Gravity Stool / Jólan van der Wiel

Gravity Stool By Jólan van der Wiel - 01

Gravity Stool by dutch designer jólan van der wiel is on show as part of imm cologne 2012’s [D³] talents programme. the project takes into consideration the laws of physics, departing from the idea that everything is influenced by gravitation. for the series, van der wiel manipulates this natural phenomenon which has a strong shaping effect, exploiting its own power: magnetism…

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Anisha Table Light / Lievore Altherr Molina Studio for Foscarini

Anisha Table Light By Lievore Altherr Molina Studio for  Foscarini - 05

The latest collaboration between the renowned Italian lighting brand Foscarini and Barcelona-based design studio Lievore Altherr Molina resulted in this pared-down, understated table lamp design which, thanks to its simple, almost unnoticeable form, ‘outlines an empty space, defines it and fills it with its light, producing a magical sensation…

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Rem Lamp / Christian Vivanco

Rem Lamp By  Christian Vivanco - 01

A stunning lamp called “REM” that means brake in dutch. The perfect light for the bike enthusiast, just squeeze the handle for off/on operation.. Designed by the creative studio Christian Vivanco…

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Z Fixie Concept / Jeongche Yoon

Z-Fixie Concept by Jeongche Yoon

Proposing a new configuration setting whose shape is inspired by the letter “Z”, a small spotlight on the lovely “Z-Fixie Bike Concept”, an interesting study of style around a concept bike type “Fixie”. Envisioned by the designer Jeongche Yoon…

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Laser-Cut Folding Ukulele Kit / Brian Chan

Laser-Cut Folding Ukulele Kit By Brian Chan - 01

This is an instrument modeled after the traditional Hawaiian ukulele. Unlike the standard ukulele, this folding version is collapsible – therefore ultra portable – and designed to be made on a laser cutter – so that it can be replicated rapidly.and can be folded up into a package measuring about 9 inches long max…

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Cabbage Chair / Nendo

Cabbage Chair By Nendo - 01

The Cabbage Chair by Nendo is produced using recycled paper from the pleated fabric industry. The paper is rolled into a cylinder and cut down the middle, allowing the pages to be peeled back, creating a custom seat…

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Jacob Bookcase / Alessandra Clark & Nuno FS for Mameluca Design

Jacob Bookcase By Alessandra Clark & Nuno FS for Mameluca Design - 01

The bookcase was inspired by the Jacob’s Ladder toy – you know, the one from childhood where wood blocks are held together by ribbon? Made from five square wood frames that are joined with nylon strips, the piece can be configured in more ways than you could imagine…

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Animal – Vegetable – Mineral / Yaron Hirsch

Animal - Vegetable - Mineral By Yaron Hirsch - 01

Animal – Vegetable – Mineral by israeli designer Yaron Hirsch. In this project, the damage of the caterpillars to the tree is translated to functional and aesthetic elements. The life of the tree, the caterpillars behavior and the filler material are all foundations in creating the group of objects…

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Post Lamp / Studio Ninho

Post Lamp By Studio Ninho - 06

Post Lamp is a minimal light fixture designed by Brazilian designers Studio Ninho. Composed of cork, recycled cork sheet, pinewood, the construction of this light is extremely simple and cheap. Even the packaging is simplified down to its basic parts. The aim of the project was to reduce waste and streamline the production, transportation, and distribution of the product…

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