FILLY Family lamps / Himmee

FILLY Family lamps By Himmee-13-FILLY table lamp

FILLY – Contrasting the tones and textures of concrete, solid oak, and aluminium, the FILLY family stands with a composed aesthetic, focusing its light with an intriguing origami form. HIMMEE Lighting Brand was founded by Timo Niskanen in 2014. The products of Himmee are the founder’s ideas of good design without middlemen and compromises directly to the customer…

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Wire Collection / Overgaard & Dyrman

Wire Collection By Overgaard & Dyrman-coffee table 01

The Wire Collection finds inspiration in traditional saddlery and metal work, and challenges the synergy and contrast in the use of materials. It transports traditional craftsmanship into the 21st century with impressive and refined detailing and an amazing shape…

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Wood Base Lamps / Score + Solder

Wood Base Lamps By Score & Solder-Wood Base Iceberg Lamp 01

The British Columbia-based designer of Matthew Cleland and highlight his incredible lighting “Wood Base Lamps” collection. These geometric beauties combine various materials and techniques, such as reclaimed fir wooden bases and richly tinted stained glass…

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Animal Farm & Dunk Bottle Lamps / Nishi Chauhan

Animal Farm & Dunk Bottle Lamps By Nishi Chauhan-01-Dunk

The Bottle Lamps series by Bangalore-based designer Nishi Chauhan, Animal Farm is a series of lamps designed with the twin themes of craft revival and the re-purposing of used glass bottles. Dunk is the latest in this series of warm and friendly fantasy creatures. It was inspired by the idea of finding beauty and joy in simple objects of daily use…

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Metal furnitures – Limited Edition Collection / Julian Mayor

Metal furniture - Limited Edition Collection By Julian Mayor-Parallax Table and Chair 01

London based designer Julian Mayor to celebrate the union between fashion, art and design. Inspired by the sculptural possibilities of computers and the industrial craft making processes. His furnitures was developed on a computer and with scale models, but the physical making process (folding / welding) adds a layer of depth to the construction…

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Wireflow Linear Hanging lamp / Arik Levy for VIBIA

Wireflow Linear Hanging lamp By Arik Levy for VIBIA-01-Vibia

Exploring geometries in two or three dimensions, Arik Levy designed for VIBIA the pendant lighting fixture WIREFLOW, an authentic sculpture of light in space…

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Companion Stools Collection / Phillip Grass

Companion Stools Collection By Phillip Grass-01

The ‘Companion stool’ series by Danish designer – Phillip Grass, With Two different stools: ”Companion” and ”Companion 4 legs”. The Companion comes in four colors and with three wood options for the seat…

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Windowseat Lounge Seating / Mike & Maaike for Haworth Collection

Windowseat Lounge Seating By Mike & Maaike for Haworth Collection-01

Industrial designers with the Mike & Maaike Inc. studio won for creation of Haworth Inc.’s fully upholstered Windowseat lounge chair. The chair is suitable for a public or private space and incorporates elements exploring the idea of a sub-architectural space by creating a room-within-a-room…

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Banjooli – Colorful Outdoor Furniture Collection / Sebastian Herkner for Moroso

Banjooli - Colorful Outdoor Furniture Collection By Sebastian Herkner for Moroso-01

Banjooli, design Sebastian Herkner, is an outdoor chair, the latest member of Moroso’s Afrique collection. The braiding on the steel frame is made with colorful fishing yarns which creates an interesting bi-colour pattern. Banjooli is handmade in Senegal, each product is a unique piece…

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