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[highlight1]  Eco-Resort Pedras Salgadas  [/highlight1]

Portuguese architect Luís Rebelo de Andrade designed the Eco Resort project in collaboration with Diogo Aguiar. These seven cabins are nestled amongst the trees of Parque de Pedras Salgadas, a park and spa located in northern Portugal, The resort is a set of seven small houses in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature exceptional. All objects were prefabricated allowing fast and precise construction. Small wooden houses are placed on steel platforms not depending on hilly terrain. Interiors are painted white taking maximum of daylight down to the forest. Exterior facade is made of wooden planks pointing out on sustainability and blending with nature.

This is the new Eco Resort in Park Pedras Salgadas, Portugal. perfectly into the natural landscape surrounding the seven units have been designed, supported by pillars, combining a prefabricated modular system, consisting of three blocks of living area, sleeping area and input / services, according to different configurations. Composition of volumes was designed by Portuguese architects so as to fill the gaps left by the trees, while the roofs pitched soul the design of the residential complex within the park. Choosing the coating of wooden planks of the seven abodes alludes to the Portuguese vernacular tradition, according to the local building techniques.

  • All seven cabins are raised up on stilts to negotiate the uneven terrain and to have a minimal impact on the ground. Each building also features walls clad with grey slate tiles and balconies surrounded with wooden slats.
  • The buildings were designed as different combinations of three identical modules, which include a living room and kitchen, an entrance and bathroom, plus one bedroom.

“Knowing that we had a responsibility to build tourist accommodation in one of the most beautiful parks in the country, we took maximum care to have a minimal effect on the local nature,” Diogo Aguiar told Dezeen. “We chose to build small and dispersed huts rather than do a large concentrated building, promoting more intimate relationships between the visitor and the park.”

“The outer coating in slate tiles refers to the local construction traditions. It is very interesting because of its pixel texture but also because of the way it reacts to the weather; it reflects the sun in the evening and gets dark and shiny when it rains,” explained Aguiar.

“Once on site, the perfect house configurations were chosen by considering the available space between the trees, the landscape views and the entrance location,” said Aguiar.

Diogo Aguiar

The new eco-resort of Parque de Pedras Salgadas, Portugal, consists of a set of seven small houses in perfect harmony with the surrounding outstanding nature.

Designed in a modular prefabrication system but flexible to adapt to the specific places within the park, these houses result in several different combinations of the same three modules (entrance/bathing – living – sleeping) creating different morphologies and different dialogues with the surrounding nature, wisely occupying the empty spaces between the trunks oflarge trees and, at the same time, allowing each home to be unique, special and worth visiting.

  • The pitched roofs that caracterize the intervention redefine the contours of the park boundary and result, within the houses in comfortable but dynamic spaces.
  • The vain corner contradicts the structural logic of the house but creates the ilusion that the park is inside the house framing living nature pictures.
  • The outer coating in slate tile reffers to the local construction traditions and the slatted wood used when there is a balcony creates the perfect resting spaces.
[highlight1]  Project Data  [/highlight1]

Project name: Eco-Resort Pedras Salgadas
Location: Bornes de Aguiar, Pedras Salgadas, Portugal
Type: Resort, Cabin / Hut, Prefab House, Wooden House
Structural: prefabricated techniques
Area: 687,96 sqm
Status: Built
Completion Year: 2012

[highlight1]  The people  [/highlight1]

Client / Owner / Developer: UNICER

Collaborators: Madalena Rebelo de Andrade, Raquel Jorge, João Jesus
Constructor: Modular System
Text Description: © Courtesy of Diogo Aguiar
Images: © FG+SG architectural photography, Diogo Aguiar & Luis Rebelo de Andrade

[highlight1]  Location Map  [/highlight1]
pixy Eco-Resort Pedras Salgadas / Diogo Aguiar & Luis Rebelo de Andrade

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