The Cord Collection / Ilan Dei Venice

Cord Collection By Ilan Dei Venice-01-IDV Cord Collection Lounge Chair

The Cord Collection by Venice Los Angeles-based designers Ilan Dei, His Cord Collection of outdoor furnishings designs are sculptural, durable and fun. consist of vinyl cording and powder-coated steel tubing. They come in four color combinations: orange/white; moss/gray; sage/sage and lime/lime. The pieces are ergonomic and minimalist in design…

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The UP Balloon Table / Duffy London

The UP Balloon Table By Duffy London-01-Coffee Table silver-Tom Oxley

The UP Balloon Table is a playful trompe l’oeil, giving the impression of a glass table top being suspended by red, gold and silver balloons. This uplifting design was conjured up by master illusionist Christopher Duffy, working with the concept of levitation and buoyancy…

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Blub Uno Clock / Duncan Hellmers

Blub Uno Clock By Duncan Hellmers-01

Blub Uno is a single retro tube clock with a stack of modern features. Made from machined aluminium, glass, bamboo and powered via USB, making a stylish addition to any desk, shelf or bedside table. A modern desk clock which uses a ‘nixie’ tube display to show the time…

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2DO & Play Play-Storage System / Renée Rossouw Studio + De Steyl

2DO Storage System By Renee Rossouw Studio & De Steyl-01-Group1

Furniture design company De Steyl is based on South Africa’s picturesque Garden Route and owned by Deánne Viljoen, a former architect turned furniture designer. De Steyl showed the latest addition to the company’s playful, graphic Play Pattern collection. A smart modular range that lets you mix and match a number of drawers that can be stapled onto each other,…

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PIPPY Oak Collection / Galvin Brothers

PIPPY Oak Collection By Galvin Brothers-Pippy Oak Round Dining Table 04

Galvin Brothers design and make contemporary handcrafted furniture from their workshops in Beverley, East Yorkshire. Their designs celebrate the uniquely wonderful properties of English Oak and other solid woods, placing traditional joinery techniques at the centre of contemporary forms — functional objects with a twist…

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Booming Vases / Analogia Project

Booming Vases By Analogia Project-01-Giulio Boem

Booming Vases are the result by Milan-based designer Andrea Mancuso and architect Emilia Serra have collaborated with noted ceramicist Alessio Sarri to create vases by detonating gunpowder-filled wet-clay forms before firing. The aim of the design was to experiment with two opposing elements; air and matter, power and fragility…

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Hybrid Collection / Mac Stopa for Casali

Hybrid Collection By Mac Stopa for Casali-02-Mac Stopa

The HYBRID Collection by Mac Stopa for Casali has its genesis in the synergy between Mac’s passion for creating innovative design based on digital geometries and organic random geometries created by nature and the use of high technology in production and high quality craftsmanship by Italian glass manufacturer Casali…

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Mass Collection / Tom Dixon

Mass Collection By Tom Dixon-01

MASS Huge chunks of heavyweight, metallic minimalism. Mass is confident, over-scaled furniture with real presence and instantly recognisable expressive minimalism. As it takes on the marks of time, Mass will develop a natural patina across its surface, meaning each piece will age like a prized bronze statue…

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Luminose-The Lovely Lamp / Elizabeth Zimmerer and Márton Lente

Luminose-The Lovely Lamp By Elizabeth Zimmerer and Márton Lente-01

LUMINOSE is the dog lamp with personality. Created by a designer couple from Budapest, Hungary, Elizabeth Zimmerer & Márton Lente. Their collaboration can be defined that, what Elizabeth represents in a product, Márton represents visually and in website code…

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