Design of Love / Graziano Moro & Renato Pignatti

Design of Love By Graziano Moro & Renato Pignatti - 03

Design of Love by Italian designers Graziano Moro and Renato Pignatti, thinking of the LOVE that colored her life: was it Pink, Red, Purple, White, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue or Black? And they realized that LOVE was not a matter of shades, but a rainbow of colors that will shine ever after…

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Sofa So Good / Puff&Flock

Sofa So Good By Puff&Flock - 01

‘Sofa So Good’ by Amelie Labarthe and Elisabeth Buecher (Puff& Flock),..Imagine your sofa could hug you after a hard day at work…Imagine combing the cushions’ silky hair into the most daring hairstyles, or even your favourite scents embedded in little patches on the back cushion.The character sofa is here…

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La Clinica Collection / Ciszak & Dalmas

LA CLINICA COLLECTION By Ciszak & Dalmas - 13

Alberto Gobbino Ciszak and Andrea Caruso Dalmas of Ciszak Dalmas are the two masterminds behind the project “La Clinica” a collection of handcrafted furniture produced.Each product of the collection is fresh, efficient, natural and unique. La Clinica is based on the idea of connecting young designers and experienced artisans combining new visions with centuries-old know-how…

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A Furniture Project / Fien Muller & Hannes Van Severen

A Furniture Project By Fien Muller & Hannes Van Severen - 12

Fien Muller (photographer) and Hannes Van Severen (artist) launch a furniture collection. Clear-cut storage boxes, tables, racks and lamps that refer to – in their pure form – the work of Donald Judd and Bauhaus, but embrace the lush adornment in their completion and combination…

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PIXEL cabinet By BOCA DO LOBO - 01

Pixel Cabinet from Portuguese furniture brand Boca Do Lobo steals your heart from first glance.It is our tribute of the joint effort between the design and manual skill of the craftsman.Its playful elegance is captured in the shape and color palette, challenging you to admire the beautiful mixture of design and craftsmanship…

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Floating Bed / John Huff

Floating Bed By John Huff - 01

John Huff, the inventor, has created many new and useful products, including food and nutritional products, self-development products, and other general products.He has created a physiological or psychological state of rest and relaxation…

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Post Design Collection 2012 / Atelier Biagetti

Post Design Collection 2012 By Atelier Biagetti - 13

Italian designer Alberto Biagetti, called Post Design Collection 2012, it’s somewhere between art & design, it’s a visual feast. Beautifully proportioned pieces with a sense of balance, exploring ideas of opaque and transparent, suspended on truss like frames, dipped in fantastic colours…

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Bell Table / Sebastian Herkner For ClassiCon

Bell Table By Sebastian Herkner For ClassiCon - coffee table & side table 11

The Bell Table by German product designer Sebastian Herkner is a furniture piece that fuses aesthetics with function. Decorative and delicately designed, this table is a compact and colorful option for any design-savvy home…

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SOLO Collection / Nitzan Cohen for Mattiazzi

SOLO Collection By Nitzan Cohen for Mattiazzi - chair 11

Solo is a furniture group including a stacking chair, cafe table, and stool. One of the first products by Mattiazzi, a new Italian brand created by Italian woodworkers who have manufactured furniture for other companies for more than 30 years, Solo is the design of Munich-based Studio Nitzan Cohen…

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