Pack! Bags / Alei Verspoor

Pack! Bags By Alei Verspoor - 05

“Pack” System by Alei Verspoor is one smart eco-friendly item, one which challenges the finite lifespan of a given fabric-based bag. the Pack is basically a travel carryall that comes with “modular” features, allowing users to easily and readily swap individual Pack components in having a bag that is suitable for whatever needs are…

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Savage Chair & Jute Side Table / JAY Saejung Oh

Savage Chair By JAY Saejung Oh - 04

Korean artist and designer Jay Sae Jung Oh wrapped a collection of everyday plastic objects in jute to create the Savage Chair & Jute Side Table, which aims to make onlookers “reconsider the ordinary”. Her designs and sculptural pieces are often wrapped up in natural materials…

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Tip Ton Chair / BarberOsgerby for Vitra

Tip Ton Chair By Barber Osgerby for Vitra - 01

Tip Ton is a chair designed by London’s BarberOsgerby for Vitra that converges sustainability and ergonomics into a new chair typology. this simple design redefines the plastic chair both visually and functionally…

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‘Recreate’ Recycled Furniture Collection / Katie Thompson

'Recreate' Recycled Furniture Collection By Katie Thompson - Suitcase Coffee Table

Katie Thompson is a designer from South Africa whose passion for transformation of old into something new lead to the birth of ‘Recreate’ recycled furniture collection. Using old broken things that either lost their functionality or appeal Katie Thompson creates her recycled furniture giving the old things new life and even new function…

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Amateur Master Arm Chair / Jerszy Seymour for NgispeN

Amateur Master Arm Chair By Jerszy Seymour for NgispeN - 01

The ‘Amateur Masters’ series made for NGispeN and connected by the long friendship of Jerszy Seymour and Richard Hutten, is produced by hand at Jerszy Seymour Design Workshop in Berlin. The Amateur master arm is Seymours interpretation of the DAW Eames chair…

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Fluxus lighting Sculpture / Karim Rashid & Michela Vianello for Andromeda

Fluxus lighting Sculpture By Karim Rashid & Michela Vianello for Andromeda - 01

Fluxus, a wavering Murano glass sculpture, is the result of the cooperation between designer Karim Rashid who designed the Knit – individual hand-made glass element – and Artist Michela Vianello. The new artwork made for Italian lightning designers Andromeda is a swinging – illusory – sculpture with an expression of motion…

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VorteXX Chandelier / Zaha Hadid & Patrik Schumacher

VorteXX Chandelier By Zaha Hadid & Patrik Schumacher - 01

The Vortex Chandelier is in line with the series of furniture pieces, which is also a collaboration of Designers Zaha Hadid, Patrik Schumacher and Sawaya & Moroni. The Chandelier’s Opaque surface etches two transparent acrylic light spirals and a recessed LED light strip provides animated and programmable light sensations…

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Hush Pod Chair / Freyja Sewell

Hush Pod Chair By Freyja Sewell - 01

London-based designer Freya Sewell made from 100% wool felt with cushions stuffed with recycled wool fibres, making it a very green product. It can either be sat inside, creating a womb-like environment, or turned into a chair to be sat upon. “A Seating Pod For Anyone Who Wants To Hide From The World”…

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Juliet Armchair / Benjamin Hubert design for Poltrona Frau

Juliet Armchair By Benjamin Hubert design for Poltrona Frau - 08

This beautiful leather armchair called “Juliet” was created by London based industrial designer Benjamin Hubert for Italian brand Poltrona Frau. Juliet was inspired by sleeves with puffed shoulders on Italian Renaissance clothing.The Juliet chair features leather stretched over the base to expose the wooden frame underneath, while the seat is covered in squashy leather pleated in a triangular pattern…

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