Deepsea Challenger / James Cameron

Deepsea Challenger By James Cameron - 11

DEEPSEA CHALLENGER is a single occupant research submersible engineered and built in Australia by director James Cameron and Ron Allum from Acheron Project. The 12 ton sub is designed to access the darkest corners of the ocean where depths exceed 11km straight down, deeper than Mount Everest is high…

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SPLINTER collection / nendo for CONDE HOUSE

SPLINTER collection By nendo for CONDE HOUSE - 01

A new collection of furniture designed by the Japanese firm Nendo for CONDE HOUSE , a manufacturer based in Asahikawa, a region renowned wooden furniture. The collection is a series of furniture pieces made ​​from the division of a piece of wood as if you were peeling…

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Collection #1 / Colonel

Collection #1 By Colonel - 01

The first collection of Colonel is inspired by outdoor furniture (beach, camping) aesthetics. It is a contemporary re-reading of this universe mixing colors, rhythms and patterns. It is mainly composed of wood, textile materials and surprising colors. The collection evokes summer, relax. It consists of two lights and two armchairs…

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DOLL Table Lamp / Ionna Vautrin for Foscarini

DOLL Table Lamp By Ionna Vautrin for Foscarini - 01

Doll is the new table lamp by Parisian-based designer Ionna Vautrin for Foscarini, A warm, friendly and round presence to always keep nearby. A new, luminous habit to adopt in life. An object that tells a fascinating, intimate story, with a simple, direct style…

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Ka Lamp Collection / Daniel García & María José Vargas – Woodendot

Ka Lamp Collection By Daniel García & María José Vargas - Woodendot - Ka S 01

The Ka Lamp Collection by Madrid-based designer, Daniel García & Maria Jose Vargas, Spanish company Woodendot creates wooden furnishing and accessories, based on honesty and harmony between its work and the nature itself. Woodendot manufactures handmade quality products which are timeless and durable…

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JAC Side Tables / Gavin Coyle

JAC Side Tables By Gavin Coyle - 01

JAC side Tables by British designer Gavin Coyle is a set of turned side tables using fast growing Douglas fir. An innovative range of 3 side tables, Simple in form, real value is added as a result of the innovative way in which the tables are made…

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Tenda Pendant Lamp / Benjamin Hubert

Tenda Pendant Lamp By Benjamin Hubert - 01

Tenda is a series of textile lightings resulting from Benjamin Hubert’s materials research. The primary component of the lamp series is a multi layered construction of textile. The exterior is covered by a quad-directional high stretch micro mesh…

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Cardboard Bike Project / Izhar Gafni

Cardboard Bike Project By Izhar Gafni - 02

Israeli product designer has designed a low-cost bicycle made ​​of cardboard that can withstand rain. For years, A bike consists almost entirely of cardboard -and is waterproof anyway, Low cost, high quality, and mass produced bikes, wheelchairs, strollers/prams and other vehicles, made from recycled material in plants located in the markets where they are most needed….

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The Derringer Bespoke Collection / Adrian Van Anz

The Derringer Bespoke Collection By Adrian Van Anz - 01

Created by renowned industrial designer Adrian Van Anz, each motorbike is meticulously appointed with unique components available at the owner’s discretion. These include such refined details as hammered copper rivets, hand-made leather saddles and white tires manufactured without the use of carbon black…

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