Tepoztlan Lounge By Cadaval & Sola-Morales - 01

Tepoztlan Lounge / Cadaval & Sola-Morales

Barcelona and Mexico City-based studio Cadaval & Solà-Morales have recently completed the Tepoztlan Lounge, the first building of a larger project which comprises a series of bungalows of different sizes and designs, in a concept of hospitality which foresees a rental period of years, months or days…

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Scope House By mA-style architects - 01

Scope House / mA-style architects

mA-style architects received commissioned to start thinking about how building this venue. Landslide prevention area because of the site is below the cliff, building less land, so the architects with support from a surface of a wall and a thin building north of the main body of the infinite beauty amount. This volume trapezoid, the largest north-facing, to seize the the outside beautiful natural changes — landscape, light, wind. Very simple and comfortable throughout the building space, keep the inside and outside of appropriate open…

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'Atelier S' Conversion Project By COAST office Architecture - 01

‘Atelier S’ Conversion Project / COAST office Architecture

Atelier S By Stuttgart-based COAST office architecture. Conversion / refurbishment of a historical 17th century barn into a art studio and exhibtion space. Bringing together the past and the present, rustic and sleek…

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Relic Rock Residences By Optima DCHGlobal Inc - 01

Relic Rock Residences / Optima DCHGlobal Inc

Relic Rock by Optima DCHGlobal Inc., is a prototype for a sustainable, modular, prefabricated architectural building system designed to be adaptable to a range of different climates. The program was based on a sustainable building solution focused on the synergy of architecture, technology and construction methodology in accord with the regional desert environment of the site…

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Maison Escalier By Jacques Moussafir Architectes - 01

Maison Escalier / Jacques Moussafir Architectes

Maison Escalier (Stairs House) imagined and realized by Paris-based architects Jacques Moussafir. Located at 22 rue Jacob, this house of 153 m2 steel structure opens onto a quiet courtyard and preserved. Fully glazed façade is dressed in a metallic second skin pattern plant that protects the privacy of the occupants and hints at the complexity of interior volumes…

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Maison L By christian pottgiesser architecturespossibles - 01

Maison L / christian pottgiesser architecturespossibles

Architect Christian Pottgiesser of the Paris-based firm Architectures Possibles is the genius behind Maison L, an almost 9400-sq. ft. A home that extends from its environment and feels like a small village…

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055 House of Would Prefab House By Elii arquitectura - 01

055 House of Would Prefab House / Elii arquitectura

The Prefab house ‘055 House of Would’ by Madrid-based architects – Elii arquitectura, This house is located in a 1316m2 sloping plot of land in the district of Pedrezuela, 45 km north of Madrid. The house is made up from seven modules of identical geometry structural timber are arranged around a central courtyard. Each specializes in different domestic situations, according to functional needs…

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Moose Road Residence By SFOSL Architects - 01

Moose Road Residence / SFOSL Architects

San Francisco-based architects SFOSL delivers projects ‘Moose Road Residence’ that are grounded in Scandinavian straightforwardness combined with the innovation and creativity inherent in Northern California. SFOSL operates with the conceptual approach that “The question is the answer”. Within each challenge is a simple solution, and each project strives to produce a simple answer to complex challenges…

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Diane Middlebrook Writers' Cabins By CCS Architecture - 01

Diane Middlebrook Writers’ Cabins / CCS Architecture

CCS Architecture completed The Middlebrook Studios, consisting of four new studios for The Djerassi Resident Artists Program. The property consists of over 582 acres of rolling hills, forests and meadows high in the coastal hills of Woodside, CA. The project was conceived as a memorial to Diane Middlebrook…

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