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The showroom of the Decameron furniture store is located on a rented site in the furniture commercial alley in São Paulo.To make the quick and economic construction viable, the project worked with the premise of a light occupation of the lot, basically done with industrial elements, which could easily be assembled.

Decameron-By-Studio-MK27-Marcio-Kogan-©Pedro-Vannucchi-01-759x472 Decameron / Studio MK27-Marcio Kogan

© Pedro Vannucchi

The space was constructed through a mixed solution, with maritime transport containers and a specifically designed structure. Despite the spatial limitation imposed by the pre-determined dimension of the containers, the piece has impressive structural attributes that makes piling them possible.

Decameron-By-Studio-MK27-Marcio-Kogan-©Pedro-Vannucchi-04 Decameron / Studio MK27-Marcio Kogan

© Pedro Vannucchi

Two stories of containers form tunnels where products are displayed side by side. The ample span, necessary to show furniture in relation with each other, is constructed by a metallic structure. This space is closed, in front and in back, by double-height metal casements with alveolar polycarbonate.

Decameron-By-Studio-MK27-Marcio-Kogan-©Pedro-Vannucchi-10 Decameron / Studio MK27-Marcio Kogan

© Pedro Vannucchi

At the back of the lot, there is a patio filled with trees and a pebbled-ground. When both doors are simultaneously opened, the whole store becomes integrated with its urban context.

Decameron-By-Studio-MK27-Marcio-Kogan-©Pedro-Vannucchi-12-759x480 Decameron / Studio MK27-Marcio Kogan

© Pedro Vannucchi

At rush stressful hours, by opening only the back doors, the store becomes self-absorbed, ruled by the presence of the inner-garden.

Decameron-By-Studio-MK27-Marcio-Kogan-©Pedro-Vannucchi-02-759x508 Decameron / Studio MK27-Marcio Kogan

© Pedro Vannucchi

On the back of the site is the office, closed by a glass wall that enables the designers to take part on the sales life.

Decameron-By-Studio-MK27-Marcio-Kogan-©Pedro-Vannucchi-20 Decameron / Studio MK27-Marcio Kogan

© Pedro Vannucchi

Two edges of the design process in contact through the inner patio as other opposing strengths also meet at this small project: The intensity of the urban life and a small nature retreat, the power of the containers and the lightness of the metallic structure and finally, the linearity of the tunnels and the cubic volume.

Decameron-By-Studio-MK27-Marcio-Kogan-©Pedro-Vannucchi-23-759x483 Decameron / Studio MK27-Marcio Kogan

© Pedro Vannucchi

Decameron-By-Studio-MK27-Marcio-Kogan-©Pedro-Vannucchi-24-759x499 Decameron / Studio MK27-Marcio Kogan

© Pedro Vannucchi

Studio MK27:

At the hottest spot in the most important alley of decoration in the city: alameda Gabriel Monteiro da Silva there was the only empty plot left. The client rented it and commissioned the architect to come up with a very low budget design, something that could be assembled quickly, respecting the existing trees.

Decameron-By-Studio-MK27-Marcio-Kogan-©Pedro-Vannucchi-22-759x505 Decameron / Studio MK27-Marcio Kogan

© Pedro Vannucchi

The idea was to use discarded containers, to reuse a ready-made object, a leftover of the actual intense commodities exchange. The project was organized inside two tunnels of containers, taking advantage of the linearity of its inside spaces, and a double height hangar attached to it, a contrasting cubic volume. Huge polycarbonate sliding doors connect the store with the city and an inner garden.

Decameron-By-Studio-MK27-Marcio-Kogan-©Pedro-Vannucchi-13-759x759 Decameron / Studio MK27-Marcio Kogan

© Pedro Vannucchi

Project Data:

Project name: Decameron
Location: Alameda Gabriel Monteiro da Silva, 2138 – PinheirosSao Paulo – São Paulo, 01442-001, Brazil
Coordinates: -23.574405, -46.687736
Type: Shop / Store / Showroom / Retail
Program: showroom of the Decameron furniture
Site area: 540 sqm
Built area: 250 sqm
Completion Date/Year: 2011


  • 2011 – World Architecture Festival – Category: SHOPPING – Winner

The people:

Client / Owner / Developer: Marcus Ferreira, Decameron Design
Architects: Studio mk27 –  Alameda Tietê, 505 – Jardim Paulista, São Paulo – SP, 01417-020 Brazil
Co-Architect: mariana simas
Collaborator: pedro tuma, Oswaldo pessano
Project Team: beatriz meyer, carolina castroviejo eduardo chalabi, eduardo glycerio, eduardo gurian elisa friedmann, gabriel kogan, lair reis luciana antunes, maria cristina motta renata furlanetto, samanta cafardo, suzana glogowki
Interior Designer: Diana Radomysler, studio mk27
Environmental Engineer: studio mk27
Landscape Architect: Renata Tilli
Structural Engineer: Poughet
Text Description: © Courtesy of Studio mk27
Images: © Studio MK27, Pedro Vannucchi

Materials & Suplier:

Glass window frames: vitrocsa
Polycarbonate window frames: kiko esquadrias
Sanitery faucets: interbagno

Location Map:

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Decameron / Studio MK27-Marcio Kogan
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