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[highlight1]  Evocative Collection I Beautiful Landscapes  [/highlight1]

This are set of photos will show you amazingly beautiful landscapes by Alexandre Deschaumes. Self taught french photographer captures the magnificent beauty of stunning landscapes.

Alexandre Deschaumes

“This is not only the visible reality that inspires me. It is placing him in an interpretation, particularly emotional and personal, we will begin to magnify the scene. And this includes the invocation of unspeakable energy … Of all things, is the atmosphere that guides me, always.”

[highlight1]  Data  [/highlight1]

Name: Evocative Collection I
Views: Mountain Views, Landscape Views
Theme Colour: Blue Theme
Year: 2012

[highlight1]  The people  [/highlight1]

Photographer: Alexandre Deschaumes
Text Description: © Courtesy of Alexandre Deschaumes
Images: © Alexandre Deschaumes

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