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Cella Bar

The Cella Bar in Madalena, Portugal was designed by FCC Arquitectura, together with interior designer Paulo Lobo. The bar was built using the bones of an existing building that had been abandoned several years before. The architects renovated the building and expanded it, making it perfect to the creation of a bar.

Cella-Bar-By-FCC-Arquitectura-Paulo-Lobo-02-Cella-Bar-759x569 Cella Bar / FCC Arquitectura + Paulo Lobo

© Cella Bar

Cella-Bar-By-FCC-Arquitectura-Paulo-Lobo-06-FG_SG-759x506 Cella Bar / FCC Arquitectura + Paulo Lobo


FCC Arquitectura:

The building is the result of a regenerative transformation and expansion of a small pre-existing structure that had been abandoned for many years. The walls, roof and door frames of the original building, have been restored, preserving the essential features of the original construction. The interiors were redesigned, shaped to their new roles (e.g. restaurant), and made compatible with current legal requirements.

Cella-Bar-By-FCC-Arquitectura-Paulo-Lobo-10-FG_SG-759x808 Cella Bar / FCC Arquitectura + Paulo Lobo


Cella-Bar-By-FCC-Arquitectura-Paulo-Lobo-19-Cella-Bar-759x569 Cella Bar / FCC Arquitectura + Paulo Lobo

© Cella Bar

The new volume is a contemporary creation, with a different language. It is an organic and dynamic construction that contrasts with the orthogonal language, classical existing building where it clings. The design is defined by its plasticity, both in terms of materials such as formal, and is markedly inspired by the natural environment around the site.

Cella-Bar-By-FCC-Arquitectura-Paulo-Lobo-21-FG_SG-750x1000 Cella Bar / FCC Arquitectura + Paulo Lobo


Cella-Bar-By-FCC-Arquitectura-Paulo-Lobo-29-FG_SG-759x728 Cella Bar / FCC Arquitectura + Paulo Lobo


Cella-Bar-By-FCC-Arquitectura-Paulo-Lobo-39-FG_SG-759x506 Cella Bar / FCC Arquitectura + Paulo Lobo


Several environmental features are present in the architecture of the building, including the outline of the island, the rocks, the whales, as well as the reference to the wine barrels. The new volume acts as a giant sculpture, tailored to your location.

Cella-Bar-By-FCC-Arquitectura-Paulo-Lobo-52-FG_SG-759x506 Cella Bar / FCC Arquitectura + Paulo Lobo


Cella-Bar-By-FCC-Arquitectura-Paulo-Lobo-54-FG_SG-759x653 Cella Bar / FCC Arquitectura + Paulo Lobo


Project Data:

Project name: Cella Bar
Location: Lugar da Barca, 9950 – 303 Madalena, Azores, Portugal
Coordinates: 38.543110, -28.520561
Type: Restaurant / Coffee shop / Cafe
Project Area: 322 sqm
Status: Completed
Completion Year: 2015


  • 2016 – American Architecture Prize – Category: Architectural Design / Hospitality Architecture – Gold award
  • 2016 – ArchDaily Building of the Year Award – Category: Hospitality Architecture – Winner

The people:

Client / Owner / Developer: Private
Architects: FCC Arquitectura – Porto, Portugal
Interior designer: Paulo Lobo – Rua de Miragaia 97, 4050-387 Porto, Portugal
General Contractor: Esfalto Britas
Locksmithing: Estraga Ferro
Catering Equipment: Arco Hotel
Text Description: © Courtesy of FCC Arquitectura, Paulo Lobo
Images: © FCC Arquitectura, FG+SG, Cella Bar

Location Map:

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Cella Bar / FCC Arquitectura + Paulo Lobo
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