© Sofia Flores Chapa

Narigua House / P+0 Arquitectura

Red concrete house by Mexican architect David Pedroza, P+0 Arquitectura this Narigua house in the mountains in Northern Mexico. The idea was to adapt the architecture to the environment and to use bigger volume. Three main outdoor open blocks were developed with multiple decks...
© Roland Halbe

#House#1.130 / estudio.entresitio

#house#1.130 is a minimalist house located in Madrid, Spain, designed by Estudio.Entresitio. A house on a tight suburban site provides a series of choreographed views through landscaped spaces and pavilion-like rooms...
© Roland Halbe

HOUSE H36 / MBA/S Matthias Bauer Associates

The house on the hillside exudes both openness and security. Monolithic of insulating concrete and glass he joins as beneficial special module in the context of the stock. Including the outdoor spaces and with views of the city creates a family house with spacious and flexible utility...
© Jeremy Bittermann

Sun Valley Residence / Rick Joy Architects

This all-season home occupies a 1.5 acre, west facing site in Sun Valley, Idaho. The house was strategically designed by Rick Joy Architects and positioned to maximize visual access to nearly 360 degree views. Modern Sun Valley house built on a bluff overlooking Baldy Mountain. A cozy vacation home with exposed granite and tough geometry form...
© Søren Harder Nielsen

Split View Mountain Lodge Norway / Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

This holiday home has a clear and clean-cut expression. located near the village of Geilo, a popular skiing destination in the valley Hallingdal, Norway, and designed by Oslo firm Reiulf Ramstad, Split View Mountain Lodge is a timber-clad holiday home that makes the most of natural materials while respecting its pristine surroundings...

Casa 103 / ultramarino – marlene uldschmidt arquitecta

Casa 103 is a minimalist house located in Algarve, Portugal, designed by Ultramarino. The residence is located in a historical center of a fishing village, with layers of internal and external glass partitions that allow natural light through each of the rooms...
© Hiroyuki Oki

House for Trees / Vo Trong Nghia Architects

House for Trees made up of five small linked blocks, aims to reconnect Ho Chi Minh City dwellers with nature. A new family residence by Vo Trong Nghia Architects in Vietnam's capital city, The house not only gives up part of the surface of the lot to create a garden, going against the trend of maximising land use, but returns to the vegetation the space occupied by the footprint of the house with a green roof...
© Michael Moser

IBA Soft House / Kennedy & Violich Architecture

The Soft House, designed by Kennedy & Violich Architecture, uses its dynamic textile façade to harness sunlight in a versatile and smart way, while its solid wood construction makes it a model of sustainable construction. Each of its four family-friendly, three-storey units has its own garden. The terrace on the first upper floor offers residents views over the Kanukanal and the Island Park...
© Peter Bennetts

Nannup Holiday House / Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects

The energy performance of all building materials and an aesthetic reference to site locality has informed the design of this Perth holiday house by Iredale Pederson Hook Architects. Nannup Residence incorporates a holistic approach to environmental sustainability that commences with the design of its access paths and concludes at the point of its long roof form...