Screw Me Lamp / Jonathan Rowell

Screw Me Lamp By Jonathan Rowell - 02

Jonathan Rowell is an industrial designer living in San Francisco. He has taken his experience with consumer products and manufacturing and applied it to his furniture. Screw Me is made out of anodized aluminum and stainless steel. The lamp that goes up and down, the lamp of many colors…

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Clay & Plain Clay Collection / Maarten Baas for DH PH

Clay & Plain Clay Collection By Maarten Baas for DH PH - Clay Collection

Dutch designer Maarten Baas has designed a variety of furniture pieces entitled Clay & Plain Clay for Den Herder Production House (DHPH). Each piece is made from steel and wrapped in synthetic clay moulded by hand. With this, a unique and one-of-a-kind piece is created as no two are identical. Drawing on his previous clay series, Baas reworks his original idea of creating furniture from steel and clay. Here, Baas uses pigmented clay that creates a more matt-like finish…

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Soho Collection / Boca Do Lobo

Soho Collection By Boca Do Lobo - 00 - SOHO collection

BOCA DO LOBO – Exclusive Design is a furniture design Brand that amazingly combines the old techniques and arts of working wood and gives them a futurist and twisted re-interpretation. A great team of Designers and Artisans working together is what makes Boca do Lobo products authentic pieces of art…

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‘CARRY ON’ stool / Mattias Stenberg for Offecct

'CARRY ON' stool By Mattias Stenberg for Offecct - 01

Carry On is a portable seating solution produced by OFFECCT that works perfectly by itself but also as a complement to other products. Carry On is designed by Mattias Stenberg who has a strong belief in the need of flexible working places in the public space. Today we work more in projects and need environments that can be easily adapted to different needs…

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‘Scraplights’ Cardboard Light Series / Graypants Studio

'Scraplights' Cardboard Light Series By Graypants Studio - 01

The handmade scraplights from graypants are created out of repurposed cardboard boxes gathered from dumpsters and local businesses in the Seattle area. Founded by architects Seth Grizzle, Jonathan Junker, and Jon Gentry, graypants is the process of teaming up with Refugee Women’s Alliance and other similar organizations in Seattle to help provide a craft-based skill to local refugee women. The scrap lights, which take two to three hours to fabricate, have been used in restaurants, galleries, offices, and residences…

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‘The Woods’ Glass Object / StokkeAustad and Andreas Engesvik

'The Woods' Glass Object By StokkeAustad and Andreas Engesvik - 01

From Oslo designers StokkeAustad and Andreas Engesvik, The Woods comprises clusters of glass bubbles with differing proportions and coloured tints, supported on solid glass stems. Each set comprises seven trees in two clusters. One represents spring with a mixture of greens and the other represents autumn with a combination of pinks, oranges and greys…

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Parabola Chair / Carlo Aiello Design

Parabola Chair By Carlo Aiello Design - 01

Los Angeles architect Carlo Aiello’s “Parabola Chair.” Though it’s geometry curves in two directions, all of the chair’s components are straight and simple to manufacture. Parabola Chair design which recently won him the prestigious International Contemporary Furniture Fair Studio Award…

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Kinetic Solar-powered Chandeliers / Luke Jerram

Kinetic Solar-powered Chandeliers By Luke Jerram - 01

Kinetic Solar-powered Chandeliers Artwork by Luke Jerram, This 5m tall chandelier containing 665 radiometers was designed and created for the Bristol and Bath Science Park, UK…

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Cykno – Vintage Electric Bicycle / Bruno Greppi & Luca Scopel

Cykno - Vintage Electric Bicycle By Bruno Greppi & Luca Scopel - 01

Cykno is the result of an idea – a dream – of Bruno Greppi, a great engineer and innovator in the motorbike field, in collaboration with the Luca Scopel a designer who is specialized in the development of concept and luxury products. Cykno is the tangible outcome resulting from the collaboration between Gianpietro Vigorelli and Riccardo Lorenzini, gurus of Italian advertising over the past 30 years and through the active participation of some managers of finance…

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