series By Justin and Glenn Lamont for matilda - spun dining table & spun stools - 03

Justin and Glenn Lamont of design team LifeSpaceJourney has put together a zesty recipe of style and personality into his collection called the “Full Moon Chairs & Spun Series” Each of it has a colorfully painted metal seat.These beauties are sure to brighten up the atmosphere of any living space…

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NARA Series / a Studio – Shin Azumi for Fredericia

NARA Series By a Studio - Shin Azumi for Fredericia - 01

NARA / Series of Furniture including Dining Chair, Barstool, Table, Coat Stand Produced by Fredericia Furniture, Denmark Design by Shin Azumi…

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Jumpseat Auditorium Seating / Ziba Design

Jumpseat Auditorium Seating By Ziba Design - 01

The JumpSeat is a low-profile folding seat, designed to fit in an auditorium with unusually narrow risers, and complimentary of a minimalist interior. It offers an elegant, modern alternative to the typical movie theater or stadium seat…

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Rising Chair & Table / Robert van Embricqs

Rising Table By Robert van Embricqs - 02

Dutch designer Robert van Embricqs has created a rising table that finds its roots from the rising chair. The origin of this design can be traced back to the simple idea of starting with a flat surface that is capable of transforming into a piece of stylish and designer furniture…

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Psych Cabinet / Vivian Chiu

Psych Cabinet By Vivian Chiu - 01

The concept of this cabinet is to deceive the users by exploring and contrasting the exterior and interior…

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Highstack Cabinet & Lowstack Bench / allt

Highstack Cabinet & Lowstack Bench By allt - 01

Peter Simoník designer studio Allt Slovakia has created two pieces of furniture based on stacking the wood, and they are Highstack Lowstack.Cabinet and the bank are inspired by the storage timber in saw mills and warehouses, using pieces of wood are generated pretty gross domestic objects…

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Inception Chair / Vivian Chiu

Inception Chair By Vivian Chiu - 02

Inception Chair designed by Vivian Chiu looks interesting and unusual. Vivian Chiu has created a visual illusion incorporating multiple chair frames into an Inception Chair design…

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