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Contemporary House


Choy House / O’Neill Rose Architects

O’Neill Rose Architects, Brooklyn architecture studio was asked to design the house for a builder and his extended family On a charming street in Flushing, Queens, New York, A dream home for the architects’ client, his wife and their two small children, his younger brother and his wife, and their mother...

Rocas House / Studio MK27 + 57STUDIO

Rocas House by Studio MK27 and 57 Studio is Chile’s Valparaíso Region. Sitting on a stony hillside that gently slopes into the sea, the house is built in tiers to make the most of the coastal views. Sitting on a stony hillside that gently slopes into the sea, the house has been fashioned by lead architect Marcio Kogan into a drawer-like design that renders it into horizontal boxes and trays that “slide” into the hillside, creating multiple levels from which the magnificent view can be taken in...

Fayland House / David Chipperfield Architects

Fayland House, design by David Chipperfield Architects. The house sits in a country meadow north of London in the town of Buckinghamshire. The architects helped return the landscape to its natural state, reintroducing wildflowers and even grazing cows, and designed the house on a single expansive floor that sits comfortably in the landscape, grounds given the very British "Area of Natural Beauty" designation in 1965...

Pound Ridge House / Kieran Timberlake Architects

Pound Ridge house Set within a heavily wooded and rocky Pound Ridge hillside, this residence comprises 5,250 gross square feet over two levels of living space. Designed as three shifting volumes that gently respond to the site’s natural slopes and plateaus, the structure includes a lower garage and entry level anchored in stone to a flat portion of the hillside,..

The Pond House at Ten Oaks Farm / Holly & Smith Architects

The Pond House at Ten Oaks Farm is located on a large rural plot in Southeast Louisiana, USA. Created by Louisianan firm Holly & Smith Architects. Twenty years after he began with a master plan for the 16-acre former Sontheimer dairy farm, architect Michael Holly finally has his dream house. The Pond House at Ten Oaks Farm is an award-winning getaway retreat for Holly and wife, Denise, having recently won the Baton Rouge Chapter of the American Institute of Architects’ prestigious Gold Rose Award...

CCR1 Residence / Wernerfield

Wernerfield's CCR1 Residence is a lakeside retreat that resists the obvious. This residence is located on a beautiful wooded site on Cedar Creek Reservoir and is intended to provide an artful and low maintenance retreat that would blend in with the site. A slender floor plan design allowed for the buildings to be woven carefully through the dense forest of pine trees that were planted by the owner on the property as a child...

Plus House Larvik (ZEB Pilot House) / Snøhetta

The Plus House, Norway’s first Multi-Comfort House was inaugurated in September in Larvik. The construction of this boldly contemporary house, designed by the architect firm Snøhetta, is the initiative of two Building Distribution Sector brands: Optimera and Brødrene Dahl. They worked with ZEB (Norway’s Research Centre on Zero Emission Buildings),..

Txai House / Studio MK27

Txai House from Studio MK27 is a masterful example of fine architectural modernism, bringing a whole new meaning to the requisite; a room with a view. Situated a mere 13 metres above sea level, Overseeing the exquisite landscape of Itacaré, Brazil, the 7,000 square foot house offers an entirely unique experience, integrating the natural habitat of the great outdoors with spectacularly modern interior design...

House in Sai Kung / Millimeter Interior Design Limited

THE SPLIT TRANSFORMATION One of the major shortcomings of split-level homes is that the layout often divides the home into several distinct “boxes” or areas that make it difficult to connect spaces together. As a result, the house becomes cramped and challenging to use effectively. The owner of a home in Sai Kung had a specific request of his interior designer; to create a living space that was "fascinating"...

Tresarca House / assemblageSTUDIO + Designlush

A single-family house outside Las Vegas, Nevada, designed by assemblageSTUDIO. A mesh-covered second story sits above the solid walls of the house's first floor and cantilevers beyond it to create a shaded patio appropriate to the desert climate. Tresarca is a showcase of organic, nevada haven Tresarca is a sophisticated, modern structure with formal drought-resistant gardens desert oasis modern design that fuses function and form...

Invisible House / Peter Stutchbury Architecture

The completed stunning ‘Invisible House’ by Peter Stutchbury, Invisible House is located on the western edge of the eastern mountain range of Australia, seamlessly integrating into its surrounds. The rusty steel boxes recall old farm equipment; the undulating curves of the roof slab emulate the rhythm of the encompassing hills; and the flooded roof reflects the sky...

Cabin 2 / Maddison Architects

Cabin 2 By Maddison Architects, Extending an existing 1960s log cabin, the new architecture is informed by and embedded into the landscape via the folding roof that reiterates the topography. This acts as a new type of landform continuous of the prevailing wind forces shaping the surrounding contorted Moonah trees, while the internal volume directly references the roof...