Montee Karp Residence By Patrick Tighe Architecture-01

Montee Karp Residence / Patrick Tighe Architecture

Montee Karp Residence, Malibu by Patrick Tighe Architecture, Located on a hillside site in Malibu overlooking the Pacific Ocean, this 2,200sqft home is the result of an extensive remodelling of an existing home in need of an upgrade. The front facade extends inwards to define the interior spaces creating a forced perspective, framing the extraordinary views out to the Santa Monica Bay…

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Tree House By 6a Architects-01-Johan Dehlin

Tree House / 6a Architects

This Tree house design by London-based 6a Architects is a timber-clad, curving extension to an existing 1830’s cottage. The architects used reclaimed timber to match the facades with the tree’s material quality and blend the house into the surrounding garden…

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Invisible House By Peter Stutchbury Architecture-01-Michael Nicholson

Invisible House / Peter Stutchbury Architecture

The completed stunning ‘Invisible House’ by Peter Stutchbury, Invisible House is located on the western edge of the eastern mountain range of Australia, seamlessly integrating into its surrounds. The rusty steel boxes recall old farm equipment; the undulating curves of the roof slab emulate the rhythm of the encompassing hills; and the flooded roof reflects the sky…

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Cliff House By MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects-01-Greg Richardson

Cliff House / MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects

Cliff House in Halifax which, true to its name, overhangs a bedrock cliff. The 960-square-foot cabin, designed by MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects, is simplistic and built of light timber, making it both affordable and sustainable. Because of its location, perched atop a cliff, the box-shaped wooden structure offers a stunning view of the sea…

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Cabin 2 By Maddison Architects-01-William Watt

Cabin 2 / Maddison Architects

Cabin 2 By Maddison Architects, Extending an existing 1960s log cabin, the new architecture is informed by and embedded into the landscape via the folding roof that reiterates the topography. This acts as a new type of landform continuous of the prevailing wind forces shaping the surrounding contorted Moonah trees, while the internal volume directly references the roof…

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Blooming Bamboo home By H&P Architects-01-Doan Thanh Ha

Blooming Bamboo home / H&P Architects

The bamboo house project called “Blooming Bamboo Home”, which can survive natural disasters in Vietnam, was designed by H&P Architects. As one of the top three countries most vulnerable to natural disasters, living with floods is a difficult reality for many in Vietnam. Aiming to create a structure that can survive floodwaters…

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Narigua House By P_0 Arquitectura-01-Sofia Flores Chapa

Narigua House / P+0 Arquitectura

Red concrete house by Mexican architect David Pedroza, P+0 Arquitectura this Narigua house in the mountains in Northern Mexico. The idea was to adapt the architecture to the environment and to use bigger volume. Three main outdoor open blocks were developed with multiple decks…

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#House#1.130 By estudio.entresitio-01-Roland Halbe

#House#1.130 / estudio.entresitio

#house#1.130 is a minimalist house located in Madrid, Spain, designed by Estudio.Entresitio. A house on a tight suburban site provides a series of choreographed views through landscaped spaces and pavilion-like rooms…

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HOUSE H36 By MBA-S Matthias Bauer Associates-01-Roland Halbe

HOUSE H36 / MBA/S Matthias Bauer Associates

The house on the hillside exudes both openness and security. Monolithic of insulating concrete and glass he joins as beneficial special module in the context of the stock. Including the outdoor spaces and with views of the city creates a family house with spacious and flexible utility…

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