Nub Collection / Patricia Urquiola for Andreu World

Nub Collection By Patricia Urquiola for Andreu World-01

Patricia Urquiola’s Nub chair Collection, a contemporary take on the classic Windsor chair. The solid beech structures are made from reforested 100% sustainable wood, the only kind used by andreu world. steel or wood legs hold up the seat and over-sized back, resulting in unusual but playful proportions. The clean and classic design of the chair back that is featured throughout the collection is timeless and will continue to remain so for a long time…

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Live Edge Solid Antique Reclaimed Wood Furniture / Sentient Furniture

American Black Walnut Live Edge Coffee Table-01

The designers at SENTIENT pride themselves with their original ideas, designs and art design furniture. Its almost easy to forget that these pieces may at the same time be a beautiful piece of luxury furniture. Nothing makes this statement clearer than the American black walnut live edge slab dining table…

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Sustainable and eco-friendly Furniture collection / From the Source

Sustainable and eco-friendly Furniture collection By From the Source-63-group 05

From the Source, as someone who is interested in woodworking and just the beauty in naturally finished products, it’s a really cool place to check out. They make furniture using different types of wood. It’s all handmade and it highlights the natural beauty through simplicity. Sanding and clear coats of sealant that showcase the grain while bringing out the natural colors…

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Modern Colorful Victorian Style Furniture Collection / POLaRT Design

Modern Colorful Victorian Style Furniture Collection By POLaRT Design - Group 15

POLaRT Design, a specialty furniture designer from Mexico, offers modern furniture and accent pieces that are all this and more, with breathtaking takes on classical furnishings made with brightly colored polyresin, perfect for a statement piece that will really wow. Brightly colored piece of modern furniture like this sassy Side Table is a great way to add stellar visual interest to your space. POLaRT is a unique expression…

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Clay & Plain Clay Collection / Maarten Baas for DH PH

Clay & Plain Clay Collection By Maarten Baas for DH PH - Clay Collection

Dutch designer Maarten Baas has designed a variety of furniture pieces entitled Clay & Plain Clay for Den Herder Production House (DHPH). Each piece is made from steel and wrapped in synthetic clay moulded by hand. With this, a unique and one-of-a-kind piece is created as no two are identical. Drawing on his previous clay series, Baas reworks his original idea of creating furniture from steel and clay. Here, Baas uses pigmented clay that creates a more matt-like finish…

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Soho Collection / Boca Do Lobo

Soho Collection By Boca Do Lobo - 00 - SOHO collection

BOCA DO LOBO – Exclusive Design is a furniture design Brand that amazingly combines the old techniques and arts of working wood and gives them a futurist and twisted re-interpretation. A great team of Designers and Artisans working together is what makes Boca do Lobo products authentic pieces of art…

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‘CARRY ON’ stool / Mattias Stenberg for Offecct

'CARRY ON' stool By Mattias Stenberg for Offecct - 01

Carry On is a portable seating solution produced by OFFECCT that works perfectly by itself but also as a complement to other products. Carry On is designed by Mattias Stenberg who has a strong belief in the need of flexible working places in the public space. Today we work more in projects and need environments that can be easily adapted to different needs…

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Parabola Chair / Carlo Aiello Design

Parabola Chair By Carlo Aiello Design - 01

Los Angeles architect Carlo Aiello’s “Parabola Chair.” Though it’s geometry curves in two directions, all of the chair’s components are straight and simple to manufacture. Parabola Chair design which recently won him the prestigious International Contemporary Furniture Fair Studio Award…

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Liquid Glacial Tables / Zaha Hadid for David Gill Galleries

Liquid Glacial Tables By Zaha Hadid for David Gill Galleries - 01

The Liquid Glacial Table by Zaha Hadid is one stunning piece of furniture. The table design embeds surface complexity and refraction within a powerful fluid dynamic. The elementary geometry of the flat table top appears transformed from static to fluid by the subtle waves and ripples evident below the surface, while the table’s legs seem to pour from the horizontal in a vortex of frozen water…

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