Cloud House By McBride Charles Ryan Architects - 01

Cloud House / McBride Charles Ryan Architects

The Cloud House is an addition and renovation to a double-fronted Edwardian house in Fitzroy North. Over the course of close to a century, this house has received several additions and modifications. McBride Charles Ryan’s work for the house is designed in three parts. This allows for a sequence of distinct and unexpected episodes, with glimpses previewing oncoming spaces and experiences as you move through the home…

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Garoza House 10.1 By Herreros Arquitectos - 00

Garoza House 10.1 / Herreros Arquitectos

Spanish architects Herreros Arquitectos have completed phase one of what Avi Friedman called a Grow Home, which he defined as “a quality product that allows both the perimeter and interior of a house to be expanded and changed to fit the space needs and budget of its owners. Frills are extra.” It is a prefab built with simple, cheap materials, inside and out…

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Casa solare By studio Albori - 04

Casa solare / studio Albori

Casa Solare was designed by milan-based practice Studio Albori, located 5,700 ft above sea level in the Italian Alps, in the village of Vens in the Val D’Aosta region. This sustainable architecture building is designed to gain maximum solar energy to provide for the entire house…

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Lakeside Chicken Point Cabin By Olson Kundig Architects - 01

Lakeside Chicken Point Cabin / Olson Kundig Architects

Olson Kundig Architects idea for the Chicken Point Cabin was to create a lakeside shelter in the woods. This nifty little cabin features a large 9 x 6 m window that opens to the surrounding landscape. They used unfinished low maintenance Materials like,concrete block, steel, concrete floors and plywood…

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Brad Pitt's New Orleans project Unveils House Design By Frank Gehry - 01

Brad Pitt’s New Orleans project Unveils House Design / Frank Gehry

Brad Pitt enlisted architect Frank Gehry as one of the designers for his Make It Right Foundation, an initiative to build new homes in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward following the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005…

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Toda House By Office of Kimihiko Okada - 02

Toda House / Office of Kimihiko Okada

Designed by Tokyo-based architect – Office of Kimihiko Okada, a single family residence in Hiroshima, Japan. Positioned on a perch like a bird’s nest, this house is raised on stilts to give panoramic views of the beautiful Inland Sea and Miyajima…

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The Brain By Olson Kundig Architects - 01

The Brain / Olson Kundig Architects

The building designed by Olson Kundig Architects,The project designed for one of their clients, a local filmmaker who wanted a space where he could work through his ideas in zen-like peace and harmony…

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Eilbek Canal Boat House By Sprenger Von Der Lippe - 01

Eilbek Canal Boat House / Sprenger Von Der Lippe

The Houseboat on the Eilbek Canal by german practice – Sprenger von der Lippe is a seamless juxtaposition of a secluded, outdoor environment with a contemporarily designed facade and interior layout. As the title implies, the design is a floating residence that aligns the floor level along the water with a spacious living room…

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Sorrento House By Robert Mills Architects - 01

Sorrento House / Robert Mills Architects

Sorrento House by Robert Mills Architects,This a contemporary Palladian villa that unashamedly takes its lead from the great seaside villas but adds an ultra-modernist twist. Sorrento showcases the core ingredients of modern Rob Mills design: a monochromatic palette of exposed concrete and honed basalt…

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