Samba Pendant Light / Brad Stebbing for HIVE

Samba Pendant Light By Brad Stebbing for HIVE - 02

Brad Stebbing launches a new lighting collection with Kenneth Cobonpue’s HIVE. Samba is a new pendant light from Sydney designer Brad Stebbing for Kenneth Cobonpue’s lighting and accessories brand, HIVE. Since winning the Ke-Zu/HIVE lighting design competition in 2008, Stebbing has been working with Cobonpue’s Philippines-based design company…

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YIN & YANG Furniture Collection / Kenneth Cobonpue

YIN & YANG Furniture Collection By Kenneth Cobonpue - 04

Yin Yang is one of Kenneth Cobonpue’s most seminal designs. The original design that propelled him to international stardom. The range consists of pieces of natural and dyed rattan splits wrapped over a frame of steel and wicker supported by stainless steel legs. Also available as outdoor version in polyethylene and steel…

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‘Express’ Occasional Tables / Eliumstudio for Super-ette

‘Express’ Occasional Tables By eliumstudio for super-ette - 01

‘Express’ by eliumstudio for Super-ette sums up mobility and lightness, a table which is as portable as some lamps, provided by a relentless design: a nylon cord which is both a handle and a structural element to sum up in a single gesture the function of this haiku table..

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‘M. Lamp’ / David Irwin for Juniper

‘M. Lamp’ By David Irwin for Juniper - 01

Northern Ireland-born and young designer David Irwin has collaborated with a recently-established Brooklyn-based furniture label Juniper on this series of reduced, transportable table lamps. Simply called ‘M. Lamp’, the design was inspired by the lamps used by the 19th-century miners in England and is made of aluminium and powder-coated steel…

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The Legendary Furniture Design Icon / George Nelson

The Legendary Furniture Design Icon By George Nelson

George Nelson was an American industrial designer, and one of the founders of American Modernism. While Director of Design for the Herman Miller furniture company both Nelson, and his design studio, George Nelson Associates, Inc., designed much of the 20th century’s most iconic modernist furniture…

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Wooden Toys / Permafrost

Wooden Toys By Permafrost - 01

Norwegian firm permafrost has shared images for one of 30 small ‘nordic dioramas’ created for the new nordic architecture and identity exhibition at the louisiana museum of modern art in copenhagen. These toys depict elements of modern industry and technology. The wooden toy project came about when exhibit organizers invited Permafrost to create a small “Nordic diorama” to be featured among 30 others pertaining to the show’s theme…

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Folk Art colourful Furniture / Kare Design

Folk Art colourful Furniture By Kare Design - 01

Folk Art colourful Furniture by Kare Design. Featuring bright colors and unique patterns, the collection is a mix between oriental with a light folk touch. All the furniture – tables, storage units and mirrors – is handmade from acacia and mango wood before being painstakingly hand painted…

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Chick Lamp / Luca Vagnini

Chick Lamp By Luca Vagnini - 01

Chick Lamp by Italian graphic designer Luca Vagnini is a simple rectangular light on legs with a nice little handle so you can carry it around like a lantern. It is simplistic and modest from its delicate features. It can function as a table lamp or as a portable floor lamp…

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Wild Bodged Chairs / Valentina González Wohlers

Wild Bodged Chairs By Valentina González Wohlers - 02

London-based valentina gonzález wohlers has created ‘wild bodged chairs’, a series of hand made seating objects that demonstrate the slow pace of an unfolding design process. By looking into reclaiming craft in contemporary creative practices, the project responds to the anonymous and the generic manufacturing techniques..

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