La Canada Mid Century By Jamie Bush & Co - 03

La Canada Mid Century (Meyerhofer Residence) / Jamie Bush & Co.

This Bush Interiors project is a ground up 5,000 square foot glass, steel, redwood and stone modern house set in the foothills of La Canada Flintridge, California. The house was based on its mid century predecessor which was in poor condition and fell apart over time. The owners loved the original house so much that they spent six years creating an homage to the original but with major aesthetic and technological improvements…

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OS House By Johnsen Schmaling Architects - 03

OS House / Johnsen Schmaling Architects

Occupying a narrow infill lot in an old city neighborhood at the edge of Lake Michigan, this LEED Platinum home for a young family demonstrates how a small residence built with a moderate budget can become a confident, new urban constituent. The compact building volume is wrapped with an innovative concrete rain screen facade system that transforms into a delicate scrim of metal rods defining the perimeter of upper level outdoor rooms. Floor-to ceiling apertures penetrate the rain screen, their bright colors an unapologetic nod to the cheerful polychrome of the neighborhood’s Victorian homes…

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'Naust paa Aure' Boathouse By TYIN tegnestue Architects - 01

‘Naust paa Aure’ Boathouse / TYIN tegnestue Architects

This beautifully simple boathouse in the remote Aure Kommune region is the work of local Norwegian architects TYIN tegnestue. Commissioned to replace an outdated and broken-down boathouse, the design studio embarked on a mission to reuse as much physical material from the existing building as possible…

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Mirador House By 2.8x arquitectos - 01

Mirador House / 2.8x arquitectos

The house was designed by 2.8X architects, located in Lima, Peru. This house occupies a steep ground so requires a special design, especially in the car park and the scenery in the neighborhood. The main objective of the customer, an elderly woman, is to start a new phase in his life and feel the atmosphere of renewal and modernity…

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Memory House By A-cero - 01

Memory House / A-cero

The Memory House is another powerful project adding to the impressive portfolio of architecture studio A-cero, led by Joaquin Torres & Rafael Llamazares. The residence was carefully embedded within the pines and oaks “inhabiting” the construction site and displays a bold exterior, defined by white marble, bamboo wood and curving shapes…

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Casa TOC By Elias Rizo Arquitectos - 01

Casa TOC / Elias Rizo Arquitectos

This singular vacation house is located near Tapalpa in a secluded wooded area. The house adapts to its context through two rectangular volumes that define the usage areas. The first volume is where all daytime activities happen; the entrance, dining room, kitchen, living room, and terrace. This volume is elevated, generating a dialog with the surrounding forest…

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Wind-Dyed House By acaa - Kazuhiko Kishimoto - 08

Wind-Dyed House / acaa – Kazuhiko Kishimoto

This residence commands a sweeping view of the ocean from its perch on the steep hills that lead down to Sagami Bay in Kanagawa Prefecture, central Japan. In order to minimize the home’s visual impact on the rich natural landscape surrounding it, the architects kept the structure low and molded it to the contours of the land…

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House at Big Hill By Kerstin Thompson Architects - 01

House at Big Hill / Kerstin Thompson Architects

High on a hill, above the legendary Great Ocean Road, and overlooking the magnificent Bass Strait, is a new, very quietly calm house by Kerstin Thompson Architects. The clients requested a “solid house”, and the building does answer that desire, with a simple palette of oiled timbers and concrete block walls…

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HUS-1 By Torsten Ottesjö Architect - 08

HUS-1 / Torsten Ottesjö Architect

Hus-1 is a small house designed and built by Torsten Ottesjö. The building was constructed on site. The idea is a dwelling as personification. The dwelling features convex walls which seam together with the floor creating both a sense of airiness and a naturally curved seating space along the sides of the interior…

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