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Hill House


Colorado Outward Bound School Micro Cabins / Colorado Building Workshop

A group of architecture students from the Colorado Building Workshop recently constructed 14 attractive small cabins near Leadville, Colorado. Participating in a design-build programme, the students designed the cabins for the Colorado Outward Bound School – 14 cabins provide more than just shelter. They are sustainable micro-dormitories devised to connect students with nature, in the heart of the Rocky Mountains...

Fayland House / David Chipperfield Architects

Fayland House, design by David Chipperfield Architects. The house sits in a country meadow north of London in the town of Buckinghamshire. The architects helped return the landscape to its natural state, reintroducing wildflowers and even grazing cows, and designed the house on a single expansive floor that sits comfortably in the landscape, grounds given the very British "Area of Natural Beauty" designation in 1965...

Hiža cottage / PROARH

Hiža is a cottage designed by Zagreb-based Proarh Studio. The objective of the project was a contemporary reinterpretation of traditional cottage architecture from the region Zagorje, Croatia. The hardest part was finding the craftsmen who could lay down the straw roof and the straw facade in a traditional way but with up-to-date details, like the crossing from the roof to the vertical facade...

Maison Lac Jasper / Architecturama

In Chertsey, Canada, Maison Lac Jasper by Architecturama, a modern haven reclines into its woodland setting. Only many or family, the desired state of mind by the owners was relaxed and friendly, close to the idea of ​​the chalet, but imbued with a certain refinement, particularly in relations between spaces and between people. The intention was to build this architecture, lively and enthusiastic, which appeals to the senses...

Eyrie twin cabins / Cheshire Architects

Eyrie twin cabins on the Kaipara Harbour by Nat Cheshire of Cheshire Architects. The winner of HOME magazine's 2014 New Zealand Home of the Year award. Each have a footprint of just 29 square metres. These little buildings, with their air of thoughtful austerity, are among the few contemporary structures that can boast a genuine lineage to New Zealand’s bach heritage...

Pound Ridge House / Kieran Timberlake Architects

Pound Ridge house Set within a heavily wooded and rocky Pound Ridge hillside, this residence comprises 5,250 gross square feet over two levels of living space. Designed as three shifting volumes that gently respond to the site’s natural slopes and plateaus, the structure includes a lower garage and entry level anchored in stone to a flat portion of the hillside,..

Studhorse / Olson Kundig Architects

Studhorse designed by Olson Kundig Architects, The house is composed of four separate detached structures surrounding a central courtyard. Each structure is oriented toward different elements in the landscape, such as nearby Studhorse Ridge and Pearrygin Lake. The family room, kitchen and bar are grouped together in the main building...

Compact Karst House / Dekleva Gregoric Arhitekti

This small, compact stony house’s design suits the needs of the young family while also following contemporary technological principles and the tradition of these local, almost windowless structures. The proto-house concept is a monolithic mono-material volume inserted with two wooden proto-houses connected within the shared, open gallery...

Planchonella House / Jesse Bennett Architect

Architect Jesse Bennett and his wife, interior designer Anne-Marie Campagnolo built a curvy treetop Planchonella house in Cairns, Australia, Designed with a simple idea in mind- to create a joyful space which enriches daily life. Set in tropical north Queensland, Planchonella House embraces the rainforest surrounds, allowing the aspect to take centre stage in the interior. The simplistic approach combined with colourful, natural furnishings creates an honest, raw dwelling...

The Mill / WT Architecture

A mill conversion designed by WT Architecture, An old mill in the Borders has been converted into a stylish holiday home, retaining much historic character. Spaces are utilitarian and durable. The timber home slots into the existing structure, rising above the original wall head with a clerestory from which light spills down. The stepping of the building introduces half levels...

Sawmill House / Archier Studio

This is a house which gently encourages its inhabitants to be gregarious without robbing them of the joy of solitude. Its open plan and flexible nature enables internal spaces to be joined or separated by a series of operable walls. Internal and external boundaries are blurred as entire walls and roofs peel back to welcome sunlight, nature and the sky...

Txai House / Studio MK27

Txai House from Studio MK27 is a masterful example of fine architectural modernism, bringing a whole new meaning to the requisite; a room with a view. Situated a mere 13 metres above sea level, Overseeing the exquisite landscape of Itacaré, Brazil, the 7,000 square foot house offers an entirely unique experience, integrating the natural habitat of the great outdoors with spectacularly modern interior design...