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DUST store

DUST is a multi-sensory concept store. Five divisions for five senses, Fashion • Vinyl • Fragrance • Tea • Printed Matter. Based on a multisensory concept that includes all the five senses from smell to touch, Created by interior designers Sibling, the space, inspired by Da Vinci’s Golden Ratio, features a repeating 3D geometric motif in a disorientating combination of mirrored reflections and luminescent surfaces.

DUST-store-By-Sibling-03-Julian-Kingma-759x530 DUST store / Sibling

© Julian Kingma

Dust is a unisex store that includes everything from designer T-shirts, sweatshirts, perfume and bespoke clothing to vinyl records (Dust’s fashion designer, Adam Wood, formerly worked with Nasir Mazhar in London).

Inspired by the brand’s sigil the Golden Ratio, and a brief that encourages users to question their understanding of Cartesian space. SIBLING uses these principles as the primary structuring devices: grids within grids, disturbing mirrored reflections, luminescent surfaces, spatialised sound and animated screens.

DUST-store-By-Sibling-07-Peter-Bennetts-759x688 DUST store / Sibling

© Peter Bennetts

“Dust’s interior is an immersive retail environment where the experience of the shopper is as both participant and consumer. The existing basement spaces have been used extremely well and unique existing elements have been successfully highlighted through exposure and contrast. The interior design integrates Dust’s online and physical retailing spaces, with each reinforcing and extending the other. The expert use of mirror, lighting and LED screens creates a highly original, almost experimental approach to the retail experience.” – Australian Interior Design Awards / Jury Citation

DUST-store-By-Sibling-10-Tobias-Titz-759x569 DUST store / Sibling

© Tobias Titz

With the objective to embrace spatial ideas in line with Dust’s approach (based on the “golden ratio”), the fit-out needs to be experienced first hand. Reflective surfaces and translucent walls beckon people to explore the many nooks within the 280-square-metre space. However, there is a logical sequence to follow in purchasing items. iPads are set within the mirrored counters, offering a selection both in the store and in the wings.

DUST-store-By-Sibling-12-Peter-Bennetts-759x506 DUST store / Sibling

© Peter Bennetts

  • “Some of the clothes are quite cropped, a little brutalist, inspired by the shell of the building,” says Brett Gronow, one of the owners of Dust.
DUST-store-By-Sibling-21-Jesse-Thompson-759x458 DUST store / Sibling

© Jesse Thompson

  • “If you find a design that you’re interested in, it can be produced on site,” says Gronow, opening up the steel mesh door to the “print station”.
DUST-store-By-Sibling-26-Jesse-Thompson-759x458 DUST store / Sibling

© Jesse Thompson

  • While the fit-out, with its steel, mesh and fluorescent lights, appears fixed, the pod-like stands can be easily pulled apart into three.
DUST-store-By-Sibling-27-Julian-Kingma-759x530 DUST store / Sibling

© Julian Kingma

“The idea is to allow for flexibility rather than set into one defined way of presenting the garments,” says architect Amelia Borg, one of the directors of SIBLING Architects.

DUST-store-By-Sibling-33-Julian-Kingma-759x530 DUST store / Sibling

© Julian Kingma

“We wanted to create a sense of place from the outset of the project, an experience that will linger longer after you’ve left the store, even if that stay is only 15 minutes,” Gronow says.

DUST-store-By-Sibling-34-Julian-Kingma-759x530 DUST store / Sibling

© Julian Kingma

SIBLING’s fit-out for Dust creates illusions at every turn. Mirrored floors below the racks capture images of the raw industrial ceiling. And rather than feeling finite, spaces appear to go on indefinitely. Those that recall the Memphis period (early 1980s) will also enjoy seeing some of the influences from that time but without the distinctive garish patterns, colours and materials. And while there’s a strong futuristic ambience, there’s also a sense of the past with the vinyl records displayed on the mirrored shelves.

DUST-store-By-Sibling-36-Julian-Kingma-759x530 DUST store / Sibling

© Julian Kingma


DUST is a multi-sensory concept label and store. Inspired by the brand’s sigil of the Golden Ratio, SIBLING repeats its pattern as the primary structuring device: accentuated and disrupted by mirrored reflections, luminescent surfaces, spatialised sound, animated LED screens and the dematerialising effect of black-on-black textures. The interior architecture is augmented further by the brand experience with a series of installation spaces ready activated by an ever-evolving range of works, and the brand’s offering across apparel, fragrance and sound.

DUST-store-By-Sibling-41-Peter-Bennetts-759x542 DUST store / Sibling

© Peter Bennetts

Project Data:

Project name: DUST
Location: 114 Russell St, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Coordinates: -37.813641, 144.968538
Type: Store / Shop / Showroom / Retail
Project Year: 2014
Project Area: 280 sqm
Status: Completed
Completion Year: August 2014


  • 2015 – Australian Interior Design Awards – Category: Retail Design – Winner

The people:

Client / Owner / Developer: Dust Redux
Interior Designer: Sibling – Melbourne Australia Office, 4 Wood Street, Australia
Text Description: © Courtesy of Sibling, smh.com.au, Australian Interior Design Awards
Images: © Sibling, Peter Bennetts, Jesse Thompson, Tobias TitzJulian Kingma

Location Map:

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DUST store / Sibling
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