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Medium House – (201 sqm – 450 sqm)


Choy House / O’Neill Rose Architects

O’Neill Rose Architects, Brooklyn architecture studio was asked to design the house for a builder and his extended family On a charming street in Flushing, Queens, New York, A dream home for the architects’ client, his wife and their two small children, his younger brother and his wife, and their mother...

Garrison Residence / Patrick Tighe Architecture

Garrison Residence by Patrick Tighe Architecture, The 3,500 sq. ft. home is located in Redondo Beach, one block from the Pacific Ocean. The simple massing is accentuated by articulated openings, situated and designed to frame views of the surrounding mountains and ocean. The geometry used to create the system of apertures continues throughout the interior. Surfaces of pattern and openings define zones of circulation and living spaces...

Elizabeth II / Bates Masi + Architects

Sag Harbor-based studio Bates Masi + Architects defy the conventions of modern design, through placing acoustically tuned ‘sprung cedar boards’, that ensure residents can hold parties without disturbing their neighbours, at the forefront of the design. The Elizabeth II House is situated in Amagansett, a hamlet on the southern shore of Long Island. The location of the house, in the heart of a bustling resort town, became the focus of the design...

Hiža cottage / PROARH

Hiža is a cottage designed by Zagreb-based Proarh Studio. The objective of the project was a contemporary reinterpretation of traditional cottage architecture from the region Zagorje, Croatia. The hardest part was finding the craftsmen who could lay down the straw roof and the straw facade in a traditional way but with up-to-date details, like the crossing from the roof to the vertical facade...

Studhorse / Olson Kundig Architects

Studhorse designed by Olson Kundig Architects, The house is composed of four separate detached structures surrounding a central courtyard. Each structure is oriented toward different elements in the landscape, such as nearby Studhorse Ridge and Pearrygin Lake. The family room, kitchen and bar are grouped together in the main building...

Tower House / Andrew Maynard Architects

Tower House is anti-monolith. Tower House is a village externally and a home internally. The clients, S+P, and their twin sons asked for a home "for community, art and nature to come together". Andrew Maynard designed them a village. Inserted deftly into a suburban streetscape, the playful additions and alterations of the Tower House are a surprisingly comfortable and delightful fit...

Scrubby Bay House / Patterson Associates

Scrubby Bay House on Banks Peninsula, designed by Patterson Associates Architects. The Annandale farm setting and the architectural vernacular of this house belie its massive scale – the ceilings rise from 3.4 metres to 5.5m at the apex. Natural materials enhance therobust design – the exterior features cedar, while the interior is fully lined with macrocarpa timber...

Planchonella House / Jesse Bennett Architect

Architect Jesse Bennett and his wife, interior designer Anne-Marie Campagnolo built a curvy treetop Planchonella house in Cairns, Australia, Designed with a simple idea in mind- to create a joyful space which enriches daily life. Set in tropical north Queensland, Planchonella House embraces the rainforest surrounds, allowing the aspect to take centre stage in the interior. The simplistic approach combined with colourful, natural furnishings creates an honest, raw dwelling...

CCR1 Residence / Wernerfield

Wernerfield's CCR1 Residence is a lakeside retreat that resists the obvious. This residence is located on a beautiful wooded site on Cedar Creek Reservoir and is intended to provide an artful and low maintenance retreat that would blend in with the site. A slender floor plan design allowed for the buildings to be woven carefully through the dense forest of pine trees that were planted by the owner on the property as a child...

Plus House Larvik (ZEB Pilot House) / Snøhetta

The Plus House, Norway’s first Multi-Comfort House was inaugurated in September in Larvik. The construction of this boldly contemporary house, designed by the architect firm Snøhetta, is the initiative of two Building Distribution Sector brands: Optimera and Brødrene Dahl. They worked with ZEB (Norway’s Research Centre on Zero Emission Buildings),..

House in Sai Kung / Millimeter Interior Design Limited

THE SPLIT TRANSFORMATION One of the major shortcomings of split-level homes is that the layout often divides the home into several distinct “boxes” or areas that make it difficult to connect spaces together. As a result, the house becomes cramped and challenging to use effectively. The owner of a home in Sai Kung had a specific request of his interior designer; to create a living space that was "fascinating"...

Kerferd House / Whiting Architects

The Kerferd House is a back-to-basics project by Melbourne-based Architects Whiting Architects, extremely considerably like a child’s drawing of a home: rectangular-shape, pitched-roof, higher-window, featuring major-types and easy-geometry. The interior plays on primal themes of comfort and nesting, with texture and warmth foremost. Archetypal primary forms enable us to relate on a subconscious level putting us at ease instantly...