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Concrete lamp

This suspended concrete lamp is a treat for any brutalist enthusiast. Designed by Renate Vos, the CONCRETE is constructed primarily of concrete (a given, considering the name) with silicone rubber accents that create a layer of warmth within the minimalist shade.

Concrete-lamp-By-Renate-Vos-CONCRETE-bin-02-759x552 Concrete lamp / Renate Vos

CONCRETE bin – © Renate Vos

The Dutch designer appears to effortlessly meld the two contrasting materials, creating a harsh line of demarcation that is lessened by the soft glow of light once the fixture is illuminated. The silicone edging appears to slowly creep up the concrete shade, as if dip-dyed in the rubber material. Available in both conic and big sizes, the fixture provides warmth to a traditionally cold material, all without the risk of melting!

Concrete-lamp-By-Renate-Vos-CONCRETE-bin-03-759x775 Concrete lamp / Renate Vos

CONCRETE bin 03 – © Renate Vos

  • Concrete lamp merges silicone rubber and concrete. The meeting point between these two elements, provides a serpentine strip, celebrating the fusion of the soft and hard, opaque and translucent.
  • Once the light on, a soft glow penetrates the edge of the lamp, while the assembly is suspended by a solid steel wire. Better to have a solid ceiling to offer this beautiful lamp.
Concrete-lamp-By-Renate-Vos-CONCRETE-bin-04-759x570 Concrete lamp / Renate Vos

CONCRETE bin 04 – © Renate Vos

Concrete-lamp-By-Renate-Vos-CONCRETE-bin-05-759x605 Concrete lamp / Renate Vos

CONCRETE bin 05 – © Renate Vos

Renate Vos:

Hang lamp developed out of an material experiment of concrete and silicone rubber. Through the use of these materials the lamp gives a very warm light that contrasts with the clear appearance. CONCRETE bin: Dimensions:

  • Oval model: length 22 cm, diameter 22 cm. and suitable for lamps with a big lamp holder. Weight: 3,5 kg.
Concrete-lamp-By-Renate-Vos-CONCRETE-conic-big-02 Concrete lamp / Renate Vos

CONCRETE conic & big 02 – © Renate Vos

CONCRETE conic & big: Dimensions:

  • CONCRETEconic: length 15 cm, diameter 12 cm and suitable for lamps with a small lamp holder.
  • CONCRETEbig: length 20 cm, diameter 18,5 cm and suitable for lamps with a big lamp holder.

CONCRETE lamp now on sale at De Bijenkorf Amsterdam

Concrete-lamp-By-Renate-Vos-CONCRETE-conic-big-03-759x506 Concrete lamp / Renate Vos

CONCRETE conic & big 03 – © Renate Vos


Name: Concrete lamp – CONCRETE bin, CONCRETE conic & big
Type: Pendant light
Materials: concrete and silicone rubber
Materials Combination: Concrete / Cement, Eco / Recycled / Green
Lamp Type: n/a
Colour: Grey

The people:

Lighting Designer: Renate Vos, Waterstraat 2, 4811 WZ, Breda, Netherlands
Manufacturer: Self-production
Text Description: © Courtesy of Renate Vos
Images: © Renate Vos

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Concrete lamp / Renate Vos
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