‘Recreate’ Recycled Furniture Collection / Katie Thompson

'Recreate' Recycled Furniture Collection By Katie Thompson - Suitcase Coffee Table

Katie Thompson is a designer from South Africa whose passion for transformation of old into something new lead to the birth of ‘Recreate’ recycled furniture collection. Using old broken things that either lost their functionality or appeal Katie Thompson creates her recycled furniture giving the old things new life and even new function…

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Amateur Master Arm Chair / Jerszy Seymour for NgispeN

Amateur Master Arm Chair By Jerszy Seymour for NgispeN - 01

The ‘Amateur Masters’ series made for NGispeN and connected by the long friendship of Jerszy Seymour and Richard Hutten, is produced by hand at Jerszy Seymour Design Workshop in Berlin. The Amateur master arm is Seymours interpretation of the DAW Eames chair…

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Hush Pod Chair / Freyja Sewell

Hush Pod Chair By Freyja Sewell - 01

London-based designer Freya Sewell made from 100% wool felt with cushions stuffed with recycled wool fibres, making it a very green product. It can either be sat inside, creating a womb-like environment, or turned into a chair to be sat upon. “A Seating Pod For Anyone Who Wants To Hide From The World”…

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Juliet Armchair / Benjamin Hubert design for Poltrona Frau

Juliet Armchair By Benjamin Hubert design for Poltrona Frau - 08

This beautiful leather armchair called “Juliet” was created by London based industrial designer Benjamin Hubert for Italian brand Poltrona Frau. Juliet was inspired by sleeves with puffed shoulders on Italian Renaissance clothing.The Juliet chair features leather stretched over the base to expose the wooden frame underneath, while the seat is covered in squashy leather pleated in a triangular pattern…

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Gravity Stool / Jólan van der Wiel

Gravity Stool By Jólan van der Wiel - 01

Gravity Stool by dutch designer jólan van der wiel is on show as part of imm cologne 2012’s [D³] talents programme. the project takes into consideration the laws of physics, departing from the idea that everything is influenced by gravitation. for the series, van der wiel manipulates this natural phenomenon which has a strong shaping effect, exploiting its own power: magnetism…

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Cabbage Chair / Nendo

Cabbage Chair By Nendo - 01

The Cabbage Chair by Nendo is produced using recycled paper from the pleated fabric industry. The paper is rolled into a cylinder and cut down the middle, allowing the pages to be peeled back, creating a custom seat…

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Jacob Bookcase / Alessandra Clark & Nuno FS for Mameluca Design

Jacob Bookcase By Alessandra Clark & Nuno FS for Mameluca Design - 01

The bookcase was inspired by the Jacob’s Ladder toy – you know, the one from childhood where wood blocks are held together by ribbon? Made from five square wood frames that are joined with nylon strips, the piece can be configured in more ways than you could imagine…

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Animal – Vegetable – Mineral / Yaron Hirsch

Animal - Vegetable - Mineral By Yaron Hirsch - 01

Animal – Vegetable – Mineral by israeli designer Yaron Hirsch. In this project, the damage of the caterpillars to the tree is translated to functional and aesthetic elements. The life of the tree, the caterpillars behavior and the filler material are all foundations in creating the group of objects…

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‘Flux’ Chairs Flat-pack Furniture / Douwe Jacobs & Tom Schouten

'Flux' Chairs Flat-pack Furniture By Douwe Jacobs & Tom Schouten - 05

Inspired by the work of paper artists, Dutch designers Tom Schouten and Douwe Jacobs spied an opportunity: the one-piece, foldable designer chair. More than just a big concept, the Flux Chair and Flux Junior are made from single sheets of polypropylene, produced on an injection mould the size of two buses. They’re colourful, practical and very cool…

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