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CIRCUIT lounge chair

TJOKEEFE, a furniture company created by Stamps alum Thomas J. O’Keefe (BFA 2004), recently won the Architizer Popular Choice A+ Award 2015 for Outdoor Furniture for its CIRCUIT lounge chair.

CIRCUIT-lounge-chair-By-TJOKEEFE-03-759x493 CIRCUIT lounge chair / TJOKEEFE


CIRCUIT-lounge-chair-By-TJOKEEFE-04-759x493 CIRCUIT lounge chair / TJOKEEFE


The powerful CIRCUIT lounge is composed of a series of steel loops that strategically intersect to form its structure, giving it both visual lightness and a substantial structural weight. Its multiple planes visually overlap to create new and interesting graphic compositions from every angle.

CIRCUIT-lounge-chair-By-TJOKEEFE-05-759x493 CIRCUIT lounge chair / TJOKEEFE



Made of a series of loops that intersect in strategic places to form its structure, CIRCUIT is a lounge chair that challenges perception and form. Its multiple planes of lines visually overlap to create new graphic compositions from every angle.

CIRCUIT-lounge-chair-By-TJOKEEFE-06-759x502 CIRCUIT lounge chair / TJOKEEFE


CIRCUIT-lounge-chair-By-TJOKEEFE-02-759x493 CIRCUIT lounge chair / TJOKEEFE


TJOKEEFE is an American furniture and object design company founded in 2010. With an emphasis on integrity and efficiency of both design and manufacturing, they strive to create powerful objects through compelling minimalism. Driven by philosophies in architecture, industrial design, and graphic design, their office applies the merit and parameters of all three to every object we produce. They approach minimalism in the truest sense of the word––aiming to achieve the greatest effect by the simplest means––because they believe the simplest solutions have the potential to be the most powerful.

CIRCUIT-lounge-chair-By-TJOKEEFE-07-759x759 CIRCUIT lounge chair / TJOKEEFE



Type: Chair, Outdoor Furniture
Materials: Powder coated steel rod painted
Materials Combination: Metal + Color
Dimensions: 28.5″ x 32.5″ x 25.5″ht 14.5″sh
Colors: black, white, fluorescent yellow and fluorescent green.
Year: 2015


  • 2015 – Architizer A+ Awards – Product Categories: Furniture > Outdoor – Popular Choice Winner

The people:

Furniture Designer: TJOKEEFE – 13 N. Morgan St. Unit 4A”,Chicago United States
Manufacturer: Self-production
Text Description: © Courtesy of TJOKEEFE
Images: © TJOKEEFE

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CIRCUIT lounge chair / TJOKEEFE
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