JAC Side Tables / Gavin Coyle

JAC Side Tables By Gavin Coyle - 01

JAC side Tables by British designer Gavin Coyle is a set of turned side tables using fast growing Douglas fir. An innovative range of 3 side tables, Simple in form, real value is added as a result of the innovative way in which the tables are made…

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Tenda Pendant Lamp / Benjamin Hubert

Tenda Pendant Lamp By Benjamin Hubert - 01

Tenda is a series of textile lightings resulting from Benjamin Hubert’s materials research. The primary component of the lamp series is a multi layered construction of textile. The exterior is covered by a quad-directional high stretch micro mesh…

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Cardboard Bike Project / Izhar Gafni

Cardboard Bike Project By Izhar Gafni - 02

Israeli product designer has designed a low-cost bicycle made ​​of cardboard that can withstand rain. For years, A bike consists almost entirely of cardboard -and is waterproof anyway, Low cost, high quality, and mass produced bikes, wheelchairs, strollers/prams and other vehicles, made from recycled material in plants located in the markets where they are most needed….

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The Derringer Bespoke Collection / Adrian Van Anz

The Derringer Bespoke Collection By Adrian Van Anz - 01

Created by renowned industrial designer Adrian Van Anz, each motorbike is meticulously appointed with unique components available at the owner’s discretion. These include such refined details as hammered copper rivets, hand-made leather saddles and white tires manufactured without the use of carbon black…

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SCAR Furniture / LAM – Luca Macrì

SCAR Furniture By LAM - Luca Macrì - 01

Luca Macrì’s SCAR furniture consists of tables, bookcases, benches and coat racks that are cut and then sewn back together, “always proud of their scars”. The collection features a chair that only has two legs and requires rear support from another source. ..

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Table in Wonderland and Family for Fabrica / Charlotte Juillard and David Raffoul

Table in Wonderland and Family for Fabrica By Charlotte Juillard and David Raffoul - 01

Fabrica designers Charlotte Juillard and David Raffoul have created a custom furniture system comprised of several modular shapes, inspired by Miami’s beachside location and its Art Deco pastel-coloured landmark buildings…

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Concrete Lamp / unit-berlin

Concrete Lamp By unit-berlin - Pendant Lamp 01

The lamp with the spherical lampshade from a massive poured concrete shell was developed by us for the restaurant. HBC. Due to high demand. Each lamp is characterized by its individual concrete structure and fascinated. by the contrast of the classical form and the rough aesthetics of the material The lamps are made by hand in a factory in Berlin…

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Thread Family / Coordination Berlin

Thread Family By Coordination Berlin - 01

Flip Sellin German designer, member of Berlin studio Coordination has designed furniture collection Thread Family. “Thread Family” is a set of small hight adaptable furnishings featuring a thread and seat lathed from walnut wood on a welded steel base in many colours.

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Meltdown Lamps / Johan Lindstén for Cappellini

Meltdown Lamps By Johan Lindstén for Cappellini - 01

Young Swedish designer Johan Lindsten created this funky colored-glass globe, blown by hand into a mold with a dip at the bottom to cradle the light bulb. True to its name, the Meltdown lamp indeed looks like it’s melting downward. These pendants come in a pleasing palette of pastels to choose from: gray, pink, tobacco, blue, amethyst, amber and clear…

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