Luz House By ARQUITECTURA-G-01-Jose Hevia


Luz House, a single-family house born from the transformation of an existing structure in the Spanish town of Cilleros. Luz House transforms the existing house of Mrs. Luz Almeida in order to maximize natural light and provide an outdoor space. The architects used the low budget and physically tight constraints of the project to their advantage, empyting the interior of the house, arranging the new house around a central courtyard, and leaving the stone façades and rammed-earth party walls…

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Dune House Terschelling By Marc Koehler architects-02-Filip Dujardin

Dune House Terschelling / Marc Koehler architects

A home that fits in with the dune landscape on Terschelling island in The Netherlands. designed by Marc Koehler Architects, “The design is based on a walk through the dune landscape, where you alternately encounter closed and open spaces at different levels.” He has translated that experience into a large open space, divided into a dozen split levels that spiral around the central fireplace. The roof and façade have been given the same wooden look that matches the color of the dunes. “Dune House is a wooden diamond”…

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Element House By MOS Architects-01-Florian Holzherr

Element House / MOS Architects

Element House was designed by Hilary Sample and Michael Meredith of New York–based MOS Architects and is uniquely suited to its off-the-grid location in New Mexico’s Chihuahuan Desert. The homes would be completely “off the grid,” operating independently of traditional utility services. The pre-fabricated modules, limited to a footprint of 1500 square feet maximum, would follow strict LEED design criteria…

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HOUSE house By Andrew Maynard Architects-01-Peter Bennetts

HOUSE house / Andrew Maynard Architects

HOUSE House by Andrew Maynard Architects has linked two terraced homes in the Richmond suburb of Melbourne, Australia, by adding a periscope-shaped extension with a special area for two generations of the same family who live next door to each other. The red cedar-clad extension sits at 90 degrees to the original Victorian terrace and includes a house-shaped graphic at street level to encourage graffiti artists to leave the timber alone…

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Brillhart House By Brillhart Architecture-01-Stefani Fachini

Brillhart House / Brillhart Architecture

Brillhart House of Brillhart Architecture’s elevated, 1,500-square-foot house provides a tropical refuge in the heart of Downtown Miami. It includes 100 feet of uninterrupted glass spanning the full length of both the front and rear facades and four sets of sliding glass doors that allow the house to be entirely open when desired…

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Marlboro Music Cottages By HGA Architects and Engineers-01-Paul Crosby

Marlboro Music Cottages / HGA Architects and Engineers

Marlboro Music Cottages, These five cottages serve as residences for senior musicians during Marlboro College’s seven-week summer festival, The small footprints, sloped roofs, compact volumes, and indigenous materials fit snuggly into the lush Vermont landscape of rolling hills and streams and respond in a modern contextual way to the farm buildings on Marlboro College’s campus…

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Tresarca House By assemblageSTUDIO & Designlush-01-Bill Timmerman

Tresarca House / assemblageSTUDIO + Designlush

A single-family house outside Las Vegas, Nevada, designed by assemblageSTUDIO. A mesh-covered second story sits above the solid walls of the house’s first floor and cantilevers beyond it to create a shaded patio appropriate to the desert climate. Tresarca is a showcase of organic, nevada haven Tresarca is a sophisticated, modern structure with formal drought-resistant gardens desert oasis modern design that fuses function and form…

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Montee Karp Residence By Patrick Tighe Architecture-01

Montee Karp Residence / Patrick Tighe Architecture

Montee Karp Residence, Malibu by Patrick Tighe Architecture, Located on a hillside site in Malibu overlooking the Pacific Ocean, this 2,200sqft home is the result of an extensive remodelling of an existing home in need of an upgrade. The front facade extends inwards to define the interior spaces creating a forced perspective, framing the extraordinary views out to the Santa Monica Bay…

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Tree House By 6a Architects-01-Johan Dehlin

Tree House / 6a Architects

This Tree house design by London-based 6a Architects is a timber-clad, curving extension to an existing 1830’s cottage. The architects used reclaimed timber to match the facades with the tree’s material quality and blend the house into the surrounding garden…

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