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Drawing Studio – Arts University Bournemouth

The London practice of Peter Cook and Gavin Robotham – CRAB Studio,  has designed this curvilinear pavilion with a blue-colored prefabricated steel skin. Two curving skylights, long low openings, and a glazed entrance door give the drawing classrooms a carefully studied dose of natural lighting. Separated from the metal casing, the interior space is molded with glass-reinforced plaster and its continuous undulating surfaces are white.

Drawing-Studio-Arts-University-Bournemouth-By-CRAB-studio-09-759x546 Drawing Studio - Arts University Bournemouth / CRAB studio

© CRAB studio

The futuristic studio includes a large north-light, which is traditional in studios, a rear clerestory window light that gives a softer light from the rear wall, a discrete light that filters under a bench on the east side of the building and a graded wash of light that feeds in along the curved entrance. The different lights are designed to reflect the central theme of light in the tradition of looking and drawing.

Drawing-Studio-Arts-University-Bournemouth-By-CRAB-studio-03-759x716 Drawing Studio - Arts University Bournemouth / CRAB studio

© CRAB studio

“We wanted to have a facade with vents that didn’t have an obtrusively visible framing and that was still within budget, With the glazing contractor and Schueco, we developed a detail that allowed us to have structural glazing with opening windows with a blue square (matching the building colour) framing each window externally. We kept it very simple, which is sometimes difficult to do.” – said Peter Cook.

Drawing-Studio-Arts-University-Bournemouth-By-CRAB-studio-04-759x493 Drawing Studio - Arts University Bournemouth / CRAB studio

© CRAB studio

The new addition to the AUB campus was designed and completed by renowned architect and AUB alumnus and Honorary Fellow, Professor Sir Peter Cook RA and his office CRAB (Cook Robotham Architectural Bureau). Not only is it the first purpose-built drawing studio to be constructed at an art school for more than a century, it is also Sir Peter’s first building to be built in the UK.

The building will be accessible to students from all courses across the University enabling all creative artists, working in any genre, to be in the same space together, from costume designers to architects, animators to etchers. It also offers students from other disciplines the opportunity to share and observe others’ work and interact with those from other creative fields.

The room has been designed to reflect the central theme of light in the tradition of looking and drawing. There is a large north-light in the studio tradition, a rear clerestory that throws a softer light back from the rear wall, as well as softer lighting from the east and a graded wash of light that comes along the curve of the entrance.

Drawing-Studio-Arts-University-Bournemouth-By-CRAB-studio-05-759x397 Drawing Studio - Arts University Bournemouth / CRAB studio

© CRAB studio

Design Features:

The design for the Drawing Studio incorporates a holistic approach to sustainability. The building directly faces north and has a small footprint. The massing of the building was formed around its relationship to natural light. Its form emerged by a series of physical and 3-dimensional models that revolved around the penetration of natural light into the interior.

The large windows allow maximization of the use of controlled natural daylighting so radically reducing the need for artificial lighting. The seamless monocoque also creates an airtight construction so reducing the building energy use. The building is also naturally ventilated through the use of high level clerestory windows.

Drawing-Studio-Arts-University-Bournemouth-By-CRAB-studio-06-759x366 Drawing Studio - Arts University Bournemouth / CRAB studio

© CRAB studio

The Drawing Studio responds to its natural surrounding consisting of flowing grassed mounds and a dense group of trees. The landscape scheme focused on preserving and restoring the site’s natural habitat and enhancing the existing contribution which the trees made to the campus.

The project is not only a beautiful object in the natural setting, but an experiment in new geometric modelling tools, buckling analysis methods and steel fabrication techniques, which take an existing technology and, through the use of new, more sophisticated automated tools, achieve much higher levels of precision and refinement in the final form. Throughout the structural optimisation process, bespoke software tools were developed by AKT II to model the surface, allowing control over the geometry of the outer form and pattern of its internal ribs. This allowed the reduction of plate thickness of the monocoque to a minimum through detailed non-linear plate buckling analysis and optimisation of the external curved plate patterning to reduce waste and facilitate fabrication.

Drawing-Studio-Arts-University-Bournemouth-By-CRAB-studio-07-800x1200 Drawing Studio - Arts University Bournemouth / CRAB studio

© CRAB studio

The development of these tools has allowed the use of the structure as an environmental envelope and finished architectural form, eliminating the need for a separate external applied cladding layer and reducing the amount of material, effort and capital invested in the project. The internal ribbing patterns of the monocoque also provided the support and setting out for the internal insulation and smooth GRG finish. The spread of the loads along the entire perimeter of the shell, rather than at discrete column positions, as in traditional steel frames, allowed the use of a shallow concrete foundation.

Innovation through the integration of building components, which are usually designed separately by different disciplines, has the potential to create more holistic, coordinated and sustainable designs in the future. This requires a first principles approach to design and the research and development of tools and technologies aimed at rationalising geometry.

Drawing-Studio-Arts-University-Bournemouth-By-CRAB-studio-construction-process-02-759x397 Drawing Studio - Arts University Bournemouth / CRAB studio

construction process – © CRAB studio

“We are delighted that the Drawing Studio will provide students with a new space in which drawing can be taught and practiced. We are also keen to reassert the centrality of drawing to the subjects we offer. We believe the simplicity of the monocoque construction will allow the act of drawing to become a calm and considered activity within the lively world of a very busy creative institution. AUB is one of the few remaining independent art schools in the UK and we retain much of our original mission as an art school, providing studio-based learning and teaching and progression to the creative industries. What’s more we pride ourselves on producing the ‘thinkers’ and ‘doers’ who have the highest level of employability in the real world.” – Professor Stuart Bartholomew CBE, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, AUB commented

Drawing-Studio-Arts-University-Bournemouth-By-CRAB-studio-construction-process-03-759x397 Drawing Studio - Arts University Bournemouth / CRAB studio

construction process 03 – © CRAB studio

“As an alumnus of AUB, I am deeply honoured that this University, where I learnt my craft, is now home to my first building in the UK. The studio represents a fundamental recognition of the importance of drawing for all creative subjects. When it came to the design of the studio I wanted to ensure I created a space which all students, from all disciplines – be it fashion design, graphic design, fine art, or architecture like me – could make use of and feel inspired in.” – Sir Peter Cook commented

Drawing-Studio-Arts-University-Bournemouth-By-CRAB-studio-construction-process-04-751x1000 Drawing Studio - Arts University Bournemouth / CRAB studio

construction process 04 – © CRAB studio

CRAB studio:

A belief in the power of Drawing and its central role in artistic creativity is vociferously shared by Stuart Bartholomew, the Vice Chancellor and Head of Arts University Bournemouth and its architect alumnus, Sir Peter Cook. In 2014 Bartholomew invited Cook to design this building, which is dedicated to that pursuit. Cook’s office CRAB (the Cook-Robotham Architecture Bureau) with Jenna Al-Ali as Project Architect have then developed an instrument that is to be used by the students of all of its 17 departments. These range from painting, sculpture and Illustration, through to architecture, costume, drama, and model-making with the result becoming the first such dedicated Drawing Studio as a stand-alone structure to be built in a British art college for more than 100 years.

Drawing-Studio-Arts-University-Bournemouth-By-CRAB-studio-structure-diagram-759x397 Drawing Studio - Arts University Bournemouth / CRAB studio

structure diagram – © CRAB studio

The Studio celebrates – and designed around – the phenomenon of natural light. Taking the form of a large room of 140 square metres . Thus it has a 30 square metre oval north-light window as main illumination, with a ‘booster’ light for the rear of the room from a clerestory window of 10 square metres. On the east side there is a further natural light source in the form of a low window located under a long bench that emanates a mysterious glow and finally, a gradated wash of natural light passes through the glass entry door and along the curved wall beyond.

Drawing-Studio-Arts-University-Bournemouth-By-CRAB-studio-diagram-759x397 Drawing Studio - Arts University Bournemouth / CRAB studio

diagram – © CRAB studio

The outside of the building is a totality – uniformly painted blue and serves as a ‘marker’ element for the north end of the AUB Campus. The interior is uniformly white – and thus acts as a foil to the drawing activity. Such uniformity serves to concentrate the eye upon the form and undulations of both exterior and interior.

This single entity unfolds towards a small ‘porte clochere’ that protects the actual entry door : and inspires a formally related wing for the emergency exit. Small internal zones – the toilets, service room and drawing store room are provided on the southern flank of the Studio room but are encompassed by the major sculptural form.

Drawing-Studio-Arts-University-Bournemouth-By-CRAB-studio-02-759x397 Drawing Studio - Arts University Bournemouth / CRAB studio

© CRAB studio

The external skin is a steel-sheet monocoque construction of 17 steel panels – prefabricated in the factory, transported to site and bolted as a kit of parts and then welded to form a smooth, waterproof enclosure. The internal skin has been developed through a technique of GRG (glass reinforced gypsum) that enables the exterior profile to be directly echoed within, whilst at the same time creating a useful servicing and insulation cavity.

From a very early stage, the design team of CRAB studio (architects), AKT II (structural engineers), steel shell fabricator CIG and main contractor Morgan Sindall all collaborated very closely and discussed a sequenced operation on a very small site.

Drawing-Studio-Arts-University-Bournemouth-By-CRAB-studio-08-759x397 Drawing Studio - Arts University Bournemouth / CRAB studio

© CRAB studio

Project Data:

Project name: Drawing Studio
Location: Poole, Dorset, United Kingdom
Coordinates: 50.742210, -1.897588
Type: Art Studio
Project Area: 170 sqm
Site Area: 1,755 sqm
Status: Completed
Cost: £17million
Completion Date/Year: 2016


  • 2016 – Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Awards – RIBA National Award
  • 2016 – Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Awards – RIBA REGIONAL AWARD – RIBA South West Award
  • 2016 – Britain’s Top 10 Maverick Building Royal Academy of Arts Awards
  • 2016 – South West Built Environment Awards – Constructing Excellence Awards – Project of the Year
  • 2016 – South West Built Environment Awards – Constructing Excellence Awards – Innovation
  • 2016  – Schueco Excellence Awards – Judges’ Special Award

The people:

Client / Owner / Developer: Arts University Bournemouth – Poole BH12 5HH, United Kingdom
Architects: CRAB studio – 81 Essex Rd, London N1 2SF, United Kingdom
Project Team: Prof. Sir Peter Cook, Gavin Robotham, Jenna Al-Ali
Contractor: Morgan Sindall
Specialist Contractor: Glass Box Facades
Consultants Team: AKT II, P3r engineers, PT projects, HED
Text Description: © Courtesy of CRAB studio
Images: © CRAB studio

Location Map:

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Drawing Studio - Arts University Bournemouth / CRAB studio
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