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Colourful Graphic Design ArtWorks

This dynamic duo specialises in illustration, typography and installation, as well as character, editorial and pattern design. They have exhibited across the world, most notably at the Musée de la Publicité, Louvre. Their impressive client list is a clear indication of the caliber of their work and includes LVMH, Nike, Apple, Vogue, Microsoft, Converse, MTV and The New York Times.

Colourful-Graphic-Design-ArtWorks-By-Craig-Karl-02 Colourful Graphic Design ArtWorks / Craig & Karl

© Craig & Karl

Craig & Karl have also managed to create a successful business partnership while working in different continents and time zones. Craig Redman lives and works in New York, while Karl Maier does the same from London. It’s a truly inspiring creative collaboration of two insanely talented individuals.

Colourful-Graphic-Design-ArtWorks-By-Craig-Karl-BLOOMBERG-BUSINESSWEEK-750x1000 Colourful Graphic Design ArtWorks / Craig & Karl


  • “We aim to communicate a quiet sense of optimism. Generally we’re pretty freeform in the way we work, often our approach is characterised by an ongoing conversation and allowing an idea to ‘simmer’ whilst we wait for inspiration to complete the puzzle. Of course we aren’t always afforded the time prerequisite to such an approach, in which case we tend to be a little more pragmatic. Even so, it’s mostly about a conversation between the two of us at the beginning which sets the tone for what’s to follow.” – Craig & Karl
  • “A good character design needs a real sense of personality. The most challenging part about character design is finding the balance between something that is simple yet expressive. For us it’s about a process of refinement, chipping away at it until we get to what we feel is essential.” – Craig & Karl
Colourful-Graphic-Design-ArtWorks-By-Craig-Karl-BRITISH-VOGUE-Beyonce-750x1000 Colourful Graphic Design ArtWorks / Craig & Karl

BRITISH VOGUE Beyonce – © Craig & Karl

Some of their works:

  • SWEET AS ONE: 13 tonnes of candy pieces, 607 feet long and nearly 14,000-square-feet assembled by 2,000 volunteers over five days, our installation for the ‘Sweet as One’ exhibition in Chengdu bought in the Chinese New Year. The exhibition was curated by AllRightsReserved to bring awareness to the plight of underprivileged children in rural areas.
Colourful-Graphic-Design-ArtWorks-By-Craig-Karl-SWEET-AS-ONE-01-759x516 Colourful Graphic Design ArtWorks / Craig & Karl

SWEET AS ONE – © Craig & Karl

  • THIS IS THE WAY: Mural installation at the Bonhill Building in Shoreditch, London.
  • NYFW: Series created for milkmade.com covering the best of New York Fashion Week SS15 shows held at Milk Studios.
  • LET IT RAIN: Male and Female umbrellas for Harbour City, Hong Kong.
  • NIKE: Artwork for the Nike Jordan Flight Tour across China.
  • MODERN WEEKLY: A series of portraits for Modern Weekly, China in collaboration with MCM showing various celebrities with pieces from their SS14 collection.
Colourful-Graphic-Design-ArtWorks-By-Craig-Karl-PRINCE-751x1000 Colourful Graphic Design ArtWorks / Craig & Karl

PRINCE – © Craig & Karl

  • PRINCE: Artwork for Prince’s 2014 West Coast tour.
  • FOR EYES: A collection of sunglasses with Le Specs including new shapes and exaggerated classic styles. Stripes and polka dots sit harmoniously alongside luminous colour combinations of peach, mint and citrus superimposing a fun new reality onto the classic shapes of the range.
Colourful-Graphic-Design-ArtWorks-By-Craig-Karl-FOR-EYES-04-Alex-Sainsbury-750x1000 Colourful Graphic Design ArtWorks / Craig & Karl

FOR EYES-Alex Sainsbury – © Craig & Karl

  • MONUMENT MAGAZINE: ’20’ illustration for the cover of Monument, celebrating 20 years in print.
  • NEW YORK MAGAZINE: The cover for New York Magazine’s annual ‘Best Doctors’ issue.
  • GARAGE MAGAZINE: A series of 4 looks from AW13 that we styled and illustrated for GARAGE Magazine, Russia.
Colourful-Graphic-Design-ArtWorks-By-Craig-Karl-NIKE-08-759x759 Colourful Graphic Design ArtWorks / Craig & Karl

NIKE – © Craig & Karl

  • NIKE JORDAN: A series of portraits for Nike/Jordan celebrating each of their sponsored players.
  • BAVARIAN STATE OPERA: A project with The Bavarian State Opera and Bureau Mirko Borsche illustrating multiple components of the 2012/13 program. Each of the artworks draw from the performance’s central themes, production design or orchestral arrangements – an attempt to communicate the essence of the opera or concert in a new and unexpected way.
Colourful-Graphic-Design-ArtWorks-By-Craig-Karl-BAVARIAN-STATE-OPERA-06-759x523 Colourful Graphic Design ArtWorks / Craig & Karl


  • NEW YORK MAGAZINE: A portrait of Barack Obama for the cover of New York magazine’s post election issue.
  • BLESS THIS MESS: Custom artwork for each of Enjoi’s riders (Jose Rojo, Jerry Hsu, Louie Barletta, Nestor Judkins, Wieger Van Wageningen, Cairo Foster and Caswell Berry) that celebrates their individual loves, loathings, artifacts and most importantly: bad habits.
Colourful-Graphic-Design-ArtWorks-By-Craig-Karl-BLESS-THIS-MESS-02-759x564 Colourful Graphic Design ArtWorks / Craig & Karl

BLESS THIS MESS – © Craig & Karl

Craig & Karl:

Craig&Karl is Craig Redman and Karl Maier, who live on opposite sides of the world but collaborate daily to create bold work that is thoughtful and often humorous. Together they specialise in illustration, installation and typography, as well as character design, editorial and pattern design.

Colourful-Graphic-Design-ArtWorks-By-Craig-Karl-RestaurantWeek-09-759x497 Colourful Graphic Design ArtWorks / Craig & Karl

RestaurantWeek – © Craig & Karl

We’re Craig Redman and Karl Maier, we live in different parts of the world but collaborate daily to create bold work that is filled with simple messages executed in a thoughtful and humorous way.

We’ve exhibited across the world, most notably at the Musée de la Publicité, Louvre, and we’ve worked on projects for clients like LVMH, Google, Nike, Apple, Vogue and The New York Times.

Colourful-Graphic-Design-ArtWorks-By-Craig-Karl-WASHINGTON-POST-02 Colourful Graphic Design ArtWorks / Craig & Karl

WASHINGTON POST – © Craig & Karl


Name: Colourful Graphic Design ArtWorks
Type: Advertising, Graphic Design, Illustration
Dimensions: Varies
Theme Colour: vivid colors
Year: Varies

The people:

Artist: Craig & Karl

  • Craig Redman – New York
  • Karl Maier – London

Text Description: © Courtesy of Craig & Karl
Images: © Craig & Karl

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Colourful Graphic Design ArtWorks / Craig & Karl
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