2750 Soley Chairs / Valdimar Hardarson for Kusch Co

2750 Soley Chairs By Valdimar Hardarson for Kusch Co - 01

An iconic design celebrates its rebirth. The folding chair Sóley, penned by the Icelandic designer Valdimar Harðarson in the year 1982. As far back as 30 years ago, this bold and daring design made quite an impact, with Sóley scooping the Roscoe Award in the US as well as two Good Design Awards in Japan, winning the title “Furniture of the Year 1984”, and not forgetting the design award of Design-Center Stuttgart…

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‘Private Collection’ Luxury Furniture Collection / Paco Camus

'Private Collection' Luxury Furniture Collection By Paco Camus - 03

PRIVATE COLLECTION was created by Valencia-based designer Paco Camus, a significant representation of products which perfectly describe brand positioning and philosophy in the High End market. Timelessness, Investment, Quality, Art and Singularity…

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Planet suspension light / Changedesign for Foscarini

Planet suspension light By Changedesign for Foscarini - 01

Planet suspension light inspired by “smart clothing” worn by astronauts, Planet has no inner frame but, rather, retains its spherical shape through the simultaneously decorative and stiff load-bearing pattern embroidered on its exterior. This intricate, structural pattern evokes the rifts and mountains of the luminous moon…

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Framed Collection / mischer’traxler Studio for Kvadrat – Hallingdal Project 65

Framed Collection By mischer'traxler Studio for  Kvadrat - Hallingdal Project 65 - 01

‘Framed’ is a collection of interior objects developed by Vienna-based studio Mischer’traxler designed for danish textile company kvadrat and their hallingdal project 65. Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler approach design with a keen focus on experiments, context and conceptual thinking, often making use of unexpected materials and characterised by external inputs, for example human interaction…

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Gradient Mashrabiya Sideboard / mischer’traxler Studio for Carwan Gallery

Gradient Mashrabiya Sideboard By mischer'traxler Studio for Carwan Gallery - 02

Designed by Vienna based Austrian designers Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler’s design studio mischer’traxler for architects Pascale Wakim and Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte’s Beirut based Carwan gallery, and also limited edition for Carwan Gallery…

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Eco Pendent Light Design / Ross Gardam

Eco Pendent Light Design By Ross Gardam - 01

Created by Australian designer Ross Gardam, Ross Gardam’s Pendent Light series is a simple and sophisticated design that is as subtle as it is eye-catching. It is minimalist light fixture, the Pendant Lamps will nevertheless add a modern touch to living spaces everywhere…

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Dusty Diamonds / AEO studio – Anna Elzer Oscarson

Dusty Diamonds By AEO studio - Anna Elzer Oscarson - 01

Anna Oscarson creates stoneware jewels in limited editions. Within the walls of Porslinsfabriken in Lidköping, an original factory in Sweden. Anna uses the assistance of skilled crafts people who transform her vision with great care into beautiful objects. Glazes and colours integrate to form a harmonious whole that promotes forms and lines…

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Samba Pendant Light / Brad Stebbing for HIVE

Samba Pendant Light By Brad Stebbing for HIVE - 02

Brad Stebbing launches a new lighting collection with Kenneth Cobonpue’s HIVE. Samba is a new pendant light from Sydney designer Brad Stebbing for Kenneth Cobonpue’s lighting and accessories brand, HIVE. Since winning the Ke-Zu/HIVE lighting design competition in 2008, Stebbing has been working with Cobonpue’s Philippines-based design company…

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YIN & YANG Furniture Collection / Kenneth Cobonpue

YIN & YANG Furniture Collection By Kenneth Cobonpue - 04

Yin Yang is one of Kenneth Cobonpue’s most seminal designs. The original design that propelled him to international stardom. The range consists of pieces of natural and dyed rattan splits wrapped over a frame of steel and wicker supported by stainless steel legs. Also available as outdoor version in polyethylene and steel…

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