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Tower House


Small House / Unemori Architects

This five story house – one half-sunken below grade – is located on a 34.3 m2 (369 ft2) site. Out of consideration for overshadowing the neighboring houses, architect Hiroyuki Unemori chose to build compact 4 meters by 4 meters (13.1 feet by 13.1 feet) house, instead of building a lower form with larger footprint...... Read More...

The Round Tower / De Matos Ryan

The Round Tower is a Grade II Listed folly, which had been reduced to ruin by years of neglect and fire. Located on the crest of a hill overlooking Siddington Village, the exposed site is visually integral to the setting of this listed structure...... Read More...

Small House / By Domenic Alvaro

Small house is an ultra-compact concrete vertical house that adds to the urban fabric of inner city Surry Hills in Sydney. The site is so small it can fit into the garage of your typical sprawling suburban home (7mx6m). The philosophy of small house proposes to build upwards rather than outwards, by assigning multiple uses to single spaces, with flexibility for change in the future.... Read More...